Matt Patricia on anticipation for Sunday – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Daryl Tate Reply

Go Lions

AlienSource TV Reply

You can just tell hes ready and excited to win.

    Kevin R Reply

    Won’t happen.

    AlienSource TV Reply

    @Kevin R won’t happen? I’m supposed to take your word for it? 🤣🤣

Lukas Romain Reply


bigperm079 Reply



George Morgan Reply

Giggity Giggity LETS GO

Bryan Smith Reply

DET is about to take care of Kyler from a tackling standpoint, and this new Offense just needs to be efficient and not shoot themselves in the foot from that standpoint. Stafford needs to stand at the point of attack from that standpoint, and put up enough points to stand out…from that standpoint.

    Mark Stapels Reply


    Bryan Smith Reply

    @Mark Stapels try to keep up from that standpoint

    Jeneral GBerry Reply

    @Bryan Smith idk if he gets it from that perspective… maybe a differnet set of words from that standpoint

    crum lee Reply

    Speaking from that standpoint, I think Stafford has the toughness and mental fortitude to reach that standpoint.

Mark Stapels Reply

Restore the Roar!!!

4betFrank Reply

Headed out for the game tomorrow, driving in from Cali. Going to get some poker action going at the Talking Stick on Saturday night then wake up to a Lions tailgate on Sunday. Life is good. #DvE

    4betFrank Reply

    @Jeneral GBerry I’ll be in the ring of honor section I think it’s 454 or 455 its up there.

    Cody Adams Reply


    Jeneral GBerry Reply

    @4betFrank o ok well we might catch eachother at the tailgates

    I Win Reply

    Jeneral GBerry well it would be kind of tough cuz you don’t really know how each other look

    Jeneral GBerry Reply

    @I Win its easy to click on my profile and see my pic

efogg3 Reply

13461 go matty patty!

Iz Sincere Reply

Matt keep a 🔥Lions 🧢

Text Story's plus Reply

IF YOU LOSE THIS GAME. I will lose all hope. You need this game. Lions. You mean everything to me. Please get it done

    bigbabyzubas Reply


    Text Story's plus Reply

    @bigbabyzubas I have been from the start. And I believe they can win. But if they lose to a team full of rookies. How will we defeat the big boys. That is all in saying. One lride

bigbabyzubas Reply




James Willis Reply

I think brining in that undrafted kid from buffalo in was a good move i think he can play

votic monster Reply

Same as last season were gonna lose against Arizona chargers and eagles. And than detroit will somehow just beet Kansas city

Dennis T Reply

Don’t rush past the cardinals quarterback or he’ll run 🏃🏻 for first downs all game long. I didn’t see anything during preseason that tells me how good we’re going to be this year. I’m not looking for miracles here just improvement at the O line. Love me some Honolulu Blue Baby.

    I Win Reply

    Dennis T they will sack him before he runs this is a good d line

James Willis Reply

First game of the season needs to be a statement game, the cards are down, lions must win and win convincingly (destroy). The defense needs to create take-a-ways and points off turnovers…this is Patricia’s defense now…no matter how the offense plays, the defense must come out and dominate..

I Win Reply

The lions should just run the ball up there throats then play action pass on offense and blitz them on defense I think the lions should have a good game this week

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