Matt Patricia on adjustments after Week 1 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Dylan Wierauch Reply

Keep your foot on the gas and don’t let up. Who cares about showing more than you want. I want to see this team just burry someone for once. Make a statement!

    Rogue Status Reply


    cmcneill60 Reply

    Play Miami, you might get a win?? I think Alabama could beat the lions and some top ranked high school teams

Nick Remund Reply

We need to play all 4 quarters bc we play amazing when we do that
We are a playoff type team and I truly believe that but the only piece that is missing is playing the whole game
I agree 100% with Patrica
We need to fix everything he said and actually do it
Just focus on what the situation in the game is and do what u know what is the right thing to do

abhay naik Reply

Let’s go 3-0-1 into bye week. Let’s prove and make a statement here. C’mon let’s goooooooo!!!!!

    Mark G. Reply

    Keep dreaming buddy, more like 0-2-1, I don’t see them beating the Chargers or Chiefs

    abhay naik Reply

    @Mark G. yeeeaaaahhhhhh. I’ll get back to earth now and eat my doritos. Shiiieeeeeet

    Mark Douglas Reply

    @Mark G. they’re beatable. Especially chargers @ home

    Joe Reply

    Mark G. Chargers are overrated man. Chiefs? Not so much. Probably go 1-1-1 after 3 ganes

    David Reply

    @Mark G. the chargers fucking suck

rio smith Reply

agnew and decker gotta do better

    i Mr go hard Reply

    Not gotta do better more like gotta go

    Brian Ellis Reply

    Them and many more. Special teams and Oline really need to step it up though.

    Brian Ellis Reply

    Diego Ospina or McKissic

    Jake Miller Reply

    @i Mr go hard it’s one game against one of the best pass rushers (jones) in the game. If he continues ofcourse he needs to go but LT is hard to find cant cut a guy after one game just like ur not a mvp after one game. Packers LT is supposively the best pass blocking lt but had a bad game u gonna say cut him too.

    Cujobob Reply

    Decker was the guy tipping plays last season. The guy can have good plays, but way too much ridiculousness. LT is a tough position, a really tough position. You can’t have so many mistakes AND still be getting beat regularly.

    Agnew at least has consistent stellar performance at some point in his career to justify giving him more chances.

Owen Davison Reply

Stop trying to control the clock the offense should be all gas no breaks that game should’ve been over

    Kelvin James Reply

    Facts this has been Detroit biggest problem

    Sports Fanz TV Reply


Bryan Smith Reply

Love that they were putting Kevin Strong in late in the game on some pass rush stuff, great call….from that standpoint.

    Lorin Keehn Reply

    Yeah what standpoint is that. The standpoint of a dumbass

    Lorin Keehn Reply

    I dont know if you’re being sarcastic. What’s so good about bringing your back up in key moment to clutch the victory.

    Bryan Smith Reply

    @Lorin Keehn I like it because Kevin Strong showed he could still win 1 on 1’s during practice when hardly any D line players were active. The dude showed out in preseason and they gave him a chance to do his thing when the starters were obviously in need of a spell. Glad he got some real gametime. I don’t see it really as bringing in a “back-up” , you wouldn’t want Snacks to be out there trying to rush the passer after he’s already played 20+ snaps and is winded, so glad it was K Strong.

    Lorin Keehn Reply

    @Bryan Smith I’m glad kevin got some play time. Honestly haven’t been keeping tabs on that man. But our men should be able to play all 4 quarters unless hurt. Especially after martha ford had a hill installed at Allen park and had her team do joint practices this offseason to better condition everyone. Lol snack lay off the candy bro
    Edit: bottom line I still feel that our guys should be able to perform at the same level when they came into the game. After Patricia Implemented harder practices for better conditioning.

    Brian Ellis Reply

    Bryan Smith I saw him flush Murray out of the pocket once and was happy to see him doing well.

Mark G. Reply

For the Lions that was loss, for the Cardinals that was a tie.

    alejandro arvizu Reply

    @yayo badass yeah the cardianls could have won the game at the end but it is what it is. But the lions had the game in the bag and choked away. You should be disappointed lol

    alejandro arvizu Reply

    @yayo badass okay fair enough, let’s just leave it as gg.

    Mark Symbala Reply

    Victory for both of these teams

    yayo badass Reply

    @alejandro arvizu yup

Bernard Brooks Reply

The team is not suppose to lunar the Moon Einstein! it’s about scoring and holding the other team out of the endzone Dic!

mike mcewen Reply

The nfl is rigged. What made the lions stop the pass rush ? That’s the 64,000 $ question. You tell me !

    organicmolecules Reply

    Getting gassed in the Arizona heat made them stop.

    Steven P Reply

    @organicmolecules in the 72 degree dome sure

Zion Lewis Reply

Just win from here on out….. from that stand point.

Mortal Films Reply

How about stop letting Jamal Agnew on the field.especially in clutch situations he regressed a lot

    Brian Ellis Reply

    Mortal Films his value to the team has really been going down. If he doesn’t get better in the next couple games it might be time to move on. Personally I would bench him for a game at least from return duties because he has been atrocious post injury.

    andre the giant Reply

    @Brian Ellis if i were him i would throw ty johnson in on punt/kick returns.. Thats all the guy did in college and he was great at it

    Brian Ellis Reply

    andre the giant ya my first choic would be mckissic cuz I want ty featured more in the run and short pass game and don’t want him getting hurt running a kick back.

Jeff Hinneburg Reply

Lions will beat the Chargers. I said it! Go Lions and take the Tigers with you! 🤣

bigbabyzubas Reply

1:30 Lets grt thr Stack going! Whos got the Qs!

Yugioh rexx Reply

They say if it don’t kill you it’ll make you stronger

Officaldisstv RawUncut Reply

This is all your fault Patricia no excuse bad defense of play calling the last 5min of the 4 Quarter

andre the giant Reply

No other corner shouldve been on fitzgerald eccept for big play slay.. No excuse for not having slay on fitzgerald ESPECIALLY IN OT

Cujobob Reply

He’s not done a good job as head coach. The team didn’t play hard for him last season. In the first game this year, we saw: stupid penalties like in the preseason, a team that tired out in the third quarter of their first game, poor utilization of offensive talent, and a poor use of time outs. This game was lost by the coaching staff and plenty of games last season were lost due to coaching. Don’t forget that in 2018, at least two games were won because kickers had career worst games against us (without us affecting the kicks).

This team is extremely talented, they can’t waste this opportunity.

Stephens Dygert Reply

A new era of Lion head coach being a conservative IDIOT. Arizona is the worst team in the NFL. Kyle Murray is a arena football qb or Canadian league. He played like it in preseason. He played like it in this game well into the fourth quarter. Why can’t Patricia admit he should of stayed in “man” defence. Patricia starts playing Tampa 2 prevent defence. Anybody could of completed that underneith stuff. Tracy Walker played well in the game. However Slay should of been covering Fitzgerald at that point in the game! This tie is unacceptable!!!!! Arizona will not win two games this year. Snacks should of been playing in the last few minutes. The Lions need to trade for a great O- linemen today!!!!!!! Maybe TJ Lang would come out of retirement.

Arturo Nunez Salinas Reply

Same old dumb 🦁👎👎👎👊👊👊always find aWay to fuckit up

Mark Mohr Reply

Sounds to much like Marinelli. Could another 0-16 season happen? Not with Matt Stafford. Trust your QB.

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