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Matt Patricia on 20-7 loss to Vikings

Head coach Matt Patricia talks to the media about pushing forward to the week 15 matchup against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and continuing to play competitively for the rest of the season.

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GT OP Reply

I miss the concept of zone coverage

TactilePuma58 Reply

This man has the players he wanted, there has been and 85% turnover rate on the roster. If 9 wins in 2 seasons is what you can get done with your players and your scheme, you shouldn’t be coach

    TactilePuma58 Reply

    @Ocelotmaniac and as soon as i finished writing that last comment Diggs gets another pick. They traded one of their best defensive players because they didnt want to be questioned. They’re trash

    Lion Rumble 81 Reply

    So the nfl total cap per team is at 199 million per team! We’re currently slated to rollover 19 million! Total roster contract total is 169 million plus or minus. We have about 5 million in dead cap space money owed to players cut.

    Lion Rumble 81 Reply this is the source I was using

    Scott McClellan Reply

    @Lion Rumble 81 HA Cingular, wait… the fact I know what you mean means Im old too!! Argh!! Bahahaha…

Chris Wink Reply


Maneframe100 Reply

Talk is cheap. Go win a DAMN game

    kostakosg Reply

    There is ZERO reason to win a game at this point. Tank for a top 3 pick. Win next year, not now.

LaZor Lord Reply

Please Fire these guys. I am usually for keeping coaches and giving them the benefit of the doubt, but this is ridiculous. You lose 6 F****** ganes in a row and there is no change.

Collin Z Reply

And Bob Quinn how do you aloud this to happened I am also holding you accountable

Scarab Onyx Reply

He has lost the locker room! Did you notice the Dline giving him a blank stare when he was shouting at them during the game? There is no respect there. When the team isn’t buying what you are selling it is time to move on.

Ed A Reply

Next coach…Please, without a pencil stuck in his head…..

    TactilePuma58 Reply

    Yeah, apparently it’s not a good idea to keep lead next to your brain lol

    Stefan Radev Reply

    Don’t blame it on the pencil, it’s mainly the head, xD
    p.s.: “”next coach” sounds pretty good

Mike Woodworth Reply

Lose out. Then sweep out the Dynamic Duo at seasons end.. Bevel should be named coach..

Kenneth Browning Reply

Martha please listen to the fans and get rid of this guy

Joey Snow1 Reply


Lionheart Reply

Take that 1934 hat off. You don’t deserve lions gear on.

    Dom Wings Reply

    Lionheart who deserves Lions gear? Homeless people and people without clothes and that’s about it

    Jerry Nosek Reply

    why not? thats the last time the lions won a playoff game.

John Martin Reply

Told everybody we should have kept Caldwell he was in every game than too but at least we won most of them

    Harley Miles Reply

    I would bring Caldwell back, if he would have us

    The Jeneral View Reply

    Caldwell was trash. Stafford saved him

Stephen Bates Reply

Nice pick 6 by Quandre Diggs tonight

Erick Dorsey Reply

Coaches are there for a time to win, us fans are life time Detroit Lions supports.
We the fans don’t matter we never have!
We can’t continue to watch these loses!

Bernard Brooks Reply

Quinn has to go! He brought his boy in and it hasn’t worked out!

    Tombond Crispy Reply

    Amen brother

Harley Miles Reply

Sorry Patricia, if you can’t improve on last year. Then it is time to move on. Your Fired

detsportsfan18 Reply

Quinn & Patricia can’t be fired quickly enough.

coolshariq Reply

Instead of pencil put a fork in his head he’s done what I wouldn’t even hire as a middle school coach he’s biggest joke and fraud along with his gf Bob quinn.

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