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Matt Skiba

Coach don’t waste our few Superbowl windows holding on to a bad QB. Like we have before.


    @Matt Skiba you are the one that’s acting like that I’m sorry man I’m not done on this season yet I’m with my bears and Mitch cuz he is a part of my bears

    Matt Skiba

    @Chief Daley
    Pro bowler lol hahaha

    Chief Daley

    @Gypsygaming178 Yeah its wierd. People need to just watch the game and not just say Mitch sucks cuz Steven A Smith and Colin Cowheard said so.

    Chief Daley

    @Matt Skiba He did make the pro bowl though didnt he? Alot of QBs will never be able to say that. Are you so much of a hater you are willing to deny the fact he was chosen as a pro bowl alternate in his 2nd season because guess what he might actually be good and you might actally be wrong.

    Matt Skiba

    @Chief Daley
    I have watched every game, every snap. I watched the pro bowl, it was embarrassing.
    I like the kid. It’s not his fault we drafted him so high. He’s got a good attitude. But he’s not a franchise QB. He’s not going to win us a Superbowl. Sorry buddy but I don’t see it.
    Good job staying positive and drinking the Kool aid though.

Mallisa Jackson

#59 sooooo underated only the big money get all the exposure!! That man is a great linebaker and they try to not give him his credits!!! He will break out again this game watch and see


Let Trubisky play HIS game. It doesn’t make sense preaching “Be You” and then not coaching to Tru’s strengths.


    M C Exactly. Notice Trubisky usually plays his best late in a game when they’re behind or running a two minute drilled when he doesn’t have to think as much and he’s just playing.

Jeremy Lueth

What could motivate Charles Leno to start doing a better job? He seems weak and foolish this season. Will he respond to a firm hand? Or do we just have to wait for his shame to catch up to him? Once the O-Line starts playing football, I think we will be fine. Maybe they should have to play the preseason next year?


    It’s week 2 and the MMQB have written off C. Leno!!! No, I don’t put a lot of confidence in analyst’s (e.g. TapeNeverLies)… I look at the overall product not a handful of plays from a guy that hasn’t coached outside of high school (if at all).

    Johnathan Brown

    I noticed Leno getting crush on the play when Patterson broke the long run. I was like damn he’s to big for that

    glen metcalfe

    @Johnathan Brown these dudes for their size get pushed around like bitches bro

Tide Turns


    Chief Daley

    Coach of the year. Your a clown.

jawan SmithBell

Mitchell Trubisky needs a breakout game against the Washington Redskins


    That won’t prove anything, other than him being able to be beat tamatoe can teams. He needs to be able to show us something against top competition.

    Andrew OLoughlin

    @young cmilly Eh, hate? they gave him a pass last year on his ability to read def & run a ‘new’ offense… The last two games they gave him a pass for not playing in the preseason. If he shows improvements he will get credit. But he will always be remembered as the QB taken before Pat & Desean.

Jay Bird

Good job coach!

David Galvez

If any time was a time for the offense to be shaky it was these first few weeks because after the saints game there’s no gummies!

Jimbo da Street minista

He said a mouthful of nothing..

stacking btc

Nagy you eloquent bastard you have Qb background experience 1st hand and are in complete denial about how Trubisky is holding back the offense.

    stacking btc

    Well for starter bringing in edge rushers from jets broncos etc for possible trade is silly we already have that issue covered, bring in players we need that can challenge our weak positions. Qb and Cb. Yes I acknowledge he won’t publicly criticize his qb but don’t b.s the fans either and give us b.s reports on his growth.

    Clint Jefferson

    @stacking btcWhat quality QB out there the Bears can bring in to challenge Trubisky at this point in the season?

    stacking btc

    @Clint Jefferson I saw Chad Kelly play some reps w Denver last year precision and field vision stood out. Something Trubisky is truly lacking. Look at Minshew Gardner stats a 6th round pick for the jags. Back up rookie Qb already has better stats than 3rd yr Trubisky and rookie Trubisky.

    Clint Jefferson

    @stacking btc There is not much film on MInshew Gardner, so the Titans didn’t know what to expect and Chad Kelly just returned from suspension and Mitch might not be MaHomes , but he is a damn better QB than Kelly.

    Andrew OLoughlin

    @Clint Jefferson You make fair points…

Never Wolf

Sounds to me naggy is in denial that trubisky is a bust and don’t fit his system


    Never Wolf I actually think he knows but he’s got to support Mitch publicly. Who knows what he’s saying behind close doors in the locker room.

    Chief Daley

    Bust Qbs dont make game winning clutch plays down the stretch like Mitch continues to do. Its ok to say mitch is not great, sometimes not even good but lets be real. Ryan Leaf was a bust. Johnny Manziel was a bust. Blake Bortles was a bust. Mitch is not a bust just because he was picked too high in the draft. Overrated maybe, but bust is a strong word reserved for the worst of the worst. Mitch is average and still improving.


This offense is uncomfortable playing offense 🤣🤣🤣

Jeremy Lueth

did ya catch that subtle jab at Tarik? “or not catchin balls…” It was nice.

m rodriguez

Last year was a wasted grand opportunity and nagy needs just needs to get it together so another year is not wasted. This team has way too much talent for it not to make a run.

    Liam G

    We have talent but our O-line and QB have been atrocious the first two games. We’re stuck with Trubisky and he’s honestly just not good. He’ll have some moments, especially on the move, but he is horribly inaccurate. The kid has to step-up and NOW, this is year 3.

glen metcalfe

how bout playing OLE SCHOOL bear ball and pound the rock,along with the defense.Once you establish the run it will open up the passing game!


Glad Nagy realized he messed up that 3rd & 1 call against Green Bay. Two weeks to work out the kinks in the offense, and fortunate to get one win. Offense HAS to do something Monday night or it’s going to be a long season.

Max Fire Fantasy Report

Man, that was a helluva question 6:15 ..finally some media member doesnt ask something cringe


Oline need to step up especially Charles Leno

Gino Sokol

Why you wearing a hat? Wheres your visor?? Hahaha

nathan hensn

Nagy has been so bad that even non X’O guys like Michael Wilbon are calling him out specifically for being trash sechmatically. Nagy/Trubisky need to hold hands and jump on the blame train together. Without comprise from Nagy and improvement from Mitch we’re a 8-8 team.

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