Matt Nagy: ‘Time is of the essence right now’ | Chicago Bears – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Charlie Conroy Reply

Trubisky taking the compeition

Electric Reply

I hope Virginia McCaskey lives long enough to get pass the albatross of Trubisky Ryan Pace put on Da Bears when he could have drafted Deshaun Watson. I believe if he had Da Bears would have played and possibly won the Super Bowl the year Cody Parkey screwed the team.

Michae Thomas Reply

Spoken like a true clown

4th and 21 Podcast Reply

I’m glad to hear that they’re really working the offensive line in order to see both QBs. If our O line doesn’t improve from last year it won’t matter who we have back there at quarterback.

Brandon Dorsey Reply

This is the first time I’m convinced that Nagy is a bad leader. When he discussed that both are essentially running the same thing conceptually, it highlighted inflexibility on his part. When you have two people with different skill sets, it would be ideal to tailor the offense to best highlight the skill set of each. I was hard on Mitch last year, now I’m wondering how much of the offense’s struggles were actually Nagy’s fault.

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