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Don’t let us down with the play calling, utilize the run get more manageable calls for Mitch and make sure the O-Line to do their job!

Corey Laseter

on 3rd and 1 , no trick plays. just get the first down lol

    Corey Laseter

    nagy is a great coach fyi

    Micah King

    If montgomery was in the game instead of Patterson…I’m willing to bet he would’ve made Kenny Clark miss. FEED this young man!!!

    Jamie Modlin

    Nagy is a good coach but tends to over think from time to time. We have Montgomery for a reason. He breaks tackles and gets tough yards….feed him and move the chains. 2nd and 1 are for trick plays and big shots

Emperor Penguin

I got this crazy idea, idk if it’ll work but maybe….

Run. The. Ball.


    Emperor Penguin yeah they should hand it off to that Montgomery guy instead of that Davis guy. Montgomery is way better. Oh yeah and use Anthony Miller maybe??

    Ty J

    exactly been saying this since last Friday

    Mark Messina

    @Ty J been saying this since week 1 last season

    drummer craze

    Miller was recovering from an injury last week I’m not sure if he’ll play this week but we need to use Montgomery and Cohen more than Mike Davis


Run. The. Ball. Coach.

    Rebecca Bing-James

    they traded the RB that would of helped them win even with all the terrible QB throws


    @Rebecca Bing-James Jordan wouldn’t make a difference. Montgomery had a few good carries and had a sick catch. But he only touched less than 10 times.

    Mark Messina

    @trowabarton321 You have no idea what you’re talking about. Howard would have made all the difference. The worst thing Nagy did was not utilize Howard and let him go. There is no way of knowing that Montgomery can be half the running back that Howard is.

Rayvon Velez

It should be 40% passing and 60% running. Don’t ever let the passing take over 75%+ ever again. If mitch throws more thn 30 passes on sunday I’ll be pissed and it will be on you Nagy. I don’t care if mitch will look good passing the ball or mitch will look trash passing the ball, his attempts should not go over 30 ever again. Get it together Nagy we got wins to get.

    Keegan Beyer

    “We”…. are you on the Bears?

    Bill Bellicheck's 8 Rings Do your job

    Are you salty?

    Evan Williams

    Keegan Beyer shut up, honestly.

Lamuel J Sackson

Call a better game!! 🐻⬇️


Man I can’t trust our coaches words anymore not after greenbay, they were talking as if they knew what they were doing but apparently not so I’m gonna wait until the game

    Keegan Beyer

    “Our” …I think you meant “the” ? Unless you play for the Bears lol


    @Keegan Beyer relax

Tosh T

The great news is that it cannot get worse than last Thursday.

    Scott Kelly

    Imagine if it does…smh

    Peter Stachura

    Tosh T Of course it can! They can get shutout!


    Tosh T yes, it definitely can.

    Joe O'Sullivan

    Yeah, it’s called last Sunday night

    Chris Garrett

    Mitchell Trubisky: Hold my beer

rodrigo herrera

Kick the damn ball when u get the opportunity and not go for it on 4th and 10 , and turnover on downs on a smh play

Sincere 007

Run the ball and throw it on 2nd and run the ball some more mack & the boys got defensive on lock let’s go bear down

    Mark Messina

    Nagys garbage

    Sincere 007

    Its only his 2nd season he stays positive that’s what I like

    Mark Messina

    @Sincere 007 agreed. I think hes still garbage though

Tyrone Redd

1)Leave the cute play calling on 3rd and 1 at home
3)identify who’s your lead running back. (Montgomery or Davis) Running back by community work well in New England but not in Chicago.
4)See number 2
5)Get your young QB in rhythm at the beginning of the game. Call some short routes Shallow cross, drags, hitches WR screens and flats. Once he’s in rhythm then throw ball down the field

    OG Skywalker

    9) Don’t throw the ball to a receiver who’s almost triple covered in the red zone
    10) stop eyeing down receivers like a rookie and we should win games


    That’s on the HC and Nagy should already know this.

    Tyrone Redd

    OG Skywalker the offensive line was terrible. He didn’t have time to scan the field. I agree he shouldn’t have thrown that ball in double coverage. Aaron Rodgers did the same thing, the only difference is Amos made the play Deon Bush didn’t make the play

    Jamari Riddick

    We need to find our identity on offense. I been a bears fan since 05, since nagy because our coach, idk what our identity is. It should be a West Coast system because that’s what Andy Reid run but mitch doesn’t get rid of the ball fast. When he does, that’s when the offense is rolling. We need a good amount of staple plays that we can always go to. And I think next year we need to bring young competition in at the qb position to push mitch. That was our mistake with cutler. We didn’t push cutler by bringing in competition through free agency or the draft and that’ll make you get lazy. I know mitch isn’t lazy but he needs to be pushed by the coaches and the QBs in the position room


    @Jamari Riddick Pace never brought in competition for Parkey either and I fear MT might be this year’s Parkey albatross.


getting a little tired of this “Trubisky babying”….in terms of what he said or didnt say, or that hes so “zoned in” that he doesnt know what hes saying out here…Ive never heard someone be so zoned in that they put up 3 points on the field….Trubisky and Nagy are taking “sweet talking full of nothing” to a whole other level. All these other QB’s dont need any baby sitting, you have Kyler on Arizona being thrown to the wolves here on a bad team and instant starter and he still can deliver while we have to hold Trubisky’s hand and hope that he doesnt get emotional or something…

    Horn Playz

    You act like the 3 points was all trubiskys fault. O like played bad. Play calling was bad.


    @Horn Playz and I said that but very few qb’s get so cuddled, just let the kid go out there and do his game so that we can see if he is good or not

    Horn Playz

    NTBRO he threw 50 times the other day


    @Horn Playz yes to the flats for 1 yard gains and when it was too late and time was running out and the entire stadium knew that he needed to throw deep then he started throwing bombs, he could have done that from the start we have the wr’s to have that offense yet I’m hearing all this talk about balanced run game, we already traded away last year’s escape goat in Howard for the apparently entry poor scheme fit even though the Eagles run the same west coast offense…. Nagy just is not making any sense with his play calling and even in kc he was not doing very well so let’s stop giving this man credit for a good season last year when it was just our defense lead by Vic that carried us

    Jason Jones

    But but it’s Trubiskey’s 3rd season he needs 8 more to get the system.🙄

onelifer Skate

Nagy need to stop putting it on the whole team when it was obviously Trubisky Smh he a one read QB .. one trick pony

    Rebecca Bing-James


    Jay Bird

    The O-line sucked donkey balls too

Big Ounced

We have 3 running backs, 3 ones that you can utilize amazingly into any scheme. From someone who went to that first game, i feel like you and the offense, have SO much to prove.

Jamari Riddick

Call plays and let mitch execute them himself. No more handcuffs or babying him. Let him make the adjustments based on what he see. That’s the only way he’ll get better as a qb. If he makes mistakes, watch the film and correct them. That’s your job as the coach, correcting his mistakes, and make him a better player

Michael Coffey

I really do love Nagy but yes please find better balance. Kid rb needs 20 to 25 touches a game and we need to be 50-50 or 55-45% pass to run. Mitch is like 99% of the league qb’s he needs a running game, and good scheme to have success.


I hate to say this but if We dont win this game the season is MOST LIKELY Over ESPECIALLY if the offense NUTS UP AGAIN and only put up 3,7 or 10 points and the defense keeps them under 14. Nagy has to be more balanced with Mitch. 50 plays. 25 run 25 pass if needed.. LETS GO BEARS. im representing in VIRGINIA BEACH. GET IT TOGETHER… BEAR DOWN…

MisteR SiR

Nagy doesn’t understand how to use running backs Period!


In your second year you have accomplished something I have never seen in 50 years of being a Bears fan. You got the team booed at Soldier Field.

HUnch Back

corner backs need to try to pick the ball off hhaa jp go bears 2019 season

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