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Entrenched Trader

Hopefully , Mitch is ready after the bye

    Saif Khan

    L.M. L.M. That run play in the redzone by Chase, Mitch would have gotten a first down because he’s faster and taller. Chase is like 5’9 lol. Being short as QB is not a good thing

    Zech Merquise

    Good time to have a bye. Easier team against the Raiders and then a week off

    Zech Merquise

    Wtf? Mitch had 3 TDs last week!! And chase only got 1. Yeah he looked sharp…for the first half. No TDs for the rest of the game? Chase has to do more than that. Chase barely beat the Lions last year thanks to E Jackson pick and lost to the giants. People need to chill out!!

    Zech Merquise

    A F You dont watch much football do you? Several teams won the Superbowl with a superior defense or got into the SB with a lackluster QB. Defense cant win us every game? Who says? You think it was Grossman who lead the bears to the superbowl last time? Lmao!! Know your history

Bored Murse

That defense is MF’ing real…to Greenbay fans out there, THIS is how an elite defense looks. BEAR DOWN!!!


    I’ll give it to the Vikes though.

    Mark Messina

    GB got nothing on the Bears D

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    @Donnie 34 points to the eagles lmao


    @efjorefjqjfjq3wefpj13rio 1;fm2lr3nfwrfnwer dawg, I’m a Bears fan but let’s not make this the 85 D yet.

    efjorefjqjfjq3wefpj13rio 1;fm2lr3nfwrfnwer

    @Donnie completely different schemes and players never said they the 85 d they more like the ravens 2000 than anything

Cory Williams

Get that line together so we can establish the run

    Mark Messina

    Montgomery sucks

    Nicholas Pergolizzi

    @Tony Lauj Montgomery dances because theres no holes. kid was turning 3 yd losses into 2 yd gains . Howard is not as talented as Montgomery trust me

    Nicholas Pergolizzi

    @dakid hes a patient runner, there are no holes he waits for them to open then hits them. otherwise he’d be running into a filled gap . god some bears fans are morons


    @Nicholas Pergolizzi I’m a moron because I’m pointing out facts? Bro I went to every home game I’m seeing it with my naked eye, there’s holes that’s open and he’s toe tapping way too much. Yes I like patient running backs but he’s entirely too patient. I like him but he has to get better.

    Sauce Money

    Joseph Archer shut your stupid mouth, there’s a huge difference from complaining and seeing flaws in the team we love and wanting the best. I’m willing to bet you’re under 15 and been a fan for a year and 1/2… if not have a serious mental disability

Power Talk

Family, a few times I honestly thought I saw the 46 defense being schemed in. I could be worng…..but man they came from everywhere.

    Lt C

    You saw correctly. They schemed some of the 46 defense in at times which confused the offense/Cousins. Cousins checked down on most of those shemes he haven’t seen before or held the ball to long. When Vikings somewhat figured it out late in 4qt, they went to screen opt-in which Bears than switch to a prevent defense to stop big play. Well done by Pago

    Power Talk

    Lt C, Thank you for your confirmation I was wondering would they implement some of 46 in to what they do. How soon if at all do you teams will figure it out?

    Terrel Ada

    Yeah! Chuck Pagano use some of that 46defence against the Vikings!!

mark lawrence

Great game do anybody remember me saying the week before the green Bay game that our DEPTH on defense is the key. Did y’all see our backups….they were UNBELIEVABLE


Daniel showed up for us everyone, he needs credit. Everyone showed up, such a great game!

Jeffrey Boone

Everyone stepped up but game ball goes to Nick. 🏈

    Jeremy Tittle

    Nick Kwiatkoski? Sure, why not? He balled out today. He is constantly improving.

    Saif Khan

    My man literally threw Dalvin Cook onto Cousins lmao. He was like “I’ll trade you Dalvin for the ball”

John Inphx

I feel like Nagy letting off the gas in the 4th qtr is his worst trait as a coach! Even with the win , Its frustrating.

    Space Ghost

    @OldSchoolSwag77 ONLY IF you have a good QB do you keep on pushing it. NEWSFLASH: Nagy does not have that.


    @Space Ghost Wrong, Space Ghost. GOOD coaches know how to work with what they have to make every effort to try and score. Daniel proved yesterday that he’s good enough to take this Offense down the field and score. Even Nagy himself admitted that Daniel is good enough to run this Offense with a good vision of the field and has complete confidence in him. Nagy played cowardly Offensive football in the 2nd half. Or, he’s a shitty play-caller. You tell me. It was blatantly obvious.

    Space Ghost

    @70sRockNRoller Nagy is not blameless, but the facts are his QBs are bad.


    @Space Ghost That’s no excuse for not trying to score in the 2nd half of games or when they get a slight lead. If the Bears Quarterbacks are so bad, then, they might as well forfeit the rest of the games, right?? Why even bother playing them?? Again, Daniel proved that he can run this Offense and score; regardless of how good or bad he is. So, why stop attempting to do so just because the Bears have a slight lead? Nagy makes the decisions on the field. So, yes. I put the blame on him. HE choose not to attempt to score a Touchdown on the Minnesota 15 yard line; based on the shitty calls he made there. Plus, he had already begun crawling in a shell, Offensively, before that. His “let’s go into “afraid play-calling” mode on Offense and let the Defense take over” approach just as soon as they get a slight lead is cowardly and is going to lose them some games this year. He doesn’t know how to (or, chooses not to) finish teams off when they are down. Unless he changes this attitude, he will never win a Super Bowl, if even a playoff game. Other teams will not stop scoring just because they have the lead. Sad that Nagy doesn’t feel the same.


Great way to show some Resilience, We got it going on Chicago!!! 🐻⬇

Michael Coffey

Was a quality win with whom was out and Mitch going down. Will be interesting to see how long Mitch is down, whether we can retain some of these darn good back ups when other teams offer more money…. and how well we can position ourselves win wise as the last 4 games we have on our schedule are all beast. I wish Nagy would stop with the cute run plays on 3rd an 2 or 3rd an 3 and just give the ball to Montgomery who is going to be very good to special. Our O line is god awful so far, Long appears washed up, Masse should of already been replaced and Leno has gone from a top 10 LT to a freaking turnstile LT allowing pressure every 3rd or 4th pass…… just not good…. idk if it is talent or we need a new O line coach, or we need to spend BOTH 2nd round picks next year 2020 draft on OL.

    cermak cassidy

    Agreed qb needs more time


I loved the way the team played, especially the defense but Nagy must address the habit of getting unforced errors (penalties) this team is getting this year. They were more disciplined last year. Nagy must correct it. The penalty by Eddie Jackson could have been a momentum changer.

    Didache 7

    Electric that was a bs call on Jackson


    @Didache 7 This team has been getting penalties since game one and that’s what I’m talking about not just this game.


    You cannot be serious. Do you watch NFL. The Bears had the best (penalties yards) last season. Do not even bring up such a stupid negative nitpick complaint. Be fortunate we have a great sports team this year.

    Evan Device

    @soupkilla9 our defense can ovrcome these things but he doesnt have a point. We were great at not killn ourselves last yr. We’ve had 2 or 3 turnovers reversd this yr smh

Joseph Archer

Kwiatkowski and Javon Wims had a good game today keep it up Chicago Bear’s


Rumors of Vinny Testaverde having tryouts with Bears as we speak.

    Mark Messina

    So he can come throw 4 picks per game? No thank u

    David P

    Jr or senior?

Decepticon Rob

Let’s play name the Bears’ Eddie’s! Lol
1. Eddie Jackson
2. Eddie Goldman
3. Eddy Piniero

    Didache 7

    Decepticon Rob all CLUTCH EDDIES 😂

    Skinny balding manlet

    Ed, Edd and Eddy!


Chase is the GOAT of backup QB’s

p 28

I thought Taylor Bray did well in pre season. Think they should resign him if possible.
Tbh when Chase came in that’s the best I’ve seen our pasing game this season!!

But that D???
Where did Nick Williams come from??!!
RH is rising game by game.
Nick was outstanding.
Goldman a beast yesterday.
And Mack? Best defensive player in football. Sorry not sorry Rams fans.

Micah King

We might shatter the sack record! These boys are vicious!!!

Lamuel J Sackson

We in this MF and we’re staying here!! People can keep doubting and jump on the bandwagon later on in the season these guys are just getting started

Roxanne McCray

Matt , C’mon man – Again Patterson on 3rd & 1 . Why do you consistently run your backs up the middle . Cute works for the passing game / Not the running game ! Once again they stacked the box on you B/cause you only run on obvious downs ! Give your line and backs a chance ! Norm/Herd

    C Pop

    Roxanne McCray I agree

Ren Dog

Matt Nagy is a genius Chicago tough and smart!!!!!! BEAR NATION BABY!!!!!!!! THIS IS OUR YEAR!!!!!!!!!!

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