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Douglas Dyer

First one here! Beardown Come back strong…bench leno.

    Scott Mayfield

    Bench Long too

    George Willings

    Can add Whitehair and Daniels to that list.

    Scott Mayfield

    @George Willings Whitehair and Daniels are solid Daniels needs shifted back to guard and Whitehair to center

    Nicholas Pergolizzi

    @George Willings whitehair and daniels are the only decent O lineman we have. Leno , Massie and long all blow


There’s no improving with Chase. Been the same for 11 years.

    Pablo Villegas

    Cortez on who comes in? He said he was going to call the offense, that’s why there’s no OC. If he wants to. He can ask for an OC. and he should!


    @Pablo Villegas They got stopped a yard short on a hail mary. That’s barely.

    Jimbo da Street minista

    Pablo Villegas you have many valid arguments my friend


    He was amazing, we came back from 17-0 and took the lead you meatball …


    Pablo Villegas Jeesh. People actually liked your comment. It’s unreal how stupid some people can be. Nagy is great.

Drew TheViper

It’s the O-Line. The O-Line needs help

    Randy J

    @Horn Playz I disagree, but hey, we all just want the team to win. Cheers Pal. GO BEARS!!!!


    The OL has been a problem since last season. Ryan Pace just ignored the problem because Trubisky running masked the issue. But when you put a non-mobile QB in the pocket it becomes more obvious that the interior of the line is garbage. No true C, a RG that always hits the IR and a revolving door of players at LG is why the Bears don’t have a running game at all.

    L. K.

    Come on Nagy. Stop lieing.
    It was obvious from the very start of the game that the Bears were suffering from jetlag. Now tell us why, and by whom the decision was made to fly on Thursday instead of sooner.
    Leno sucks and long is over the hill.
    The Bears could have gotten replacements for that offensive line if they hadn’t given the 49ers their 3rd and 4th 2017 picks and their 2018 4th rd pick to go up one spot from the 3rd overall pick to get the 49ers 2nd overall pick to draft a quarterback in Trubisky that nobody was interested in.
    And chase is a garbage quarterback that makes too many totally stupid decisions.

    Marvin McKinney

    Drew TheViper yep

    Matthew Lepka

    Wouldn’t it be interesting to c if we had all sumo wrestlers on are o-line.


Offense is a dumpster fire.


O line plays with zero passion

    Vanilla Guerilla

    @Stephen Pride We need tight ends that can block

    Hosted could replace Burton though but so could Nall

    Vanilla Guerilla

    @Stephen Pride I think the difference is the loss of Dion Sims
    Jordan Howard
    Michael Burton

    Those three guys represent blocking help

    Vanilla Guerilla

    @Nathan 75 I agree .
    Jordan Howard was our identity.

    Stephen Pride

    @Vanilla Guerilla I agree with those three guys on blocking. The only thing I didn’t like about Sims he didn’t good hands. I want to see holes opened so David Montgomery can show the talent he’s got. Mike Davies is person who they said was suppose to have great hands and blocking skill. He’still hurt. Guys gotta stay healthy and step up.

    Vanilla Guerilla

    @Stephen Pride I like the way Holtz plays and I think he should be the starter.
    Sims didn’t deserve the blame he got
    His blocking was solid

Space Monkii

2 round draft picks in the 2020, deep draft for QBs and OL. Use them wisely


    That’s the only thing I was getting from this game we needed to beat them to help that pick for QB

    Percy C. Payne

    But GM Pace DON’T know JACK about EITHER DRAFTING GOOD QB’s, (Apparently DID’NT WANT A BLACK QB for Da Bears, ie., blew off D. WATSON & MAHOMES for Trubisky), or signing Free-Agent QBs. (just remember the DUDS he gave BIG $ to?). Just CONTINUES to find EXCUSES for Trubisky…

    Ryan ???

    @Percy C. Payne black QBs trash in the playoffs.

    Charles Presley

    Yes QB offline resign jawon Howard

    J A

    U don’t have 1st round picks bruh raiders have that pick


The Bears would have been better off with Jay Leno at tackle than Charles Leno. How many times did they call 72 yesterday? Damn ridiculous…

    kevin springer

    He’s been flagged more than any other player in the NFL

    Dillavedder X

    On Gang!

    Erick J

    Leno been trash for years, that pro bowl selection cause guys was out and someone on the Rams made it and was playing in the Superbowl.


    He did not have a good game.


Dont pay these guys millions to be good pay them to win ball games

Willie L. Terry Jr.

Leno and Long have been playing like trash this season. I don’t know if it’s not time to replace both guys. I like Wims as a starter… Gabriel and Miller should share slot duties. I like how he’s using the backs Cohen and Montgomery. Just go deep a few more times per game.

    Alexander Hayward

    For the life of me, I don’t understand why #83 isn’t constantly on the field, he’s clearly one of our best recivers.

    Sinatra Smith

    Mitch needs big targets then Turbo & Miller gr8 for speed,I was saying this since last year…Jordan Howard was traded because they he didnt fit…what has changed in this offense since Howard departure…

    Jon micheal

    I think Miller and Gabriel are both over rated. Id like to see what Riley Ridley has to offer up.


    @Alexander Hayward wims struggles with the play book… he is clearly the second best receiver on the team… but you have to understand the playbook to get the start.


How tf did you not prepare for them to fake the punt on 4th and 1? And y’all should’ve came to London earlier

Dillavedder X

I’m sick of the PENALTIES!


    This team is so undisciplined. Never seen a team shoot itself in the foot as much as this team unacceptable at this level

    Rayvon Velez

    @tinpandawg that sweeping the kicker by the bears when raiders were about to punt pissed me off. Bears are so undisciplined right now.


    This the same thing happen with tresman

    Saif Khan

    Rayvon Velez Yeah that was probably the game ender. If he punted, bears could kill time. But apparently, he got pushed into the kicker and the refs being refs saw the other side. Nonetheless, that was a dumb mistake. Just let the dude kick it. Why tf you got to run at him like you’re gonna block the punt lol


Something has to be done about our offensive line mainly Long and Leno Jr

    Barry Shoemaker

    Leno got paid and his position is one of the hardest in football to replace.

Jear Only

Leno and Long need to step up or get cut, our O-line has been the main cause of our offense struggling. They open no running lanes and the pocket collapses far too often. Leno gets beat literally almost every pass play

    Mirza Baig

    Not to Mention Charles Leno the greatest drive killer of all time. His penalties have killed some monster pass plays. Mostly against the Packers and yesterday. In the other 3 games he was flat out lazy. Of course with same usual penalties.

    Erick J

    Leno trash, Long isn’t the problem

Sugar Shane

Everyone know the oline is the problem.


“Holding offense #72.” Someone feel free to reply to me and tell me how many times you have heard that this season because I have lost count. Long, Pace, and all our QBs can go as well.


    #72 Leno is the most penalized player in the league.

Jason Alarid

Love Kyle Long, but I think it’s time…

    Jason Alarid

    Rusty Shackleford – agreed sir, thanks for the comment.


    Unfortunately injuries have taken their toll and he’s not the same player.

    Jason Alarid

    tinpandawg – yes sir, they definitely have. Love Kyle, it’s just time.

    Rayvon Velez

    I like long too it’s tough man


    Long is a great guy but he doesnt have the push anymore. He gets manhandled too much while Leno is averaging 2 or 3 holds a damn game.

Jason Alarid

It’s causing a domino effect along the whole line. Look at the last game with a replacement RG against a legit DL last week, Chase actually had time to throw.

Josh Applebaum

Trade for Trent Williams and have massie and Leno battle it out for the other tackle position

    Duke Coughlin

    If the price is right, I’d actually be all for this. It would give us room to ditch the Massie contract too.


Please bench/IR Kyle Long and bring up Alex Bars. Long is awful and still hurt (looks like it).

Anthony A

Leno got paid then forgot how to block. Long injuries have caught up to him. Massie is well Massie. Those 3 need to go

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