Matt Nagy on Trevathan: He’s not afraid to rally the troops – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
negative muse

Let’s get it this Sunday!

Emperor Penguin

I hope Flacco gets TREVATHAN’D

We’re sure to win.


We need a Rally badly Coach Naggy 👍 if you agree


    Knock on wood if your with me

Drew TheViper

This is the same story from last year. We lost the first game, Nagy said it’s how we respond, we responded great. So let’s see how we respond this year. 🐻⬇️

    Drew TheViper

    @MrMack for the win you do realize Murray beat up on Detroit right? Detroit. Please tell me the last time the Lions played elite football? Don’t say when Megatron was there cuz MEGATRON played elite football, not the Lions. And if you wanna compare, the Bears BOTH Week 1 games last year and this year lost by no more than a touchdown. This year week 1, the Lions let the Cardinals come back to tie it and last year, the Jets beat the pantyhose off them. So again, y’all can bash Tru all y’all wanna after a week 1. Just don’t sing his praises when he shows growth. Pay y’all light bill on time, keep the same energy. And as always 🐻⬇️

    MrMack for the win

    @Drew TheViper u play to win whoever shows up in your schedule….period u can lose to a bum team its alrdy been proven ovee the weekend

    A O

    @Dorian Powell Last year Trub was cut a lot of slack, for learning the offense & getting accustomed to running a real NFL offense. I was skeptical last year, but a lot of fans refused to acknowledge any critiques on his game. The bottom line is that he has to show he is worthy of a contract extension & there are serious concerns over whether he can run an NFL offense effectively. If he is just a 1 read qb, Pace better not give him an extension.


    We choked in the playoffs, WTF are you talking about?

Brian White

I would have to stay off of social media for the rest of the season if we lose this game. 🥺🥺

    Tony Lauj

    If we lost this weekend game I want to see Nagy FIRE (Ryan Pace too). I want a better offensive coach that can complement our defense. we ‘ve a defense that can win a super bowl for us. We can’t have any lies on offensive year after year! Right now Nagy is pulling lot of BUMPS lies.

    Mark Messina

    @Tony Lauj perfectly said

    Nathan 75

    It doesn’t pay to get your hopes to high as a bears fan


    Tony Lauj Mitch has to go if he can’t lead n can’t put together a performance on the shitty Broncos then have him be mobile this season n dump him


    @Tony Lauj do you realize what a jump we made comparing John Fox and Logains offense from 2 years ago to Nagy’s last year?


Joe Flacco should get sacked at least 5 times, I’m expecting a bears victory


    Yes, Flacco will get sacked, and Trubiski will throw 3 picks, 2 returned for touchdowns.

    Ishmel Conway

    @Luckystrike whatever your smoking I don’t want….

    Lamuel J Sackson

    Probably 7 times hes a statue back there


    We sacked rodgers 5 times .. .and if we were trying … it would have been ten. pagano is just using fangio’s flaccid philosophy.

Alex H

Check downs on 2nd/3rd progressions will be the key to get Mitch in a rhythm (unless there is a wide open guy downfield)

    A O

    Thank you. The key is can he go through his progressions.


The Bears offense is exaclty what we thought it was…inept with Trubisky at the helm. What a reach he was. Bears are notorious for having terrible QB’s and great defenses…the tradition continues lol.


Coach should bring some vaseline for Trubisky so it doesn’t hurt🤣

Jt Williams

Dammit- the Bears need Trey. If he’s still not feeling right, he probably won’t play on Sunday.

MrMack for the win

Coach why don’t u use the big guys Wims n Horsted


Run the ball! No more 45 passes per game and only 15 runs, 3 of those by the quarterback. RUN THE BALL !!!!!

Mark Messina

Nagys gonna get a lot of heat if he doesn’t run the ball this week. Especially if the bears lose

    steve rangon

    I thought they ran the ball more than pass against the Packers.

    Mark Messina

    @steve rangon what game were u watching?

Christian Covey

I got an idea, how about you give Montgomery the ball more than 6 times 🤔

    Ray Barber



    He won’t – already said so – not ready for it, he said.

    ThatGoat Jacob

    Nautilus1972 he did?

    Alex Morris

    @ThatGoat Jacob yes he did

Waine Yam

Its been highlighted on the tv many many times… Mitch does his best throws if thrown under 2.5 seconds. I.e 1st or 2nd progressions only….. comon Nagy design plays that use this. Make it a RPO with run if thats the look. But if throw, use a quick toss; but alway send Turbo deep as the other option if after 2.5 secs there is no short throw… Just go deep sideline for Turbo!!


RUN THE BALL MORE!!! And don’t/stop using Davis the most out of all the other RBs. I don’t want another Mizzell situation. The cute plays need to stop. I understand some wildcard plays here and there but for 25% of the game is nerve wrecking. Just call the plays like it should like against the Vikings last season. What’s up with Burton? Need him out there or else the offense is lost in ways. Really wish we had Bars as a backup and other solid backups besides players like Lucas. Our offensive line looks like the Texans or Giants offensive line at times. Small rant over. Moving on to Denver. Hope fans don’t think the game will be easy because Fangio and the Broncos struggled in week 1

Michael Halatek

I wish we could clearly hear the questions being asked

youngblak Wall Street

The Chicago BEARS defense especially my big homie Danny trevathan is going back home to play against his former team this is a big game for him I see him getting 2sacks on joe flacco and defense getting multiple sacks on broncos QB Khalil Mack Leonard Floyd and roquan Smith and Akiem Hicks and Roy Robertson Harris getting sacks on Sunday Afternoon I see the Chicago BEARS offense QB Mitchell Trubisky bouncing back I can’t wait to see the WRs have a breakout game and running backs this is gonna be a good game for CHICAGO BEARS I’m looking for Danny trevathan to rally there troops Iets get it Bears dominate 🐻⬇️

Chris Pacomio

Stop being cute and run the freakin ball down their throats!!!!

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