Matt Nagy on Sunday’s division matchup against Vikings: Buckle your chin strap – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Octavio Martin Reply

bears down boys

Michael Greene Reply

This season is DA BEARS NFL crunch time being reborn.

Elton J Casarez Reply


312vandal Reply

We need to do more on offense, we can’t have the defense out there most of the game.

    312vandal Reply

    @Issachar with “ease” against one of the worst teams in the league right now, how stupid and naive can you be? Trubisky isn’t worth the 2nd overall pick, he is still making rookie mistakes on his 3rd fucking year.

    T- Smooth Reply

    @19bearsfansince79 That’s not why they were looking tired. I think our D goes hard. And they may blitz a little too much. That’s why they may look tired.

    T- Smooth Reply

    @312vandal Third year? Moron, Glennon was benched under Fox after X number of games. Mitch is basically in his sophomore year. Everything he was taught under Fox was flushed down the toilet for great reason. So he was a freshman last year under Nagy. The other new QBs doing well. Wait until there is more film on them and watch what happens.

    Stop being an ignoramus. It’s like your mom going into a bar and handing out BJs like tic tacs. Everyone wants one but she can only handle so many at a time. She needs to learn like a sophomore QB! 🤣😂🤣

    Cornelius Squalls Reply

    I agree 110%! He has to realize at certain parts of the game that he has to do whatever it takes to keep his defense off the field! That’s means not running Tariek Cohen up the middle trying to get two yards when the O line hasn’t move anybody off the line of scrimmage in 2yrs! Bear down!

    Tom s Reply

    @T- Smooth …..tic tacs….😳😂😂

Mawy Wawy Reply

I really liked that no huddle fast tempo offense!! I hope you guys do that on a weekly basis! BEAR DOWN!!

    Mathew Wellington Reply

    I agree it definitely needs to be incorporated into the offense much more, although this offense is based on scheming guys open, deception, and making the defense uncomfortable. I think they need to change it up throughout the game and keep the defense guessing, and that should include changing the tempo at times. But Uptempo should be the standard after how well it seemed to work this week.

    Mawy Wawy Reply

    First name Paris yes we do!! Idk why but I really liked it

    Mawy Wawy Reply

    Mathew Wellington I completely agree!! I think this offense is gonna start picking up!

    Mathew Wellington Reply

    @Mawy Wawy It really cant slow down much from the first 2 games. They seem to have found a rythm, and the play calling against the redskins seemed much more on brand for how we played last year, and what gives the offense the best chance to be successful. This week is huge, lets beat the vikings, and BEAR DOWN

    Mawy Wawy Reply

    Mathew Wellington yup!! Let’s goooo!!!! Bear Down!!!

Christian Solid Reply

Montgomery more and stop pulling him out after one play

    Alex Stewart Reply

    @swiftslick Actually incorrect, Watch the tape again, Nagy called a ton of running plays, Montgomery just wasn’t in on them. Its not that Nagy is “In love with his passing plays” its that he tries to split carries to much, He needs to use Monty more, Less of Mike Davis, Davis should actually be waived IMO…

    swiftslick Reply

    @Alex Stewart — Actually, I didn’t ask your opinion schmuck. First, Mike Davis only got one rushing play so you’re wrong about that. Nagy didn’t call a “ton of running plays” either. You only think that after watching the highlights not the actual game. He called 24 run plays to 31 pass plays. Montgomery got 13 attempts which is more than any other RB. Try using your head instead of just being reactionary.

    Alex Stewart Reply

    @swiftslick I point out that they had a balanced game, and you go into attack mode lol!

    I watched the game last night, and then i rewatched the tape with the stats next to me, Nagy had a really balanced game plan kid, He just didn’t use your preferred RB on all the runs he called. And when you make a comment on a comments thread, your open to opinions you stupid little cuck boy, Now go re-watch the tape before i school you again.

    swiftslick Reply

    ​@Alex Stewart — You schooled no one, troll. But if that’s what you have to say to make yourself feel better go ahead. Congrats on your non-prize winning victory. Your ignorance must be bliss. 31 pass plays to 24 run plays is not balance. That is more pass heavy, if you can’t see that actual disparity I suggest you go back and take a math class. The run game wasn’t game planned until Mitch threw his INT at the goal line. That’s the whole reason Nagy went to the run in the second half. I don’t care how much game tape you claim to watch (bullshit), you still come up with idiotic conclusions and try to act like some elitist authority. Your amateur opinion of the game is irrelevant. But then again, what should we expect from a boy with a woman’s name?

    Alex Stewart Reply

    @swiftslick Where did i troll, hmmm Bruv?

    Was it when i stated they actually did run the ball, and had a pretty balanced game plan, or was it when i said they split carries, or was it when i said they should release Mike Davis because David Montgomery can do everything better than he can. STFU kid, i don’t even know what put you into attack mode… I just stated facts, Nagy split carries between Davis, Monty, Cohen, and Patterson. And 31 pass plays to 24 running plays is balanced that is nearly 55/45, NO TEAM runs 50/50 with the way the rules are. Last but not least, Really you got schooled so hard, you tried to bring a unisex name into the argument to insult me Ejejejejeje, now thats funny, You don’t even use your real name lol.

Marcus Gregory Reply

I’m glad we won

Ryan Stroud Reply

Bears you NEED to win at home against the Vikings. Play good defense and contain Cook and Cousins. Offense feed Montgomery and play smart football Trubisky. 🐻⬇️

    Kevin Moy Reply

    Cook will easily be contained, we have the best front 7 in the league

    Khalil Mack Reply

    cousins cant play against winning teams

    Robert Burnier Reply

    Bears have handled Cousins multiple times. The defense will be amped up and should be able to ruin the Vikings’ game yet again. But the offense MUST progress or it’ll be another defensive stuggle and a close loss.

    Khalil Mack Reply

    @Robert Burnier no worries cuh I got everything under control

    Lee Moore Reply

    I think this game will be the turning point of the season after this should be an easier game/win against the raiders then we go into the bye week with momentum if we lose well it could turn playoff hopes. Into a struggle


Need to pound the rock with Montgomery and Davis

    Zech Merquise Reply

    100% agree. Plenty of downs for both to get the rock

    The Great Debater Reply

    Montgomery and Cohen. Both have yet to have a breakout play. Davis is null and void.

    Thujone10 Reply

    More TARIK runs – draws and sweeps! Monty has the power and vision, NO MORE Davis, c’mon…

    Marcus Savina Reply

    Cohen is better then Montgomery

    Mathew Wellington Reply

    I’d rather see Patterson in Davis’s role, and Wims doing Patterson things while mike davis is on the sideline

Joel Brown Reply

Honestly, the Bears were suppose to win this game but the second half was mediocre can’t do that with the Vikings good luck

    Dorian Powell Reply

    Joel Brown right and what if the offense plays good I know the offense hasn’t been great but you never know when they will click it could be against the Vikings Mitch has faced that defense a couple times now and gets a little better every game I’m just not ready to give up on Mitch and the offense not yet but they gotta get it together

    Joel Brown Reply

    @Dorian Powell the Bears were 3rd in healthiest teams last year but teams are different look at the NFC North division as of right now

    Mr Evans Reply

    Keep things in context. No preseason reps except Montgomery. Bears offense will improve as season progresses.

    Joel Brown Reply

    @Mr Evans I dont want to hear any excuses if the Bears dont get at least 11 wins cause they have the same team and got better on defense but the offense is ok without Howard ……………

    Dorian Powell Reply

    Mr Evans thank you I like seeing bears fans with some faith we are only three games in there’s a lot of season left and when the offense and Mitch clicks I don’t want the naysayers bears fans to hop on the wagon they give up to quick do you not remember we had cutler for 8 season and he didn’t care Mitch actually cares and knows he has to get better I can tell he works hard and wants to be great

Leon Phantasm Reply

Go Bears. Mitch will have reps he spent one year as a college starter. Every rep in game and practice count for him. Every snap. He’s got a monster defense. Trent Dilfer has a ring. This kid Mitch is good and he’s hopefully smart. Plus this D. In a couple years Mitch will be on an elite level if Nagy can scale it back.

    Zech Merquise Reply

    Dilfer, Flacco got rings and Grossman got to the superbowl. Just need a stellar def which the Bears have

    Mike Griego Reply

    If mitch stops over thinking he’ll be just fine. He will get better. But just needs to be good, not great

    Zech Merquise Reply

    Mike Griego 100% agree with you. Amos admitted that he saw Mitch’s eyes in that INT aganist the Packers. He needs to be very decisive with his decision making and dont think too much. Taking too much time to process. He needs to rely on insticts more often.

Joey Alfer Reply

I dislike how much Nagy reveals during these press conferences. Like it’s nice for us, I guess, but c’mon other teams are bound to listen.

Zech Merquise Reply

I agree with the no huddle offense for mitch. When he thinks too much he makes bad throws. Notice how well he plays in last minute game drives (last year against eagles and this year against broncos). Just see the plays develop and throw the ball. Trust your receivers.

Matt Skiba Reply

Run the Frickin Ball!!!!

Chi- Nation Reply

Nagy refuses to run the ball consistently with Montgomery, they to need firmly control time of possession from beginning to end. The defense was tired from the start of the 2nd half.

King of the North Reply

Bears D was looking great against raiders. Besides the fact that I think bears is a better team than the vikings. I cant see bears allowing themselves to lose another division battle at home again. I’ll go bears 24-17

First name Paris Reply

I literally pulled an all nighter just to watch this game and it was worth it (I usually work overnight shifts )

First name Paris Reply

They talk trash about Mitch but baker mayfield is over rated and so is Lamar Jackson

    Jimmy Neutron Reply

    Yep both over rated and both better than trubisky still 👍

CoachScott61 Reply

Can 83 play more meaningful snaps?

Jr Rodriguez Reply

Love the coaches 🤟🏼 best defense need to work on trubisky just a little but let’s win a super‼️

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