Matt Nagy on run game: It needs to get better. – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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RareAir 45 Reply

My guy… then use David more
(Also if you want more yards don’t make him run up the middle for two, we saw his 20 yarder Monday use him like that)

CollinsK85 Reply

We’re a young team on the rise, Keep Fighting and Stay Hungry!!! 🐻⬇

    Jack Lantern Reply

    salary cap and free agency will eventually take it’s toll with the “young” team. Bears superbowl window is 2-3 years max before the inevitable happens.

king heavy Reply

No y’all need to run the ball more. Y’all only run on obvious run downs and y’all don’t mix it up good enough


    You got that right. Bear down!

    L.M. L.M. Reply

    I agree

    Nick Angelos Reply

    He’s just giving the media something to chew on. Nagy knows what he is doing

    Nautilus1972 Reply

    We can’t run the ball …. we’re midtable on YPC .. .and bottom third in total rushing yards. Our OL is bad to middling.

    L.M. L.M. Reply

    @Nautilus1972 look at the rush attempts sir

T Money Reply

Swaggy Nagy. Club W in Da’Chi this week get your wristbands early prices are going up by the min🐻👇🏾

    J Dolo Reply

    How you get black hand emoji

lebeR Ogun Reply

I caught it!

Nagy to Mitch on MNF “You need to step it the f49k up right now” Or “You need to shut the f48k up right now”

Or as close as I remember

    Mickol Phelps Reply

    I saw it too, I was waiting for the commentators to say something about it……. but apparently no one else caught it🤔

    sam_ohagan18 Reply

    I imagine mitch would react really well to that type of stuff… extremely easy player to coach

L.M. L.M. Reply


Brady Collins Reply

Run the ball more then, lmao

Xhase Akav Reply

I’m only 14 but I wanna work towards bein y’all’s kicker one day

    yibraman 13 Reply

    I bet 5 dollars you wont, if you do comeback to this comment. Prove me wrong.

    Vito Faiello Reply

    Practice practice practice

Im a pug Reply

O line needs to dominate, they are getting pushed around abit. Key to beating viqueens is stopping the run and making them 1 dimensional.

    Dirk Nowitzki Reply

    Yes. Make Kirk Cousins pass. Dalvin cook is on fire right now.

Mawy Wawy Reply

Let’s goooo!! Let’s keep this offense rolling! I really liked the game plan against the redskin! Now let’s beat the Vikings!! 💪🏼 BEAR DOWN!!!

A Bro Reply


Andreous Stacey Reply

I think Nagy hates to run I’m mean come on up 28 to 3 on the goaline yet you have Tribisky throw it just pound it in there and give a lift to the run game if you dont get it field goal still get points and not a interception “remember Seattle vs. Patriots anyone”

    Darren Mccoy Reply

    The fade route in the end zone was open Mitch just made a knucklehead play and threw an interception he should had threw to the corner of the end zone not Nagy fault he got Tech quarterback

    Darren Mccoy Reply

    @Jamari Riddick Nagy didn’t have that chance Mitch made a dumb throw the man was wide open in the back of the endzone what more do you ask for Mahomes would had made that played Watson would made that play

    Nathan 75 Reply

    They should’ve pounded it in. I knew the pic was coming when they took the time out.

    Jamari Riddick Reply

    Darren Mccoy I know bro. Soon as it left his hand and I saw how much air he put on it, I knew it was a pick. It looked like a madden throw lol. No air or good ball placement. It went straight to the defender like madden

    Rayvon Velez Reply

    @Darren Mccoy why Nagy use a timeout before the int play tho? That timeout was so unnecessary.

OG Skywalker Reply

I hope that o line gets on track because they’ve been getting manhandled so far I wanna see Montgomery get those big carries he break tackles he needs those holes for big plays

    312vandal Reply

    They were good last season, idk wtf is going on with them?! And they went up against one of the worst defense in the redskins.

    BagCRAZYTV Reply

    Facts they need to switch cody nd james back

    Nathan 75 Reply

    The oline isn’t pushing anyone around, they need to use more zone schemes just like last year.

    Dillavedder X Reply

    On G O D ! 👊🐻👇

    loyaltilltheend 1 Reply

    OG Skywalker thank you!!

W F Reply

Nagy my man, if you want a better run game why not concentrate on the guy Montgomery, make him your featured back and quit taking him out of the game after he has a terrific 20 plus yard run. If you keep passing way more than you run the ball, guess what, you will have a low yardage run game. What is the deal between you and Montgomery? Do you have it in for the kid? Is there a problem there? If so, do the honorable thing and either fix the matter or trade the kid away. You gave away a 1000 yard rusher, drafted Montgomery, who by the way you have never really given a real chance to be the main rusher. That is really asinine. Give the kid 20 to 25 rushes a game and see what he can do. If he is really not good enough so be it, but, give the kid a chance to show what he can do. Limiting his rushes as you have done is foolish and you will never know if he is the answer to the running game problem that you recognize is not giving the Bears enough rushing yards. By the way running back by committee does not work.

    Roxanne McCray Reply

    Sensed the same thing with Jordan !! Norm/Herd

    Rayvon Velez Reply

    Nagy has got something against running the ball for some reason. He wasn’t really running it with howard and cohen last season and now with David. It some weird Andy Reid stuff going on with Nagy i don’t like it.

Dylan Moore Reply

I’m going to my first Bears game against the Vikings! Anything I should know or look for?

    VanHallen52 Reply

    Dylan Moore just remember to scream.

Drew TheViper Reply

Every time Nagy says something needs to get better, ironically the very next game it gets better. We needed to win after the Slackers loss, we beat Denver. We needed the offense to come alive, Tru throws 3 tds. So we need the run game to open up, i think we will against the Vikings. Nagy has to open his trick play book though.

    Psyco Mantis Reply

    You’re not going to just run it on that Vikings defense, but they have to try. Montgomery has the vision and elusiveness to escape a broken down line to gain positive yardage no matter the situation. Why is he running a 180 lbs RB and a journeyman WR up the middle? Nagy doesn’t know what he has.

Chi- Nation Reply

Nagy refuses to commit to the run other then when trying to run the clock out. I also don’t understand why Tarik Cohen is in on short yardage plays instead of Montgomery

Roxanne McCray Reply

PS By the way coach , can you please explain why you keep running Tarik up the middle on short yardage situations , he gets stuffed every time ! Tarik is effective in space Plow horses Plow – Race horses Race Norm/Herd

Taurean Whitfield Reply

Offense Line needs to open up lanes so that our RBs can get through….everything seems cluttered and crammed with no space to get yards downfield.

JrDans22 Reply

David Montgomery is a stud. Does Nagy not see it?

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