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Matt Nagy on loss to Chiefs

Head coach Matt Nagy addresses the media following the Bears' 26-3 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs.

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Nagy’s offense this season in a nutshell: Bears going for it on 4th and 23… they throw a 7 yd pass to the 5th string TE.

    J Dolo

    @Andrew Z exactly. Mitxh hasnt reached his peak. Nothing says nagy going to get better at coaching. Hes being exposed in every way. Mf can’t even use challenges right. Smh

    Andrew Z

    @J Dolo I’m more upset this year than ever because we regressed. Last year they had an insane amount of turnovers. That normally doesn’t happen two years in a row with 27 interceptions. This was a flat out embarrassing season. The Cowboys have a better defense than the Chiefs I believe. How do we score 3 points? 3 points? Its not baseball. I still believe in Trubisky if he is getting the right play calls. He’s tremendously athletic and needs to use his legs more but also has a very good arm. Patterson is probably our best offensive weapon and he isn’t utilized correctly. I just don’t understand how they regress. I love the Bears and this is tough. We have him another season and I sure hope they utilize him correctly next season.

    Andrew Z

    @J Dolo I believe Nagy even knows hes screwing up. Pagano had a pretty first season on defense and they made him look bad by not scoring. Way too many 3 and outs. Defenses need to rest. I give our defense props actually this season for playing well without their leader Hicks. They showed up. Nagy and his offense didn’t. Its a damn shame.


    Alex Smith is 100x better than Falsebisky

    J Dolo

    @Andrew Z im with you. Any defense gonna eventually get worn down. Plus we had multiple key injuries. In front 7. You right bout patterson. Elite weapon. Just knew nagy was going to cause so many mismatches with him and cohen together. Plus sowell at TE/fb/ and wr on fade inside redzone. 6’7 300+lbs…But you know what…the key to everything was howard! Dumbest trade in franchise history. You never hand over everything to a rook rb who not your top pick. Couldve kept him neversogned davis still drafted monty for future. It was contract yr for Howard. But he earmlned right to be here! Im praying he come back. Philky run dane scheme and ge proved he fits. That was nagy lying bc he be forced to run him 15+ times vs a rookie. Even lost whyte. He was our steal in draft. Pitt using him already.




    yes bear fans are


DUDE ! take that playbook and burn it !! worst play calling EEVER !!


    @PRHILL9696 i know they suck , but fuk its terrible , all that money its disturbing , is the old lady running the team hands on ? cuz thats wut it looks like lol

    Ryan Edwards

    jz_Dialektic here’s how I look at it. They sent Howard to the Eagles, they didn’t draft any play makers outside of Montgomery. The Bears are who the Chiefs used to be before they drafted Mahomes. It’s not Nagy. It’s the player trying to execute a very, very complex offense.


    @Ryan Edwards trubisky needed time on the bench , only 1 yr on the field in college is not enuf , they phukd up royally

    Arman Tondravi

    Not defending Nagy, but they treated that game like a preseason game. Ultra conservative, were trying to protect Mitch. Bears fans, take a DEEP BREATH, relax, and recognize if we can fix our O line and D line, we have an ELITE football team.


    @Arman Tondravi injuries also kill them , takes them out of any rythem , no luck at all

Brock Bowen

Same ol….. Rinse and Repeat….. Gutless….. They quit…plain and simple…..

    j turner

    I don’t understand how fans expect Mitch to be great with those guys upfront. I think this line is way worse than any line jay has ever had, and the running game is another prime example why that is the case

Jango IG88

Nagy is a Quack


    Bears fans are quacks

7 up

Please buy Mitch a pocket, and a hole for Montgomery. All i want for christmas is a 2-3 new O Linemen

    Kid EzE

    No dont resign Mitch! We need another quarterback that can make an accurate throw 15+ yards downfield.

    John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt

    @Kid EzE mitch can make accurate throws, he’s just inconsistent.

    John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt

    @Kid EzE who would we sign?

    Nico Davis

    I feel bad for Montgomery, Cohen, A-Rob, Mack, Miller, KPL, and Kwiatkoski. They deserve better than this

    Nico Davis

    @Kid EzE he needs a real O line and to stop overthrowing TDs every game

Dimi Domo

Nagy along with some notable publisher/sportscasters and columnists and former players are apologists. This Chicago club’s ownership, GM and accountants are ultra conservative and refuse to account for their lackluster conservative philosophy. Billionaires + millionaires with big fancy everything are arrogant and refuse to change. They’d rather apologize.


    You fans support them so its on YOU not them

    D Greene

    @PRHILL9696 That is right. And, they will continue to support them because Chicago has nothing else. Nothing to do in that city but eat, drink, get fat, and watch sports. Miserable climate, miserable people, and miserable teams. I wish I was not raised there. Lived there 30 years and the best decision I ever made was moving away. No awe-inspiring beauty, just polluted environment and polluted people. And, that city will continue to wallow in 💩 until they wake up and elect some competent politicians. I go back and visit friends there and I am reminded why I left that 💩-hole. Classless, rude people, that never smile.


Stop going to the games. That’s the ONLY way to bring real change. Mcaskeys don’t care about winning.

    Mark Messina

    itin4265 I agree about not going to the games but Virginia def cares and wants to win


    Bear fans wont do that. bears fans are the TRUE problem

    garret woods

    How are fans the problem?


    @garret woods You losers support this crap for all these decades. Stop crying bear fans YOU are the problem

Jeffrey Boone

Matt Nagy’s surprisingly large and stubborn “be you” ego cost us another game. Opening kickoff drive and we’re tone setting and moving, then schematically (good God if I have to hear him say “schematically” one more time I’ll scream) he runs his bullshit reverse tricky play crap and Miller fumbles and now it’s 2nd and 20. Drive over, game over. If we score on the 1st drive it’s a whole different game. Nagy can’t get out of his own way and he keeps putting his players in the worst possible positions. His job is the opposite of that.

    Andrew McKenzie

    Just don’t believe that if the Bears had scored on the 1st drive it would’ve been a whole different game. It would’ve just meant the Chiefs probably open up more offense and score quicker instead of actually using some clock and checking down. The Bears will be fine, they need more weapons on offense. And, the lack of a TE threat really hurts Nagy’s scheme. The same would be true if KC lost Kelce.

    Jeffrey Boone

    Totally agree Chiefs would have still probably won and yes we need a tight end, but it wouldn’t have been 26-3. That does not excuse Mr. Schematically’s responsibilities as a play caller and coach. He’s horrible and is calling plays as if he has the Chiefs personnel.


Too sloppy…kc so they’re not Nagy!!They’re no saints or ravens! The stupid stadium is empty in the fourth quarter because your horrible playing Nagy! He said he never question the guys want or effort how about looking at your quarterback Nagy there certainly isn’t the effort there!!


The Bears are a chump team and will always be a chump team as, long as fans pay to see these chumps.  The owners don’t care as long as the seats are filled.  They are the “marsh-mellows of the midway.” I believe the coach suffers from a psychological condition, a subconscious desire to fail because he feels that he is a loser or does not deserve to win. He makes way too many decisions during each game that places them in a very difficult position to win. The best example is running the clock down on the kicker leaving him a long kick, which he botched and they lost. Why on earth would a coach have no desire to use the remaining time to get closer to the goal posts for the kicker? Desire for failure.

    Mason Wright

    hillock10 shutup

William Hau


conlan mcnerney

Let pat o’donnell do the playcalling jesus. He is better than nagy

    Nico Davis

    Most productive player on our team…

Jake Strange

Matt Nagy sucks


Not trubiskys fault that his coach is terrible and calls the same play over and over there was not prep for that game… the O-line is bad no TE and only 1 WR CUT wims

Dan Kov

Trubisky is not the problem. Nagy is at the helm. When the team comes unprepared for most games, terrible in all phases…that is the coach. He lost so many games with bad play calls, including the play off loss to eagles. Nagy needs to go. He cannot win any games that matter. He cannot manage an entire team. But to change the bears fundamentally. We either need new ownership or the fans have to stop buying tickets. Otherwise as history shows, nothing will change.

    David Vasquez

    I’ve been saying that the whole damn Year bro. Matt Nagy lost his play-calling duties in KC because he blew a 35 – 3 lead over the Colts in the playoffs. All because he doesn’t know how to run the ball oh, the Bears have 6.8 yards per carry when they run out of the I formation. Explain to me why this idiot doesn’t do that more, why does he call runs out of the shotgun. I believe if they lose to Minnesota and disgusting fashion like they did yesterday against KC oh, he will get fired. Virginia McCaskey will be 97 years old at the start of next season, I believe that lady wants a Super Bowl before she leaves this Earth. That’s why they’re not going to let coaches hang around for 3 to 5 years and do nothing. Trestmen 2 years, Fox got lucky with 3 years, Nagy 2 years???


The Hamp, O’B show with Koz says it all about you Nagy, and you can’t fix stupid.

AA Gaming

Mitch triubusky is not bad at all

    D Greene

    His coaching is the big problem. Making a mobile QB a pocket passer with a 🐎💩 OL is a failed scheme by Nagy. The play-calling failed to take the deficiencies in account. Nagy is terrible at evaluating his talent.

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