Matt Nagy on importance of depth at WR – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Spectre Sooze

We need Wims to get more time this Sunday!


    He will with gaibrel being out

    Lamuel J Sackson

    And we need to get Ridley in there I cant wait to see what he has

    Michael M

    @Lamuel J Sackson He’s going to be very good.

Peyton H.

Let’s go bears!!

Lamuel J Sackson

Now’s our chance boys to tie those MFs to the north with a 3-1 record!!
Let’s show them how a REAL defense operates 🐻⬇️

    Vanilla Guerilla

    With this offense ??
    The North looks real strong this year!!
    We better learn how to run this rock and quick

Vanilla Guerilla

Get a good fullback in here that can block and catch

There’s plenty available and this team needs toughness
And play JP Holtz more
Holtz represents a good signing

we need more tough guys

    Eric Mendoza

    They had Jordan Howard

    Vanilla Guerilla

    @Eric Mendoza I miss Jordan Howard.

    I always knew Howard was not the problem.

trust none

We need to add dept on the o line


    @trust none After Callahan and Witzmann left for greener pastures Pace should’ve target OL. There were good OG/C on the market, the Bears decided to pass on Rodger Saffold, Jamon Brown, Mitch Morse, Josh Kline, Matt Paradis et cetera. I will never understand that decision.

    trust none

    @swiftslick I wanted them to get jamon brown

    trust none

    @swiftslick r any still on the market


    T- Smooth I do agree however Leno did play well this last game. I hope he continues to play like he did against Washington. Long sucked this week against Washington. Wish the Bears had a better O-Line.

trust none

Y don’t wins play more trubisky comfortable wit and like throwing to him

Payton Oliver

Are injuries more common on turf?

    Jake Ferrero

    Payton Oliver yeah, the turf doesn’t give as much.

Keith Kingery

Ask why in the hell they traded Jordan Howard. This guy is a b.ser. Howard could have run the ball in from the 2, instead we throw an interception….

    T- Smooth

    @Rayvon Velez His first two seasons, Howard sucked at catching the damn ball. He has improved, but I see why they let him go. I remember the games where he dropped passes to either score a TD or move the chains with nobody around him. It was becoming a trend.

    T- Smooth

    @Jeremy Lueth Jeremy speaking facts!

    Eric Mendoza

    @Vanilla Guerilla I don’t think brainiacs is appropriate; more like they overlook and overthink.

    Eric Mendoza

    If your a real Bears fan you should be happy for him in Philadelphia making yards and moves!

Ivan Gee

Anyone know where I can find that damn hoodie


    You gotta be on the team. But they have some similar ones at NFLSHOP

Marcus Gregory

Are defense is dangerous Vikings better watch out bears down

    Vanilla Guerilla

    So is our offense but I mean dangerous to us lol

Drew TheViper

Hopefully the Mad Hatter comes out on Sunday. Catch Minnesota off guard


Wims SZN with Gabriel being out. And please call run plays Sunday. Going pass happy against a defense like the Vikings isn’t going to work

Gore Jus

Yo give the reporters a god damn microphone. Whats the point of this if its just Nagy talking to himself?

    Aunt Lou

    Gore Jus …… u can hear them easily

-Slurmdaddy -

Offense is predictable. Line needs to hold blocks better especially for Montgomery, he makes a lot of plays on his own which is really good sign


    The interior of the OL needed to be fixed after the Wildcard Game (when the running game went “ghost”). Instead they blamed the running issues on Jordan Howard, traded him and stood pat in the off season. That problem is absolutely 100% Ryan Pace’s fault.

    Matthew Junior

    Hell, sometimes he just needs to run straight. He tries to do too much juking which gets him tied up in the backfield. Rookie mistake. Tarik had the same issue when he was a rookie.


    @Matthew Junior — Tarik has different issues now.


Wr Run quick route have mitch release the ball in 3 to 4 seconds and u control the game. And move the chains and go deep and running game explodes


What about the importance of depth at QB?

Micah King

I love him as our Coach!! He’s so good that I expect perfection but, Gotta keep reminding myself that this is only his 2nd year as a HC. He will continue to get better!!!


Let’s talk about how important an OL is ….

Randy J

This offense is pathetic. If it wasn’t for the defense we’d lose 10 games.

    Eric Mendoza

    It’s been that way for around 25 years..


Matt please bring Chicago to Superbowl!

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