Matt Nagy gives update on Trey Burton – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Patriot Politics Research Reply

These Chicago beat reporters ask the simplest questions. Geez.

    Fat-Guy Reviews Reply

    Cus Da Coach scared them all off in the 80s $90s people were like be a sports reporter in Chicago OH HELL NOOOO …lol

    Robert Preston Reply

    Players always say the media here is soft

    Mr Evans Reply

    These reporters ask the stupidest questions honestly

    Robert Preston Reply

    @Mr Evans Chicago media has always been a joke

Bo Joe74 Reply

I don’t know what’s going with Trey but Adam ain’t the one for the job

    J Dolo Reply

    @Psyco Mantis yep and never shouldve been a starter or paid as one. Philly probably knew too. Laughing …Jeffrey howard and we get him. Paying him like he Olsen who old af still better

    James Holman Reply

    Pace reached way too hard on Shaheen

    Bo Joe74 Reply

    @J Dolo Howard really didn’t rush for that much yards bro. Jeffrey when he was the bears lead the team in drops

    J Dolo Reply

    @Bo Joe74 yeh he ONLY ran for a very low 935yds and 9 tds in his least amount of attemps since drafted in a scheme he dont fit with the box stacked 90% of the damn time…1100+ yr prior and broke bears rookie rec held by forte and walter too with 1300+ with ONLY 2 more carries the last yr
    … but ok BRO. Foh. Marshall lead in drops too. TO did for his team. Whsts your point? Jeffrey a bum? Not hard to lead in drops when he dont have wrs who even get targeted or on field bc we had so many injured his last yrs in chicago. We had practice squad players starting at wr. You forget? You talking stupid Bro

Giuliano Caracciolo Reply

Bears D going to feast on Fluko

    Max Fire Fantasy Report Reply

    sho is!

Bishop545454 Reply

Burton The Bust!

Jimmy Marroquin Reply

What’s crazy is that this class of TE’s are stacked. Why is it so hard to find one?. In my eyes jesper horstead is good. We are just to picky or just to proud as an organization to start rookies or give them repetitive snaps. Just pick one and stick with it. If Adams Shaheen did bad then go with the next guy simple. That’s why the Patriots have success. Set an expectation, if they dont meet it, go on to the next.

    J Dolo Reply

    @James Holman somewhat true…he not best fit. Held pass offense back bc catching. But still effective runner and made defense respect him…which in turn opens up everything else. We wouldnt been 12-4 without howard. We lost last 2 games bc not running. Period. We lost vs GB last yr bc not running howard to close out the game after solid lead killing clock. We now added 3 more rbs and a wr who fit scheme and did worst. My points made …whsts yours???

    James Holman Reply

    @J Dolo we lost week 1 last season with JH too. This loss was on Nagy and his play callin like you said earlier. Montgomery didnt do anything wrong. We didn’t lose b/c JH was traded.

    J Dolo Reply

    @James Holman i didnt say it was bc he was traded …i said he cant use howard as excuse. Bc he proved we win when he ran last yr and yrs prior. Balanced offense. He traded him and got his guys and we still lost bc he didnt RUN!!! So cant blame howard. He obviously never was the problem…its playcalling. Nagy fault.

    James Holman Reply

    @J Dolo We agree on the play callin. Plus Nagys misused the preseason. He should have at least held joint practices if he is that concerned about injuries. No one on offense was prepared for week 1. Not the coaching staff, not the oline, not the QB or Nagy. Look how Andy Reid put Mahomes in during the preseason. He played 3 of the 4 games and he is the future of that franchise. The offense came out swinging in week 1 too as a result.

    OG Skywalker Reply

    How long you gonna cry about move tf on man

Randy Koney Reply

The only thing that matters is WINNING,

Luckystrike Reply

If you call 30 pass plays in a row like you did in week one the offense will be piss poor again.

    Luckystrike Reply

    @George Tselikis They won’t get a “W” if Nagy calls a shitty game like he did against the Pack.

    J Dolo Reply

    @Peter Stachura wowww. Nagy should be disciplined for that. I almost feel like he wanted to lose for some reason
    Maybe make team humble and hungry like last yr after 0-2. I just cant believe any offensive minded coach wouldnt run with the talent he has plus you see its neccessary adjustment

    George Tselikis Reply

    Luckystrike don’t worry he won’t . Put this one in the win column

    Luckystrike Reply

    @George Tselikis What makes you think he won’t? If I had said before week one that he would call the game he did against the Pack would you have believed me? He did it before and he’s subject to do it again.

    OG Skywalker Reply

    Stop crying

shmoneygang 01 Reply

Lmao why have a redzone day when y’all can’t get there💀💀

    Rich Lo Reply

    50 yard is their redzone

    Dapper McNuggets Reply

    12-4 defending NFC North Champions. We lost the season opener not the season ya bum.


Trade for Oj Howard, Bruce Arians rarely uses tight ends in his system

    J Dolo Reply

    Lol…you absolutely right. He low key beast too. Mf put up doughnut on my fantasy team. Arizona has bunch of tight ends too. Arians dont know how to use them

    Max Fire Fantasy Report Reply

    that would be a dream

    James Holman Reply

    OMG.. A Shaheen for OJ Howard swap😛

    OG Skywalker Reply

    Hes just as injury prone as trey horrible idea🤣🤣🤣

deon harris Reply

nagy remember as cute as you wanna be you still in a cold work hard blue collar city run the ball smash moth city walter payton gayle sayers matt suhey neal anderson matt forte thomas jones cedric benson rashaan salam bronko nagurski anthony thomas a train red grange curtis ennis willie the wisp gallimore even merril hodge come on man we built on running backs run the ball look at minnesota what they did sunday i hope this message reaches you

    J Dolo Reply

    @Dillavedder X stop saying they….its just nagy. Even the OC wants to run the ball…im sure but he dont call the plays…for some dumb reason nagy do. He the HC now. He wants to be fat Andy so bad. Ego

    BagCRAZYTV Reply

    @J Dolo thats a dumb statement you know how many HC call plays Doug Peterson sean mcvay sean payton that’s not even mentioning HC that call defensive plays

    OG Skywalker Reply

    And we got a total of 1 super bowl🤣🤣🤣🤣

    OG Skywalker Reply

    Dude stop crying about nagy we had a 1000 yard back how many games we win i recall 5 🤣🤣🤣 just shut up and quit your bitching cam literally just threw the ball 51 times on thursday nagy isnt the only coach doing this pass first thing my guy

SH 20 Reply

Adam Shaheen and a 3rd round pick for oj howard

    xTheUnledSpiritx Reply

    SH 20 Nobody not even the Dolphins is going to want someone useless like Shaheen.

    Max Fire Fantasy Report Reply

    no way any team would give up OJ Howard for a 3rd rnd pick

Reza Amirzadeh Reply

Now you have to beat GB in GB Coach!

Party On Wheels Reply

Release that bum

Raul Villanueva Reply

Give David Montgomery the ball and WR Wims and the tight end from the practice squad you will be all good

Sincere 007 Reply

I’ll be the reporter hey coach run the ball throw on 2nd & run the ball some more let’s go bear down

Patrick Sheridan Reply

C’mon coach, I’m sure you snap on your players. Start snapping on the media. Your psychology on the media is getting old. Stop explaining. Nice guys finish last.

dr wiener flower Reply

y’all asking about socks instead of Montgomery smhhhh

    Patriot Politics Research Reply

    EXACTLY! Well said.


Nagy up there smiling acting like his team is not a total disaster with Trubisky at the helm. Have some balls and sit him down for ANYONE else. He was one of the worst reaches in NFL history and they just need to man up and move on. Nagy won’t be smiling after say…week 5. 1-4

Baracus backus Reply

who cares about Burton , you will only throw to Robison or a 150LB running back behind the line of scrimmage.

silenttrivium Reply

I love how it’s always “a good day in practice”. Yet, the offense never translates

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