Matt LaFleur on developing a consistent offense: ‘We want to get our playmakers the ball’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Great video first like first comment love my packer Road to the superbowl I feel very confident in this team Go Pack Go

mark Jackman Reply

Nice hat 👌🏻

Zip Molly Reply

Matt Lafleur>> Aaron Rodgers = 🏆

NFLDFS Payback TV Reply

Make money with me playing FanDuel or Draftkings turn $9.00 into a million over night let’s get it

    brayden finch Reply

    go home

    NFLDFS Payback TV Reply

    When I get home I’m going to reply to you lol

Trystin Raney Reply

Still kinda wanting to see more from Jake Kumerow

    Majik0715 Reply

    Me too. Really thought he’d be a part of the offense.

Brendan Dyer Reply

Jaire has everyone on the team saying “Shoot” 😂

    richard christensen Reply

    Brendan Dyer I said the same thing when I heard him say that 😂

    Ice Alik Reply

    I mean shoot.

JM T3 Reply

We need some sternberger

    Jared Dimas Reply

    JM T3 not yet he doesn’t know the playbook well enough. We need to trade for Corey Davis

Adam Price Reply

Rodgers needs to stop dancing. 3 step drop. Slant to Davante. 5 step drop. Corner to Graham. Throw the damn ball 12. #gopackgo

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