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Dontae Banks

We the best

Greg B

I’m not liking this offense!


    Greg B then you’re dumb. This defense was top 8 and we played 2 top 5 defenses first 2 weeks. 27 points is a high scoring game

    Greg B

    EliteGaming did you see where I said I didn’t like the offense? Of course I love the packers DEFENSE. The Defenses 3 turnovers put our offense in good position to score. Read it and understand it before you call someone dumb……dummy

    AlmightyyPack 1

    Greg B it’s been 3 weeks lol let it develop

    Greg B

    AlmightyyPack 1 10-4. I guess I just need to……..R-E-L-A-X! But yes I realize that it’s all new. I can’t wait to see some more big plays. Rodgers is a great qb but it isn’t looking that way lately.

    Mgtow Farmer

    They keep running the ball… that is important come the end of the game.

Keshan Mitchell

I like his mindset but offense gotta improve


    @Chauncey Wade Obviously.

    Chauncey Wade

    3lement2010 so did you mistake “run” for “pass” cus you didn’t mention the pass game? Our run game looks more consistent obviously


    @Chauncey Wade I was more or so adding to the list of what everyone is saying. And I meant run defense. Last week Cook ran all over us. Today we couldn’t tackle any of the Broncos RBs. However looking back I think our run offense is okay, but could be better.

    Chauncey Wade

    3lement2010 okay I agree wholeheartedly besides our offense is still adjusting to the new schemes and what not shouldn’t be long before it starts to click. At least we’re more balanced offensively nowadays

    Jon Marsh

    it will


Let’s go packers! Bring on the eagles. We r gonna be 4-0 baby. Our defense continues to win us games.


    Eagles are tough

    MaximillianMus' Sidekick

    @Nick the lions beat them though


    @MaximillianMus’ Sidekick Lions haven’t lost yet

    MaximillianMus' Sidekick

    @Nick yah but they also tied the Cardinals

    JM T3

    Slow down bruh, be humble

Robert Preston

Here in Chicago bear fans talked Super Bowl for months lol and experts said no the bears will be in last place. looks like the experts were right as bears in last place and Packers going Super Bowl

    Chauncey Wade

    Nahh fam the experts were hyping them up also

    Robert Preston

    @Chauncey Wade Many experts said the bears would be in last place due to the schedule this year. Sports talk here talked about that a lot

    Riley Stauffer

    Robert Preston relax there still a lot of season left

    ryze - 1g

    To be fair the entire NFC north is looking pretty strong right not.

Darr Darr


travis nelson

People need to chill about the lack of offense. It’ll get better in as each game goes on. Remember this, 9/10 times if the defense can keep the opposing offense under 20 points and the QB takes care of the football it’s a winner!!

Gavin Jarling

The offense will be rolling here in about 2 weeks just give it time

    ryze - 1g

    By the Cowboy game for sure. Packers always ball out against the Cowboys

    Gavin Jarling

    ryze – 1g you know it and it’s in the jerry dome and we know Rodgers loves that place

Dylan O

The more I hear coach LeFleur, the more I like the guy. After starting 3-0, he still admits he has room for improvement and isn’t afraid to take blame.

David Boucher

Matt is doing a great job in his first year.


He’s got a great approach to thing’s. I like the guy 💪🏾 #GoPackGo

warren thomas

Is it just me….or is Ryan Reynolds our new coach? He’s doing a heck of a job so far……………….

    Chrisell Navarrete

    warren thomas omg yes ! He does look like him


    Hard to distinguish the two, lol.


    The first press conference I saw I thought the same thing 😂


Hey Boy Wonder get your offense figured out please


Rodgers looks like he’s playing in a new offense. There’s been some nice moments but being only week 3, I’m not surprised with the O looking underwhelming. They’re taking care of the football and that’s huge. They don’t have superstars at the skill positions and it shows. People expecting too much but hey, 3-0 is pretty good. How about that defense? Gutey doing a great job with this team. I’ve never seen team chemistry like this


We have to score more in order to compete with the pats, chiefs, etc. but I have to admit idk if McCartney would’ve started off 3-0.


    No, he’d be 1-2 maybe 0-3. He didn’t give two shits about the defense, and Matt LaFleur here did. And you can see the difference.

craZe arrow

I love his approach and the way he inspires the team this is the happiest I’ve been as a packer fan in a long time and the people that want mike back well it’s not gonna happen Matt is the second coach in Green Bay to go 3 and 0 in his first year

Lil L

I completely understand concerns about the offense..And there should be because that’s the only way we get better.But mark my words if this offense keeps improving the way it is each week,And this defense keeps balling the way it is.Not only are we playoff-bound but strong super bowl contenders

Jon Marsh

remember packer fans, we cant get ahead of ourselves. dont expect, but hope. understand we still have a ways to go. doing awesome so far.

ryze - 1g

Our entire defense is a blast to watch. Dudes have winning ball skills and winning personalities. Makes me happy to be a Packers fan.

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