Matt LaFleur believes ‘confidence’ is key factor in winning games – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

💚💛💚💛 let’s go 1-0 this week!

John Wilson


MalawiGold ElephantMarsh

The title of this video…. is…. yeah duh! C’mon! Go pack go!

Brendan Lintz

That’s really ironic because both he and the team do not seem confident at all. In fact, they all seem pretty clueless

    Javi Xavalier

    Exactly if anything they have been overconfident going into games

Ed Jack

Get Beckham Go Pack Go 🧀


    He’s gotta wanna come here.. He’s got Buffalo, KC, and back to LA.. I wouldn’t be surprised if SF pops up into the equation

    Javi Xavalier

    Makes no sense signing a dude that could play until december and is coming off injury. Packers need a player who can play now by december they might not even be in the playoff picture.


    @Javi Xavalier facts

Brian Bacich

This guy is a class act. Accountability begins with you. I fear Rodgers will run this guy out of town like he did McCarthy.

Tyler Baker

This needs to be a statement game. Packers by 17+ or I won’t be happy or confident with this team at all.


Wonder why we don’t have 4 wrs that are legit dudes. Make a trade and get it over with ffs.

Vincent Maniscalco

I have no doubt The packers will turn things around starting this week !! Hopefully We utilize Aaron Jones in passing game more ! As long as we have 12 we are capable of winning it all !!

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