Matt LaFleur 1 on 1: ‘Our guys battled’ against the Cowboys – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Drew Z

That wave goodbye from Jones was nasty

    Wisco Simple

    Not as nasty as that roughing the passer flag

    Justin Chang

    that stiff arm on Jaylen smith was nasty!


    @Wisco Simple that rp called should of not been called but the refs tried to help cowboys

    Wisco Simple

    @GreenBayMike thats cause their on Jerry’s pay roll

Karen Hardie

Always enjoy when Skip Bayless has to eat his words. Ha, ha.


    He got his voodoo doll excuse…😂😂


Great win. I’ve had to accept all of the showboating. It’s part of the game now. I am old school on that. I didn’t like Aaron Jones waving at the defender, but whatever.

    Adande Scrubs

    Really? He is just mocking a women beater for celebrating every play.


    There’s always two sides of a coin to everything. This new team has a lot of swagger, which can seem a bit too much sometimes (Jaire Alexander, Z Smith, that wave by Jones), but this also means these guys have lots of confidence and there’s passion for the game in them, which is crucial. I’d rather have that than a team which is all classy and poised, but lacks passion and can’t seem to create a spark when it counts the most.

Beks D

Dude fix the finger YUCK!


    It’s a badge of honor for him. Years of playing for the Packers.


I love that this team is seemingly fighting for this coach. Matt seems like such a good dude. Great decision by the front office hiring him


    And I like his mindset so far he ain’t letting 4-1 getting over his head he been saying what they need to improve even with every win and been saying trying to go 1-0 every week

Johnny Yang

That’s my Coach, Matt Lafleur, 4 and 1 babe ……….more Wins on the way for My Packers team ……..



Auto pilot 001

Jones waving as he walked into the end zone is amazing. Love the energy and confidence.

Tron Rinzler

The Packers just simply played better

Wisconsin Badgers

Coach Lafleur…you are for real.thank you for turning this team around 👍👍

Twitch F1lyerzz

Lmao Mike McCarthy is at home looking at this team


Believe in Matt LaFleur

Eric S

Hes from shannahan so he knows backs

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