Matt Gay Ready to Get Back on Track | Bucs Locker Room Interview – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Rock Rude

The Bucs better be interviewing more kickers now. Just in case we have a repeat this week against the Rams.
Shalom πŸ”― ✝️ πŸ•Ž 🐟

    Jay Els

    Thomas Paiva I agree shouldve kept santos.

    Vandall Harris

    Santos never misses from inside 40yds.. Could at least kept both of them!

    Jay Els

    Vandall Harris agreed


    Just go for the 2 pt and 4th down, the kicker curse is real.

Brian Samuels

Well atleast we know that he’s not Martin Gramatica!🀣🀣🀣

    Buccaneers are a Factory of Sadness

    I miss Automatica

Brandon Smith


BucDaworld 2.0

If i was B.A. i would make him make 100 34 yarders in a row before putting him bk out there. N the curse continues. Smh. Lets GO BUCS!!!


Looks like we might be drafting another kicker next year.😞

    Hudson Liles

    That’s the Bucs problem. Stop drafting kicker and pick up a undrafted free agent. Save our pick for linemen or skill players

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