Mason Rudolph Throws 2 TDs in NFL Debut! | 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Mason Rudolph Throws 2 TDs in NFL Debut! | 2019 Highlights

Mason Rudolph led the Steelers downfield twice for touchdowns in his first NFL game. The Seattle Seahawks take on the Pittsburgh Steelers during Week 2 of the 2019 NFL season.

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and now here comes passing of the torch

    David Tristan

    @Jabril Patterson how do you know for sure??


    David Tristan GOOGLE 🤯

    Jabril Patterson

    @David Tristan bleacher report, CBS etc.

    David Tristan

    @Jabril Patterson OOF

    [DELETED] Person

    @Ibraheem Rao the whole season

Ka Kjj

Looked better than Big Ben💀💀💀

    #1 lover

    Keith P im seeing Ben just not hungry anymore and way too comfortable. I’m questioning his heart not his physical condition

    N8 THE GR8

    Sam Ortmann interceptions comes with passing yards obviously, look at the greats


    Sam Ortmann it was also a lower then average last year 😂 he had a good QBR lol

    Corbin Hulsewe

    #1 lover his physical condition doesn’t look like he’s at his peak either. Always been “big” but just looks fat now. I think the reason guys like Brady, Brees, Favre, Peyton stayed in the league and performed at a high level into their early 40’s is they took great care of their bodies. Idk about the others but I know Brady follows a very strict diet and conditioning routine, and takes good care of his throwing shoulder and elbow.

    David Lin

    @Ryan Ratliff yeah but who was his recievers? hines ward and santonio holmes no excuses

Aaron Calderon

Please for the lover of everything that’s good cut Dontae Concrete! He couldn’t catch a cold!

    Qasas Abdul-Aziz

    Eli Manning’s Belly Button he spelled it like that on purpose

    Jabril Patterson

    Hide ya kids, he might drop them too

Nico Farino

START HIM STEELERSSSSSSS. With experience he would be great


    Nico Farino they won’t it’s the Steelers they are kinda like the giants they veteran quarterback and won’t start their new ones even tho they are good


    @AchachakFox it looks like he’s gonna play this next week with Ben out.

    Gamecock Nation

    @AchachakFox Ben is currently injured and is expected to be out for a few weeks so obviously he can’t play for time being.

    Randy Moyer

    Ben out for the yr .. his career might be over if Rudolph plays good enough..

Stlrs W88

Let’s Steelers be a new team :
– Let go Tomlin n replace the Coaching team with the new one
– Replace Ben
– This Moncrief is a grief to the Steelers he must out of ASAP , he kept us loosing with stupid hand could not catch ball properly this guy should be bench not playing as 2nd WR.

    R3D Gaming

    This is the Steelers, they will do the exact opposite of everything you mentioned.


    It’s time for a new start

    Bugz •

    R3D Gaming As a Steelers fan you are absolutely right 🤦🏾‍♂️😖

    Stlrs W88

    David Linn, I hope Connor injury wasn’t bad

Low Tier Trash

Captain Fatfnck’s apprentice looking pretty good.


As tough as this loss was, it was very encouraging to see Mason gets reps. It was even more encouraging to see him play well. I hope he continues to improve.
Go Steelers! 🙂

    Bobby Johnson

    I’m actually more encouraged by this loss than the first loss.

Shawn A86

This is very reminiscent of the Ben/Maddox switch. I like Ben… but he’s done. Gotta roll with the young QB that looks like he has the potential to be absurdly good.

    Un Tamed

    Naw lol Ben came out and led us to a 15-1 record with the help off a great defense. Ben is not done and our defense is no where near as good

    Foxy Grandpa

    thats what i was thinking

    Keith P

    @Un Tamed I agree our defense isn’t the same as Ben’s first year. But if Ben has tendonitis in his elbow, then he’ll be out for awhile. We may be switching to the Mason Rudolph era soon. Hopefully the transition is as smooth as when Ben took over.

    Shawn A86

    @Un Tamed – Defense is definitely not as good, but I’m not comparing that team to this team. Just how Ben looks currently vs how Maddox looked back then. Getting older, slower, and such. When Ben came in, he was zipping that ball around and making great runs for 1st downs. That’s what Mason looked like. Like the other guy said, if he has Tendonitis or any sort of ligamental/tendon injury in that arm just from throwing the ball, he might be on the shelf for a while. Maybe not. We’ll see.

    mike collins

    @Shawn A86 – the big difference is that Maddox wasn’t a HOF QB with SB wins… that stock is good and bad. The right decision might be to move on from Ben but they may hold on due to loyalty and appreciation. Personally, unless it comes down to the injury, I can’t see moving on from a guy who just threw for over 5000 yards and had 380 yards (should’ve been more) going toe to toe with Brees in NO and would’ve likely won that shootout if not for a Juju fluke fumble costing them a playoff appearance. With all of that said, Mason is looking like the next Steeler wearing the black and gold–would be nice to get him on a rookie contract–and with a different coach


this is the player I look forward to watching next week. let’s see what he’s about

    Logan Vandiver

    He is not going to play next week unless big ben gets injured again


    @Logan Vandiver they don’t even know Ben’s injury status yet. he’s getting an MRI on Monday so it isn’t farfetched at all to assume Mason may get an opportunity to play this week.

Joe Korea

Mason you held it down and impressed me. Also have some guts making that 1st down run. Finally a capable back up . The landry jones show was exhausting

    Keith P

    @EdmacZ yeah, Rudolph wasn’t drafted to be a backup. He was drafted with the intent of taking over for Ben after a few years. That time may have come already.

    Rell Facts

    @Keith P I’ve watched him closely at Oklahoma State and in the preseason. He’s a capable starter but I see a bridge quarterback to be honest.

    you're right

    @Rell Facts Tom Brady looked like a career backup out of college.


    Ben is out for the season, so we’ll see soon enough if Mason can handle the job of starter

Kennard Sloan

The steelers got there qb….no wide out s

Jim Riebe

First off…get rid of good grief now! Secondly, I’m a Big Ben fan but it’s over Man. Rudolph has a shiny nose and a bright future. This could be the Bledsoe Brady thing happening in Pittsburgh. What do we have to lose?


    Unless Tomlin magically morphs into another Belichick, I doubt it. It’s fun to dream though.

    Rudolph even looks like Brady.

    Jim Riebe

    @EdmacZ Tomlin is a joke. Always makes excuses and says they weren’t prepared. What did they do all week? Maybe he should teach good grief how to catch!


    Remember when Ben threw 5 picks? He wasn’t through then, and he was 35 at the time. Too early to rule Ben out.

    Josh Hershberger

    TheSpectatoR wayyy too early, everybody jumping to conclusions last year was bens best season as far as passing yards you don’t just bench a guy like that for someone who hasn’t proved themselves

    David Tristan

    @Josh Hershberger that’s why my boy mason is getting the chance to. When you have the time look at his oklahoma state highlights the dude’s got heart man and plays the game with passion.


Rudolph’s play style looks like a certain goat quarterback.

    David Tristan

    @Jabril Patterson him and his boy james washington both are steelers i hope their chemistry together is still lethal. James washington is great weapon if you utilize him right and mason is good qb. He’s got the potential to be a GREAT qb in today’s NFL.

    Jabril Patterson

    @David Tristan ima big Steelers fan and James Washington and Mason are a nasty 1 2 punch

    David Tristan

    @Jabril Patterson that’s why i hope they’ve kept their chemistry from their ok state days

    Jabril Patterson

    @David Tristan relax, in preseason James was Mason’s first target with a deep ball td

    David Tristan

    @Jabril Patterson i was just saying bro. I just hope it continues.

Victory Asher

I’d rather watch the Steelers all play as “ONE TEAM” with Mason Rudolph, than watch 52 kids play for Ben…jus’ sayin’.

    MAGiC SchlongSON

    Damn…. Well played sir

    David Tristan


Kenny Earnest

Rudolph has passion!!! Watch his OK State highlights. The future is now.

    David Tristan


    David Tristan

    I hope he turns into one of those people who are sleepers in the draft but is an absolute BEAST in the league. I hope my boy has a great carreer in pittsburgh.

Marcco Bright

Tomlin, do the right thing and start Mason…. don’t turn this into Eli and the giants.


Looks like we a saw a little bit of the future

dopesmoke 247

Mason Rudolph is young he ready start him so we can beat 49ers

    shmop life

    dopesmoke 247 Vikings fan over here. Y’all gonna get better. Niners are trash. They think they gonna go to the play offs just cause they have won two games already lol to the bucs and bengals lol

    Curtis Warren


jason brock

Rudolph with your arm so right won’t you guide our steelers tonight?


    Not just that night, entire season.


Who here after It’s announced Big Ben will miss the rest of the season

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