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Imma Maverick

Her wee go Steelers Here we go!!!!

    Frederick E

    Imma Maverick πŸ‘πŸ½

Phinesse DaPlug

Let the kid play!!!!!!

    Mostly Sports

    Phinesse DaPlug EXACTLY!!!! They were holding him back against the Niners!!!

    Phinesse DaPlug

    Mostly Sports thank u! I totally agree!




    @2 duckets forgot about that.


    8-8 might make the playoffs in the AFC

    Frederick E


    The Punisher

    @Replicator moron youre slackin af we already traded our #1 pick.

    Hugo GonzΓ‘lez

    It’s possible, but it’s going to be really hard, the offense has to improve drastically, especially the run game


Thats my qb😀


STOP RESTRICTING HIM….let The Future control his team, do what we drafted him for and throw the ball. I have total faith in him and his abilities….IF they dont play it safe and coddle him GO STILLERS

    Omar G

    Fichter: “I like this, but how bout dat screen pass to the left?”

    Will Gaston

    “They” didn’t restrict him. He wad scared because he is, and always will be, an average QB

    Omar G

    @Will Gaston Did you even watch the game? The OC called basically the same couple of ultra conservative plays over and over again.

    Randy Fichter was hired to call what ever plays Ben wants, and now that Ben is out for the season, there will be no safety net to prevent Fichter from looking like a fool on offense.

    Will Gaston

    @Omar G 65% of Mason’s calls were pass plays. He held the ball forever, and stared down his receiver. He doesn’t check down, and stands still in the pocket

Raemond Bozza

I love this kid. He’s a winner. He’s going to be great.

    Will Gaston

    No he’s going to be average. Great qbs start out great. Mason is on his 3rd year and he’s had 8 preseason games, and 2 starts. He’s average. Ben, Tom, Drew, all were great from the get go

    SteelersNation 1

    @Will Gaston This is Masons second year. Peyton Manning didn’t have a good 1st year, And Mason only played 2 games and he looked great against the Seahawks and the 49ers have a good defense. Dumbfuck πŸ™„

    Will Gaston

    @SteelersNation 1 You thought he looked good? Maybe this is your 2nd year watching football. He stares down received, sleeves all day in the pocket, and hss s below average completion ratio. Im a steeler fan too, difference is i actually pay attention to the games when i watch.. And you want to compare to Peyton? Lol Didn’t he throw like 152 interceptions in the superbowl?

sons of liberty

I was hearing Payton manning is thinking about coaching, hey Rooney this is a huge hint, offensive coordinator may need filled…like soon…rather than later….smart guy coaching a smart first timer here in Mason… can’t spell it out any more than this.


    Yes sir πŸ‘ but I think they all need to go but not fireing the coaches is more important than winning to rooneys

    Bobby Johnson

    Peyton would probably prefer coaching for a team he played for.

    eric flory

    @Bobby Johnson possible but I would almost bet the farm he would never go back to Indy after the Irsay drama.

FlyHighii Pa


    Big Boom

    FlyHighii Pa especially snell he his s beast just as strong and faster than Connor

    fuam fuk

    Flyhighii your right

    Frederick E

    Yesssss πŸ‘πŸ½

    Jonathan Oviedo

    Unfortunately you already know who the coach the moron Tomlin. He can’t adapt to changes and he not willing to try new things he the reason we’re 0 3

Crazy Horse


El Renegado

He’s acting like a leader already looking forward to beating the Bengals.

    Ben GΓΆtze

    If they let him throw the ball, they will win. The coaches are the one who messed up against the niners and the seahawks. Both games could have been a win with the right strategy. Instead we are down 0-3. Time to get the first win.

    Joe Brown

    Bengals are trash , a team gives you 5t and you still lose wtf…you suck

    Bobby Johnson

    @Joe Brown you are fucking idiot! But this is YouTube…. 2015 Broncos game, playoffs. No bell no brown lost because of touisant.

    fuam fuk

    @Bobby Johnson 🀣🀣


Such a great guy! You’ll be fine Mason! Let’s go get this W! #steelers 🏈πŸ’ͺ

Ace Boogie

Hopefully he cant at least get us to the playoffs. At least. That’s de dope

jutt 82

This is the game the Steelers needed. They had a hard start. Look at the Patriots. The NFL gave them such an easy start. Just start winning. And don’t stop. Stop making dumb play calling. The talent is all there. James Washington needs to be Rudolph’s target because they played together in college. Minkah Fitzpatrick looks great.


need more creativity on offense. not some plays from madden.

El Pollo Loco

Our media makes our city look bad. These old farts are embarrassing.

    Paul Kersey

    No, idiot, the coaching staff and players make the city look bad.

Randy Farley

He wants to get it down field,and I believe he can if the OC will let him.hes got a arm.these last two games we didn’t loose by much I believe we will WIN, STEELERS ALL THE WAY)))))).


Mason has class and integrity. He will be great if they take the training wheels off the offense.

Tyron Jones

Fire Tomlin and bring in Dan Marino as the head coach. Sweeeeeeeeett!

Michael Clyburn

Longtime Steelers fan here; I realize we are 0-3 however what a joy to have Mason Rudolph. Very classy, well spoken, I mean just look at the difference in attitude between Mason and Baker Mayfield. We are lucky. Mason will be great one day…

Q Fool

Leave Juju on the slot please. He’s better in the slot. We should do like the Patriots they don’t have a #1 receiver, leave him on the slot until we trade for a solid #1

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