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Biggums Don dada

We played a hell of a game if we could do that on Sunday against the ravens and have consecutive games like this I believe I see us in the playoffs but we have to take it a step at a time

    Don Taylor

    @Michael Briseno Yes, we would be in a 3 way tie for first, if that happened. 👍


    Would be interesting to lead the division with a losing record

    Travis Stoudt

    Even if u by miracle make the playoffs u would have to go to the house of horrors of New England where u have never won with Brady at the helm LOL

    James Garcia

    Travis Stoudt true that, players gotta stay healthy on all teams, we gotta just watch the season unfold,anything can and will happen. We’ve all seen crazy things in this league

    N3RD x

    Don Taylor we’d be 1st because we’ll have 2 division wins.. But yea basically a tie


Mason acts like he’s a Veteran Quarterback that’s been in the NFL for years now, what a natural leader.


    Yes, that was apparent last night. I was reminded of the era in which Ben took over. I seemed to catch so many of Ben’s earlier games when I was in airports but now I can relax and watch from home. The feeling is that we are seeing a passing of the torch.



    Daniel Ramirez

    @STREET VETERAN we won a divisional game… fucken be happy mfcker😂

    Bobby Dip c

    STREET VETERAN stop liking the Steelers

Flat Earth Frank

Last week I was thinking why not use two backs in their formations. Well done.


this win should be enjoyed but moved on from the day they step on the practice field in preparation for sunday against a tough ravens team. keep that competitive fire going & consistent execution and this team can go much further than most are expecting! #HereWeGo


let’s go boys good win let’s keep stackin!

Zach Pisciotta

Don’t let them dog ya mason

Thomas Gerardi

Great play calls on O and way to mix it up. What can you say about the D besides AWESOME!!!??? Steelers starting to gel and put it together. Here we go Steelers….here we GO!!! WR Johnson was great too!!! Well done guys!!!!

Thomas Gerardi

Vanett and Johnson were great at TE and WR. And what a difference between TEAM PLAYER JuJu and that cry baby AB!!!???

    Kip Allen

    Fuc that we need AB Back!

    Keenan Smith

    Preach….we don’t need Lil Cosby we good

    Chandler Morillo

    Kip Allen no tf we don’t. And if you’re a Steeler fan I’ll take your Steeler card now.

Steve King

Them haters mad. Keep it going mason

Alex. P

3:24 was one of the best passes I seen him throw👌🏽 nice to have our new guy to be able to catch it🔥🙏🏽


D. Johnson is the new AB.

    Kip Allen

    No he’s not..but he’ll do

    Keenan Smith

    Him and Holton can ball…..pray that they get better and stay humble

    500 subs without A video

    He Is not ab he is diontae Johnson

Papa Frank

He sounds so professional, mature, confident and well spoken. Honestly I’d rather have him then someone with same attitude a baker mayfield

John gotti

Mason looks like a clarke kent


Finally we got that W in the pocket… But it’s still a long road to the bowl. Knew the team would pull thru the funk… Hell yeah… Let’s go!

Printez Stroman

This is why I hate the media. So he didn’t throw it deep, we won.

Missions Glory

I love the positivity from all your Steelers fans and enjoying that win. I’m excited for y’all and good luck without Ben. Maybe Mason’s the future? #PackerFan

    mike collins

    I think we need to see Mason have some consistent success with a more wide open playbook and against better competition but he’s showing flashes of the talent and has certainly conducted himself like a team leader… he might be the future–good luck on the NFC side of the board!


Now we just need to loosen up more and unleash that arm!!! Great win

mike collins

Juju had 3 catches for 15 yards and was dancing and laughing on the sidelines near the end of the game… he was happy for the team and cared nothing about his stats… speaks volumes for this team coming together.

    judy wilson

    He said he was going home to play fornite I love this kid so humble

    Keenan Smith

    Mike he got Ya boy backnin the game after the fumble and told him they had a lot of football to play and make it up and buddy came out balling. He is 22 and the guy was 23 but he gave veteran advice not a meltdown or tantrum



Jamey Summers

I love this kid. He’s got poise, he’s got an air of winner about him, and he’s got brains.

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