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Lieutenant DaN Reply

It’s been rough but we’re Pittsburgh till we die 💪

    Steel Dictate Reply

    Loving the loyalty from you all, not being negative 👏

    Walter Paddick Reply

    I hear you! Greatings from germany.

    eljokerjce Reply

    Lieutenant DaN never even visited Pittsburgh but I’m a Steelers till I die! 💪🏽💪🏽

    you're right Reply

    this organization has done nothing, but bring shame to Pittsburgh for a while now.

    Not planned Tv Reply

    Hell yeah

Steelers fan 19 Reply

I’m proud of Mason and this team today! Steeler fan till I die!!!!

    Dave Jones Reply

    Steelers fan 19 ..need new coaching

    Christopher Harrington Reply

    Steelers fan 19 The Patriots are still beating you, if it’s not Brady it’s Garoppolo , if it’s not Garoppolo it’s Edelman.

    Dave Jones Reply

    Christopher Harrington …who fucking cares what you think

Shauna Bond Reply

Conner always fumbling second time Conner blew the game even last season in denver

    Jon Scears Reply

    The dever game and the Cleveland game and now this one Mason wont point the finger but we will 😆

    John gotti Reply

    Start snell

    JSB _ Reply

    Shauna Bond yep

    Richard Hudak Reply

    Bart Basquiato nah Samuels would do. They aren’t giving him a chance to grow into an actual RB. Look what he did to the Pats last year. I feel he can be that good consistently if they would work him into that role.

    Words of Wizdom Reply

    Samuels is fumble prone too. But he has been getting more than 4 yards per carry. Conor will be better later this year.

John Lopez Reply

Randy fichtner gotta go

El Renegado Reply

He’s young he’s going to make mistakes #BELIEVEINRUDOLPH

    Julius Castillo Reply

    I dont think anyone is blaming mason for this, he is learning. Steelers always start slow and that is the problem. Coaching staff takes over 30 mins to see the game and by then it’s too late. The D did all they could, the coaching staff have to put Mason in a better position to score. I keep saying though, the positive you can take out of this is Mason getting real experience and hopefully will get better each game.

    Bart Basquiato Reply

    He didnt fumble the ball soooooo. . .


    Mason made big plays late in the game. Offensive line did not help him most of the game. Coaching sucked ! Receivers couldn’t get open and Connor fumbling was the dagger. I believe in Mason. He will be fine.

Brian Wolters Reply

I don’t blame Mason at all. I blame the Game plan.

    pensive69 Reply

    What game plan?… In other words I totally agree.
    Mason is one heck of a QB and i think a lot more a team friendly guy than Big Ben ever was or is.
    Their coaching leaves a lot to be desired..
    Tomlin seems allergic to saying ‘…WIN!…’ during the week before games.
    And maybe the players need non slip gloves.
    Those fumbles are awful.

    Jerome Edwards Reply

    Our offense game plan has sucked the first 3 games. What the hell are they doing? Our defense is on the field 40 minutes each game, maybe I’m exaggerating but they feeling it.

    Jerome Edwards Reply

    @Laszlo Kiss we’re running the same play from the shot gun, no pulling guards or Pouncey. Of course they can tee off on him.

    Dave Jones Reply

    Brian Wolters …blame coaching

    Alex M Reply

    also no running game. People are quick to blame conner, but when he only gets 15 rushes a game, the other defense won’t get worn down and he doesn’t have much of a chance to break bigger runs. He was running like crazy when he had ~25 rushes a game last year, then tomlin pulled the rug out from under him and everyone was saying “conner is no bell” because suddenly he was only being given half the workload when we would give up on the run for no reason at halftime. We don’t really know if he can be as effective as he was early last year, but without pounding the rock, we’re not giving him a chance to get there. It also puts way more pressure on our rookie QB, who has shown flashes of brilliance and really looks like he could be the guy with the proper support around him.

Frank Herrera Reply

You did good kid, and I’ll say what you can’t. Line didn’t block. Play calling was mediocre and there is nothing “special” about your special teams. You were 3 first downs away from your first NFL win and YOU did not fumble the game away. That, was Connor, but he was trying to hard which is more than I can say for a lot of your teammates who were dogging it and giving up on tackles. Your head coach and staff look like lost deers in headlights and have been out coached 3 weeks in a row.

    Julius Castillo Reply

    You said it well. I am hoping he gets better through the year. The bad thing is Tomlin will still be HC and will ruin his career with his subpar coaching.

    Branden G Reply

    Frank Herrera Connor is trash defense played way better than he did

    Branden G Reply

    Frank Herrera I agree with everything except the blaming on the defense they had 5 turnovers

Stairway to Seven Reply

kid played his heart out. o line just couldn’t buy him time

    Julian Ruvalcaba Reply

    Because that 49er d line is relentless

    sactown steelers Reply

    Its supposed to be the best in the league.

    Defuzee Reply

    That’s what I was thinking he had so much pressure on him due to the o line slacking

Terry Breedlove Reply

He did good I think we have our future starter right here. Great defensive play both teams today. But our running game OMG it sucks.

Bravo Kilo Kilo Reply

The Steelers aka the coaching staff need to let this kid play. Open up the playbook. Not Rudolph’s fault.

    Bart Basquiato Reply

    right  defense had 5 turnovers if anything dudes on the field need to step up

    Steel City Champ Reply

    @you’re right harbaugh’s doing bad with Michigan, he’s better at coaching in NFL so why not him 👀

    3D Texan Reply

    I was yelling the same thing at the TV yesterday, but it did not work.

    Sircarlos 7 Reply

    Shotgun formation, more passing to open up the run game not the other way around, Rudolph has a cannon the play calling was so conservative it was frustrating to see them run run pitch screens slot passes……… WTF go deep at least 1 time, that’s what this game felt like.

Ree B Reply

If he had better protection and had more time he’d look alot better. I’ve got faith in the guy. Defense looked great!

Ethan Mccutcheon Reply

They ran the same play every time when they got the ball back, they act like it is not predictable

William Wheat Reply

The offensive play calling sucks



Tom Powell Reply

I Steel believe! Stiller fan till I die. Give Rudolph the time to find his way and he will be fine. I like that he is a class act. Steelers will finish respectfull.

Marcus Reply

Yea we weren’t aggressive enough. We need an aggression OC. 4 turnovers only 6 pts unacceptable

sons of liberty Reply

Stop with the short shi%, let him loose. They dared them to throw deep all day. That would have loosened up the run. He’ll get it. He’s going to be good.

you're right Reply

Randy Fichtner and Keith Butler should be making moonshine in Appalachian caves, not playcalling in the NFL. We didn’t throw downfield till the 4th quarter. We ran the ball on 1st down EVERY SINGLE TIME for 2 YARDS OR LESS. The offense couldn’t be more predictable or less creative. And the defense fails to adjust and crumbles when needed most. AGAIN. Same story, different day. Definition of insanity. Rooney family seem to have forgotten how to manage or just stopped caring. Get rid of these clowns ASAP. The only thing this organization does consistently these days is disappoint in the most painful fashion and bring shame to the city of Pittsburgh.
Tomlin should be gone too for keeping those village idiots around. No more chances.

    Laszlo Kiss Reply

    As a longtime Tomlin defender i agree 100% his time is up how much longer do we have to put up with this this is the one of worst steeler teams ive seen in my short 27 years of life

    Earl Lewis Reply

    @Laszlo Kiss it’s not Tomlin, it’s the organization, they don’t want to pay for real talent, why do you think munchak left.

    Chandler Morillo Reply

    Earl Lewis to be closer to his family

    Earl Lewis Reply

    @Chandler Morillo He would’ve stayed, if they made it worth it. They need to hire known, or smart coordinators, instead finding the waterboy and promoting him.

dopesmoke 247 Reply

Steelers till I’m in the grave

Jeff Craft Reply

How about getting a new coach and coaching staff. That might seem to work

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