Marvin Jones Lights Up Philly for 101 Yds & 1 TD | NFL 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Andrew Kyle Reply

Eagles need Jalen Ramsey

    Carolina Howard Reply

    Andrew Kyle 1000% 💋

Unknown Name Reply

I’m pretty sure he is a wide receiver

    MRTUPAC 28 Reply

    No he’s not he’s a Short Stop.

    Andrew Kyle Reply

    Unknown Name No he is a punter

Bryce Ewing Reply

best running back in the league

    Bobby Shmurda Reply

    nope. Dalvin Cook is.

    Bryce Ewing Reply

    @Bobby Shmurda ok facts but at first the title of this vid was “Marvin jones rushes for 101 yds and 1 td”

Serigne Sowbah Reply

btw receives not rushes

Carolina Howard Reply

Is HE Running the Football 🏈…❔
Or Catching it ❔

I can’t tell by the Title 😂😂😂

    LilbobbyEz Reply

    he’s a WR

    Loyal Philly fan Reply

    Carolina Howard well isn’t he catching a pass in the thumbnail?

Ninjachickenfingers Reply

He rushed through his routes for 101 yards 😂

Disco Reply

100 rush yards for a WR is pretty good

GangsterGaming Reply

Seems like the NFL “rushed” this one out

    GamerAthlete24 Reply

    GangsterGaming thank you for this amazing comment.

corey lambert Reply

Best running back since Calvin johnson

MRTUPAC 28 Reply

Lions should be 3-0 at the moment. This division is going to be wild overall.

Faze ez3 Reply

Whoever runs this needs to be fired they don’t know what there doing

Mister J Reply

NFL wants to beat highlight heaven so bad they misspelling words typing so fast

Old Jersey Dog Reply

That’s my boy

HitmanStark Reply

NFL trying to change the title like they didn’t just call him a RB lmao

Matthew Vecellio Reply

Huge win today boys!!!

oly417 Reply

So sad the bengals didn’t get him back

Antimotivate Reply

aaaaaand I benched him in fantasy…

LaZor Lord Reply

Has anyone else realised the NFC North is undefeated outside of there division?

    SirVixIsVexed Reply

    Chiefs @ Lions next week will end that

    LaZor Lord Reply

    @SirVixIsVexed Ik which is why I wanted to point it out now. Lol

    SirVixIsVexed Reply

    @LaZor Lord
    Yeah it’s a cool statistic! I’m a fan of the division and have though about that statistic too at times. I hope it continues, but the chances against the chiefs are low. We’ll need all the penalties from the chargers game and butterfingers from the eagles game to have a chance against KC

Dennis T Reply

Change Our Culture Change Our World 🌎Honolulu Blue Forever. NICE FINISH DETROIT.

Buse Balik Reply

Damn and you guys couldn’t even put in were a lion almost snapped sanders neck smh

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