Marvin Jones Jr. on touchdown catch – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Great td catch and game by Marvin! Lions have a LOT of good receivers. Hock, Kenny G, Amendola, Marvin, any of those guys can put up 100 yards any Sunday. All our WRs eating 🍽


    💯💯💯, Fulgram haven’t even suited up yet, hopefully soon


    bigperm079 man I forgot about Fulgham 💯

    Brian Ellis

    I definetely like our receiving core. Would like to see them add a burner to take the top off of defenses if they get the chance to add that luxury.

AlienSource TV

Marvin Jones is playing lights out!

TeddyBelcher 4K Ultra wide 21:9

hey thats my WR



Starving Marvin 🦁

    Tyler Springstube

    Marvin the Martian he’s out of this world good at making plays

Dennis T

Great Team Finish. Great Job. Team Lions 🦁


Damn, Marvin is a good looking dude.

    Alan Grey

    He has one Hell of a voice too. I’m surprised he didn’t go further when he auditioned for American Idol.

Dan Mule

MJJ is very underrated. I know KG gets alot of the hype but MJJ makes a ton of plays.

Brian Ellis

He has been making some really tough catches all season so far.

    Tyler Springstube

    Him and Golladay stay making tough plays, I just love watching that play Golladay made on defense last year when Matt Stafford threw interception Kenny G brutal hit and punch out the ball to regain possession

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