Marvin Jones Jr. on touchdown catch – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Joe Reply

Great td catch and game by Marvin! Lions have a LOT of good receivers. Hock, Kenny G, Amendola, Marvin, any of those guys can put up 100 yards any Sunday. All our WRs eating 🍽

    bigperm079 Reply

    💯💯💯, Fulgram haven’t even suited up yet, hopefully soon

    Joe Reply

    bigperm079 man I forgot about Fulgham 💯

    Brian Ellis Reply

    I definetely like our receiving core. Would like to see them add a burner to take the top off of defenses if they get the chance to add that luxury.

AlienSource TV Reply

Marvin Jones is playing lights out!

TeddyBelcher 4K Ultra wide 21:9 Reply

hey thats my WR

bigperm079 Reply


Starving Marvin 🦁

    Tyler Springstube Reply

    Marvin the Martian he’s out of this world good at making plays

Dennis T Reply

Great Team Finish. Great Job. Team Lions 🦁

Ironslice Reply

Damn, Marvin is a good looking dude.

    Alan Grey Reply

    He has one Hell of a voice too. I’m surprised he didn’t go further when he auditioned for American Idol.

Dan Mule Reply

MJJ is very underrated. I know KG gets alot of the hype but MJJ makes a ton of plays.

Brian Ellis Reply

He has been making some really tough catches all season so far.

    Tyler Springstube Reply

    Him and Golladay stay making tough plays, I just love watching that play Golladay made on defense last year when Matt Stafford threw interception Kenny G brutal hit and punch out the ball to regain possession

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