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All pro time

PeytTheGreat 33

I didn’t know Marlon Mack had braces


    You wouldn’t know since he’s not always on TV being talked about and all these clueless talk shows doting on him like some drama-filled backs in the league. He’s a head down kinda guy and I have a feeling he’s gonna break out and you’ll alot more of him.

    PeytTheGreat 33

    Ya I agree

Leonard Azure


Nunya Bizness

Mack Attack!

    Vincent Nañez

    Nunya Bizness LMAO MACK attack For sures


I Can’t wait to see Marlon Mac play I hope this will be our year😁


This cat is the real deal. I’m calling top 7 running back rushing yards this year, top 5 in combined yards.

    Ryan Kieth

    Top 3 in rushing if he stays healthy.


    @Ryan Kieth works for me


    Last year top 7 ranged from 1059-1434 yards. Mack already has 174 yards he would only need to avg 60 yards a game for next 15 games and he would have 1074 yards.and that would put him #7 overall last season. Also last season had he of played every game he was on pace for 1211 yards that would put him 4th overall and that was with Indy not getting Offensive line set until about week 5 or 6. Now its same Oline since then and its one of the best in football probably #2 in run game. If we go off his last season yards/g avg which keep in mind is with Luck his workload going to be much higher without Luck. Its 75.7. 75.7×15=1136+174=1310 yards. Which is realistic estimate for him but I personally think it will be higher like 1500.

scott chadwick

I do not understand why the colts never let Mack run when he joined the team. With what little running he was allowed to do I thought he could be a great running back
But we had Luck and only knew how to pass the ball. Hoping Mack stays healtjy. Over 166 yards week one congrats
Keep up the good work.

    Ryan Kieth

    It’s because we had a terrible offensive line. Also, Pagano abandoned the run at halftime every game. That’s why.

    Shelley Garman

    174yards on 23carries!😎😎😎


    #1 Pagano was an idiot as Gore was starting when Mack should’ve reminds me of a game he had 9 atts for 91 yards which lead to Colts first win of the season you’d think next game he’d use him more? Nope dude had 2 att for 18 yards in first half and was never used again. This has nothing to do with Luck as you saw what Mack was capable of last season with a great coach only playing 12 games he had 908 yards, if he played 16 games last season he would’ve had 1211 yards and been #4 overall.

    Brandon James

    @resColts rite

Ryan Kieth

Marlon Mack is a beast!

steve trainer

Patience and acceleration are a deadly combination.

    ThejaRRo OnE

    steve trainer Mack attack!!!

Colts fan4 Life

Keep it up Mack attack youre going down as one of the best in colts history if you keep following blocks and showing patience like you have !


His face reminds me of Lin Manuel Miranda. Don’t @ me

    Ethan Wagler


Dark Water

most underrated RB this year.. let’s goooo

Dragon Leg

Marlon Mack look like Krayzie Bone

Connor Leone

All my friends always said he won’t be good won’t be worth the wait glad to see there dead wrong keeping grinding double M


They look pretty good even without Andrew and even though they lost to the Chargers who are still one of the top teams in the league. I think the week 1 game was more of ironing out the kinks now u can see more of where they lack and what to work on.


Throw him the ball a few times and he will really be working

JerZV Mr.NuEra

Mack Attack Let’s Go!!! #COLTure #Colts #ColtsNation

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