Marlon Humphrey Q&A | Baltimore Ravens – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Marlon Humphrey Q&A | Baltimore Ravens

Cornerback Marlon Humphrey talks about Snowflake and his love of cats, the fun of the locker room, the team's worst dancer, looking up to his father and more.

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Elias Ghanem Reply

I hope Marlon shuts down Sammy Watkins

    Lion Thomas Reply

    @Shuron Cromartie 😂🤣😂🤣truuuuu

    Jonnie Yanda Reply

    @Shuron Cromartie humphrey hasnt even made the pro bowl. watkins burned jalen ramsey whos a real all-pro.

    Shuron Cromartie Reply

    Jonnie Yanda my guy. No one is worried about Sammy Watkins. If you cough near him his shoulder will pop out of place.

    R Go Reply

    Not by his self he won’t ! CHIEFS have to many weapons

Ryan Damon Reply


formalguy01 Reply

This is gonna be the best game of the season, by far. Prediction:
It goes to overtime, and with under a minute left, Justin Tucker kicks the game winner.

    king shark Reply

    Naaaah, raiders held kc to just 28, I’m sure we can do better, and we have the highest time of possession so far in the league at 38.5, kc at 31, … I see a striaght up win at 35 – 23 ravens

    MrSiahgold Reply

    That would be great

    Keaden Wheeler Reply

    @king shark u not holding them to 23

    king shark Reply

    @Keaden Wheeler .. why not, we held them to just 24pts inside of 4qtrs last year, and lost by a ot fg. This year we bringing better athletes to the game.

Swaggz52 Reply


rockman11309 Reply

Guys I wanted Jalen too but we don’t need him, after watching the game last night I’ve realized he can’t tackle. And we don’t need that on our defense.

And before y’all start throwing out stats yes I know he had 9 tackles yesterday but it could have been 15 if he had the right technique.

    Keaden Wheeler Reply

    @rockman11309 lol its only one game u could tell he was frustrated and not rlly the same but if u rlly been watching jalen he rlly can tackle

    rockman11309 Reply

    Keaden Wheeler that’s the thing I’m not gonna sit here and act like I’m watching the jags every sunday 🤣 but based off what I saw last night I don’t think he can tackle. I saw lots of bad technique. But hey I’m open to being wrong.

    Shuron Cromartie Reply

    rockman11309 well you also gotta think about it like this. He wants to be traded somewhere he wasn’t trying to get hurt probably

    king shark Reply

    Lol… rockman, not laffn at you, but you just actually brought up a real good reason not to get Ramsey, .. look at all that padded stat work he getting in Jacksonville, damm how bad you must be for a corner to be in on 9 or more tackle plays lol.

    His stats are padded, due to that team.

    We get him, and pay him for Jacksonville stats, we will be overpaying, cause he wont be in near that many plays, due to our total defense.

    Keaden Wheeler Reply

    @rockman11309 he rlly can tackle tho

Jacabo Blanco Reply

Cat man ftw

Jacabo Blanco Reply

She’s not a very good interviewer. Awkward with no personality .

Not trying to be mean :/ just saying

    RavensGunney Reply

    Jesse knaak is a better, authentic, personality. They need to put her on more.

    Edward Leas Reply

    Hate hate hate hate hate hate hate

    D 3 Reply

    Interviewing is tougher than you think. So is sportscasting …trust me.


Cats are cool…get another one Marlon!

Zach Vega Reply

I love these segments, but the lack of personality on these interviewers is rough.

    Jack Concannon Reply

    Lol the chicks they have on these shows are so stale

A J C Sr Reply

Play great again this weekend Marlon ! 🏈
We know you’re away, but all of us fans will still be screaming at our TV’s.
Hopefully it will be because of our teams awesomeness, and the sound beating you will put on KC, and not because the Ref’s are giving the game away with bad calls ! 😈

    Daywon Fletcher Reply

    I second that!

Shuron Cromartie Reply

Ayeeee my question made it!! I always wanted to know if NFL players actually hang with players on their own teams and not just the big name ones on other teams

Christopher Johnson Reply

Y’all gotta play man to man bro I’m rooting for y’all.

Freaky Deaky Reply

Let’s beat the Chiefs in KC!✊🏽🏈

Edward Leas Reply

If they dont let you in the council I’m killing myself!



    Christinna's Creations Reply

    Luv yah 💕


Let’s go Ravens. Lamar is smooth.

Super Wye!th Reply

My man!!! Marvin 😂

Steph X Reply

Lookin’ good in that 44 jersey

Christinna's Creations Reply

#44 Marlon Humphrey you are awesome, 💣 are so phenomenal 🏈❤😻! Stay healthy, practice and play hard 👊😇.
Luv yah 💕

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