Marlon Humphrey Mic’d Up at the Pro Bowl | Baltimore Ravens Wired – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Marlon Humphrey Mic’d Up at the Pro Bowl | Baltimore Ravens Wired

Watch Marlon Humphrey do his best Lamar Jackson impersonation, learn some tricks from the Ravens' specialists and joke around during practice.

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Kuryous Katt




Sam Dath

Go ravens

A_Train W

Tucker sweet gloves 😆

Edward Hernandez

We know his identity

king shark

Next year should be his best so far, and they all been good for our day 1 guy. …… no more soft coverage on unassuming guys, lock down everyone and anything they put on the field.

Dammm, titans ghosted my guy with a lost on the roster speedster. 😢

Christian Franklyn

Gotta love Analyst Humph

Ernie Soto

Marlon Jackson

Zach Vega

“Smh I quit”

*Tucker out the cut doesn’t say one word steps in front of Marlon and spins the ball around his leg and catches it*

Eli Andrade

“oh this is a specialist thing?”

Sekou Vellis

Tucker better retire a Raven.


I love tucker man #VERYLARGETRUSS

Sean Dupree

I’m not a Ravens fan even though I’m from Baltimore. I’m old enough to remember when the Colts snuck out of town so I wouldn’t feel right rooting for a team that really belongs to another city. Long story short I wish Lamar and the Ravens the best and I hope that he is able to bounce back next season.

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