Marlon Humphrey Looks Ready to Make Leap to Elite Corner | Final Drive – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Marlon Humphrey Looks Ready to Make Leap to Elite Corner | Final Drive

Safety Tony Jefferson said third-year cornerback Marlon Humphrey was the defense's MVP in training camp and could be the best cornerback in the NFL this season.

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Right Left Paradigm Reply

I remember everyone was hating on Humphrey when the Ravens drafted him.

    Isaac Tolden Reply

    Not gonna lie guilty 🙋🏾‍♂️ because people was saying he did terrible n the draft combine

    Drunk Duck Reply

    I was surprised with the pick, but man has he proven everyone wrong

    Noble 6 Reply

    Nope, been a fan of him since 2017, now everyone jumping on the Humphrey wagon


    @king shark that’s definitely true cause Alabama has had more pro bowlers and all pros then any other college the last 5 yrs and most players on the NFL top 100 list the last 3 yrs. The only true busts bama has had are dee milliner and trent Richardson which if u look at it is pretty remarkable considering how many people have been drafted

    king shark Reply

    @SNEAKER VULTURE , see people are just thinking of a few players, but if we peel rosters back, you’ll find some hits, and you will find some for sure misses, you just name two misses, but kinda strange no Alabama qb in all this Saban run is planned out in the pros, all them qbs and national championships and no pro qb, rbs so so got Henry and somewhat Ingram, granted he got beat out by Tennessee Kamara in new Orleans and starting over here in Baltimore, got some linemen and few dbs, but the point is, Alabama talent is hit or miss, and you never really know to they on their own in the pros on different teams.

    But, glad Humphrey working out for us.

king papi Reply

I fill like am getting ready and am not on the team 😂💜

Old-Man Logan 000 Reply

Definitely going cause problems this year……I love hit ball skills….he have a great ability to swap and rip balls from receivers

    SZG Sports Reply

    All pro year here it comes

SZG Sports Reply

The team will surprise Nationally, experts are sleeping on us

    Leroy Worsley Reply

    Good! Caw Caw! GO RAVENS!

    iMrSpock Reply

    They’re not real experts.

    Bro What Are You talking About Reply

    @iMrSpock I literally was about to type this

Sam Wyse Reply

The common raven (Corvus corax), also known as the northern raven, is a large all-black passerine bird. Found across the Northern Hemisphere, it is the most widely distributed of all corvids.

king shark Reply

😒😏, a household name is a cap hit, if all the raven flock know this man, and know what he bring, get his deal done, before household name, else we will be up against the house.

Soooo, can we be like the Steelers and what they did with Hayden, …. get Humphrey his money early before a cornerback market position him to be a cap hit.

The guy has already outperformed a rookie deal, get him sorted out early. Especially before Ramsey deal is done.

Ryan Damon Reply


kevin schindele Reply

Wish we could’ve had this secondary in 2014.

El - Amin Reply

I still loved him wearing #29 so much better, but I’ll get over it, lol…stay healthy Marlon and Play Like a Raven!

    YAYarea 510 Reply

    I was hoping he wears 21

    Jonnie Yanda Reply

    YAYarea 510 everyone wants to wear 21 its not even special anymore

    YAYarea 510 Reply

    @Jonnie Yanda thats all been the case but when I see 44 I think of fullback numbers

Jesus The Huncho Reply

Marlon IS the best

Lord Prime Reply

I wish Tavon was healthy enough to start the season

Darth Ryu_ZX6 Reply

Can’t wait for the cardinals

Leroy Worsley Reply

Marlon Humphrey is a very good DB! GO RAVENS!!!!!

Armando Benavidez Reply

Ugly # why did Mark Ingram get #21 that’s for top dbs. Mark should wear #31 n hump #21

JettaJetta 11 Reply

Very underrated

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