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Yoshibro 456

I expect a better offense this week

    Thomas Cliff

    It couldn’t get any worse than last week.


    Yoshibro 456 were striving for 6 points baby

    Richard Davis

    Lost all expectations after watching Nagy’s play calling week one. This guy just wants to pass.

Randy J

Trubisky is football’s version of Sam Bowie.

    lebeR Ogun


    Randy J

    @lebeR Ogun Sam Bowie was drafted before Michael Jordan, the greatest basketball player ever. Trubisky was drafted before Mahomes, the greatest QB ever. I guess it’s an old school reference.

    Mr Evans

    @Randy J Mahomes hasn’t built body of work and longevity be in greatest QB ever conversation. Knock it off

William Brown

Sam Bradford is available.The Milwaukee Bucks ? where did that come from ? –Did a Sports Reporter say that Mr.Biscuit might be a bust ?–Turn the page to the Denver Broncos ?–Building Blocks ?–Watch the film ?–Tough to take ?–Move on !!!—Handle the lost better ?—Balance Attack ?–Not trying to be smart ?–Vic Fangio is a good guy,he doesn’t want you to know that ? what !!!—Lack of Rhythm ?—We lost the first game and the sky came crashing down.

    Randy J

    The sky is falling because Mahomes and Watson. We got Sam Bowie’d twice in one draft.


    @Randy J That’s all fine and dandy and I realize that anyone can get injured at any time, but Watson is made of glass man


Kap might look good in a Bears uniform if MT repeats his GB performance.


Everyone seems worried, all of the coaches and players have this weird demeanor in the interviews since the loss. I think it’s all getting to them

    PHILosophy 1990

    Yea, i’m getting that vibe too. Not liking it at all. Thr Chicago media wont let it go…. They keep asking about Mitch’s confidence and stuff.


Mitch’s release looks slow and forced compared to Watson and Mahomes


This defense is our only hope

Keegan Beyer

Rookie mistakes out of 3rd year player mistakes ….unacceptable

Douglas Lewis

Thee o-line is the key to any offense….they do not block not even Thom Brady would do well..,.think about it…Rodgers is an Al Pro and all he could muster was 10 pt……..2 best play were screw up by the defense…plus the late interference call on the Bear back was beaten badly…….plus on the pick in zone at the end….Allen had position on The d-back…Amos was running backward and interfered interfered……had it been Roger’s….they would have thrown the flag…….check the tap…. Mitch was better than you think

Cornelius Squalls

The offensive line was horrible Thursday and Nagy didn’t help! He seen that they were being overrun and he doesn’t call any draws, screens or roll outs and of course no running plays! My advice to Nagy is stop trying to show everybody that you’re a genius! Sometimes simple is better! Go Bears!

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