Mariota Lights Up Browns D for 3 TDs | NFL 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Evil Duck Reply

Mariota doubting the Haters by throwing 3 touchdowns

    Nekaneka15 Reply

    @Goose McCringleberry if you say so. One well we feel this guy has taken the next step. And then one game after he seemed like he forgets what he did. I’m rooting for him tho. Just time for him to be consistent with five years under his belt

    anthony gomes Reply

    @Deoxity the screen pass is one of the most difficult throws to make actually it is a thing of teamwork rather than individual effort. mediocre fans cannot understand why its difficult to lob a short pass over the heads of multiple defenders charging at full speed while pedaling backward and drop it in behind them perfectly. if some of these idiots who claim it is a “simple pass” tried to do it i think they would shut up and sit down. the screen pass is harder to execute than an intermediate throw over the middle .

    Shae Sylva Reply

    Nekaneka15 true I want to see more but this offense play calling don’t do that. We have always made this team a run first type offense. Mariota ain’t gon complain either. You can put any type of elite qb in this system and it will be similar. Y’all want Patrick mahomes numbers but in half the throws. Marcus will answer. He always have.

    Gokou Blacc Reply

    @Nekaneka15 Mariota has only had 1 game with more than 2 INTs.

Drew Goddamn Brees Reply

That’s Playoff Mariota

    Mike Jazz Reply

    Not too loud…alot of these haters don’t know Mariota had played in 2 playoff games shhhhh

    Titans Super Bowl 2020 Reply

    @Mike Jazz Haha exactly

Vinceachu Reply

Now hopefully he can stay consistent throughout the year 🤞🏻

    Sesa Lalotoa Reply

    Vinceachu *Injury Free

1738 Vibes Reply

Better than Winston 😹😭

    Eds kjops Reply

    Thought that since collage

    Sesa Lalotoa Reply

    1738 Vibes all these Experts who took Winston over Mariota 🤣

    Alex J Reply

    1738 Vibes THANK 👏 YOU 👏

    Wait Reply

    Get this man to 100 likes

    Gokou Blacc Reply

    Flacco is better than Winston.

MRTUPAC 28 Reply

Makes you wonder how good he can be if he can stay healthy.

    swave158 Reply

    People tend to forget Marcus Mariota had a 68% completion last year that one of highest in the league.

    Kyle Thompson Reply

    And when we get our full o line back week 5

    imperfect equilibrium Reply

    He’s always had the potential to be a top 5 QB in the league, unfortunately, injuries are a part of the game.

    He’s got mobility, arm talent and can read defenses fairly well (in my opinion, but then again I don’t know the X’s and O’s of the game).

    slsriflecruman87 Reply

    MRTUPAC 28
    2015 and 2016 seasons for the most part he was healthy and he did really well.

    ampinghard111 Reply

    More importantly he has legit weapons. And I’m pretty sure these other healthier QBs would have been hurt more often taking those same hits.

Kendra Nights Reply

Mariota > Mayfield

Winter Is Coming Reply

As a Patriot fan I root for Mariota

    LeeTravius Mckay Reply

    As a NFL fan I root for Stidham

    Cole Pratt Reply

    Winter Is Coming as a Titans fan I hate the Patriots but love everyone on the team

McWalker Reply

Love you MariGOATa! TitanUp! ⚔️

Lanz22 Reply

Man if you’re a defender you’re sweating when Mariota is in the Redzone.

    Mason Patterson Reply

    Only 1 redzone interception in his career

    Lanz22 Reply

    @Mason Patterson Wow!

    Lazavier Lester Reply

    Lanz22 0 Redzone Int in the States😂😂😂

LeeTravius Mckay Reply

Baker threw 3 passes to the Titans too

    Djtoozfunny Reply

    LeeTravius Mckay 😂😂

    Alex J Reply

    Almost threw 5 to the Titans but they were feeling generous since it’s week 1 😂

    Bennett Johnson Reply

    @Alex J Exactly they weren’t feeling “dangerous” like Baker lol

    Willie Hardiman Reply

    Well he did say that he woke up feeling dangerous. That’s pretty dangerous to me.

TheWilder30 Reply

AJ Brown is going to be a problem

360 Cam Reply

I tried to tell people the that the Titian’s when healthy is going to win the AFC south

Kalaʻi Aukai Reply

AJ brown is a monster and so is mariota when healthy 👀

Classic Ride Society Reply

Have the Titans finally found a beast of a wide receiver? Man I hope so.

    Azentic Reply

    Classic Ride Society Britt, Washington, Davis. “Finally”

    Brandon Da Goat Reply

    Hell yeah

    Cali Rep Reply

    Azentic AJ Brown all day

    Harry DuBray Reply

    having AJ Brown, Adam Humphries, and Delanie Walker could help Corey Davis out too he is really good but was always the best wr too so it was difficult to get open but Delanie Walker is his main target as always

anthony gomes Reply

mariota was at times not sharp in this game but he did what he needed to do to win the game. he made big plays with his arm and key plays with his legs to keep the chains moving. when you have a 125 QB rating and your team wins by 30 its hard to criticize without sounding silly.

Lil Wooddale_Outchea Reply

AJ Brown stiff armed that man to Hell🤣

    goldmind85 Reply

    Greedy Williams. He stiff armed Greedy Williams to Hell.

Brandon Da Goat Reply

Don’t sleep on the Titans they can shock the world

    Richard love Reply

    Brandon Da Goat I hope so man

Wayne A. W. Reply

Still cannot understand this notion that Marcus can’t stay healthy… I mean, Nick Foles just broke his clavicle in Game One yesterday afternoon — Tony Romo and Aaron Rodgers also suffered this injury at one point in their career — but people seem to forget that Marcus broke his fibula late in the 2016 season; yet, nonetheless, managed to come back the following year 2017 and play, and even beat KCMO/Alex Smith/Andy Reid in 2018 post-season play. If you run, albeit as a QB, RB, TE etc., there is always a good chance that you are going to pull a hammy (hamstring) or suffer a potential high ankle sprain or calf pull etc. It’s just the nature of running. When Marcus is not injured, he is helping his Titans win. QB efficiency is not only measured by QBR or TDs or YPG, but also by simply handing off or dink-dunking off (Tom Brady does it!) to your team’s offensive playmakers — did you see Derrick Henry’s 75-yard TD run yesterday afternoon: effectively the result of a simple 3-yard dump-off pass! — no overly dramatic Hail, Mary pass of the Rodgers variety — just plain and simple football. I mean, Andy Reid/Marty Mornhinweg/Donovan McNabb made their career in Philly with The Illustrious Bubble Screen, peeps lol. I was uncertain at first, but feel relieved now, having seen TTs OC Arthur Smith’s play-calling — love the mindset of just taking chances downfield and letting ‘er rip! Great job in Game One, Mr. Smith. Very impressed with rookie A.J. Brown, whom I mistakenly said was related to A.B., but that would be Marquise Brown/WR Ravens, my bad. But m’boy MM8 is definitely missing m’boy T-wan (Taylor Lewan) — three (3) more games without him, dag boi! “Do the Tighten Up!…” (Archie Bell & The Drells, 1968).

    bill watson Reply

    Marcus has had a lot of injuries unfortunately. But he takes a lot of risks. Lowering his shoulder, flipping over defenders, blocking linebackers etc. That’s just who he is. He is tough as hell. When he was coming into the league Kyle long who only played one year with Marcus in college before he (kyle) went pro said that Marcus is the best warrior I’ve ever played with.


Great job by Mariota! I would like to see the Titans further develop down the field passing! Corey Davis please step up!

    Boki Reply

    It seems Arthur Smith likes taking more chances with deep shots than LeFleur did last season.

Tavon ThaTruth Reply

AJ Brown is a monster of a wr already, this AFC South division has gotten nasty.

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