Marion Hobby on the leadership on defense – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
David Dude

Ok my favorite

Out of many One

I feel good with the Regime! #GoPhins

Ryan Minnis

Its the Miami Dolphins thats the standard past and present

Ryan Minnis

The idiot reporters forgot about how Miami was annually at the top of the AFC East from 1972-1997

Dolphan 37

Hobby is my favorite position coach. Could listen to his interview for hours. He provides great insight, is very personable and honest.

Teresa Slone

Miami Dolphins #1

donald Gore

As a lifetime Dolphins fan it is hurtful to see a once respected NFL team be the Laughingstock . The ownership needs to sell this team and allow them the opportunity to once again become the powerhouse and the most respected team out there. Not ever gonna happen with Stephen Ross pulling the strings !!

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