Marcus Jones’ first snap on offensive and he does this… – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Marcus Jones is insane. Literally plays everywhere 😂

    christopher krause


    Donnie Warren

    Yes he does. I hope the offense looks different next year. I’d switch this guy to Wideout honestly. He and Thornton can be lethal with their speed.


    Been doing this since college I remember when we had the game winning kick off return against SMU and we stormed the field.. smu was undefeated


Switch this mans to WR. What a play maker.

    Young Blood

    Most defi Special teams, Wr, maybe corner in special cases. Pats got them a speed demon. (Along with Thornton)

    ER III

    He’s very sticky in coverage though. I say keep him on D, returns, and give him a package of plays on O. I think making him a full-time offensive player takes away from his value.

Wyeth Purkiss

Bro got some wheels 🔥. That’s insane

Mitchell Golston

A pure athlete will always cause trouble speed kills

Upncoming Cards

Whoa he’s fast fast. Keep giving him the ball. But I don’t like New England so don’t give him the ball haha


Let’s go pats

Mamadou GAYE

Built different this is probably a great patriots rookie😊 return great on Jets now he caught a screen for a touchdown


Speed kills


Bro hit that celly a lil too hard 💀

Brayden Henson

He the patriots version of Taysom Hill


The TD celebration though 😂😂

    Terrance Carmichael

    Started blicking 😂

Eric Love

He runs like tyreek.


What was the penalty that erased the TD?

Nate Gomes

He should only wear caution tape as a jersey cause boy he’s dangerous.


They should use him like the tyreek hill way. Ppl forgot tyreek was drafted as a returner, and slowly shifted him into the wr role. They gotta do that with this guy

Jay Vang

He’s Devin Hester 2.0

Luis A

what a good play 😎


Bring your son to work day


“First play on offense”

Dylan Russell

It sucks that this wasn’t a sign of things to come. This could have really opened things up for our deep game.

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