Marcus Davenport Looks to Capitalize on Opportunities | New Orleans Saints Football – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Marcus Davenport Looks to Capitalize on Opportunities | New Orleans Saints Football

defensive end post-practice locker room interview ahead of Sunday Night Football against the Dallas in week 4 of the 2019 NFL season.
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Sack the crap out of Dak, PLEASE. We need the defensive line to step up big this week! Ezekiel and Dak can’t be deadly *IF* the front seven shuts them down, so please step up big.

    EbkSaints Nation

    Kynx Gallup is out. Our defense needs to be aggressive and physical this game like how they were against us last year and we will win.


    @EbkSaints Nation Oh, I didn’t know. I don’t pay attention to opposing teams all too much. Randall Cobb is a threat, but the Saints have tape on him.


    @EbkSaints Nation Yeah, that’s why the game was so close.

    Shawn Smith

    saying please is not going to help you bro😎

    Shawn Smith

    EbkSaints Nation lol good luck with that

Scott Stlaey

All I know Is Dallas hates us, and are already talking trash . I hope we destroy them. And I hope we break lawerances big mouth


    Let them hate, they forgot the Saints didn’t really use their playbook on offense that much from week 12-15. The defense was still alive however, and kept the opposing teams under 20 points all four games. To arrogant Cowboys fans (not all of them are toxic), 10:13 equals 17:49. That’s how they’ve seen the game. As long as the defense steps up again, the Saints will be fine.


    Actually, from Week 10 (Bengals) to week 15 (Panthers), the Saints defense allowed less than 20 points.

    Shawn Smith

    Enoch Zoldyck smh damn bro a L on your bdayπŸ‘

    Shawn Smith

    damn rightπŸ‘ we are coming for the saints choke them out


Go saints

Young Nola

Always wit them funny faces πŸ˜‚

    VB SaintsLady

    That’s just his personality. I like it!

    Rosa Williams

    That’s how he deals with life! Great human being.

    Shawn Smith

    he’s going to have to deal with Dallas oline bro


He needs to be more productive. He stepping up but needs to do better.

    Emmitt Traynor

    Hes third in the league in pressures and qb hits and he has fantastic grades with PFF Sometimes sacks dont tell the whole story.

Dustyn Kooken

Dude his interviews are improving his play last week was awesome. Very Aggressive. Proving me wrong I dig it!

God Son

Our defense will be big this week, O-Line and special teams, god bless my SAINTS and my city,

God Son

This guy will be great for us, his time is coming who dat

Gundam1313 Yjshuao

Saints 44

Cowboys 27

Our defensive front is nasty

    Jyrus Bradley

    I don’t think we can put up that many points


    @Jyrus Bradley You’ll never know….

    Jyrus Bradley

    @Kynx true true

    Shawn Smith

    get ready for that L saints nationπŸ‘

Enoch Zoldyck

Yall sleeping on this man


He’s been playing well! Anyone who says otherwise is simply not paying attention.

Ramon Crocodilians Productions

That’s right Marcus, y’all got thisπŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ. Geaux Saints ⚜🏈 #Saints #NewOrleansSaints #NFL

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