Malcolm Jenkins Breaks Down Guarding Routes, Forcing Fumbles, & Covering the Slot | NFL Film Session – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Love these videos helps me be a better player especially as you upload loads of safety ones.

Matt Jankowski

This dude makes the Eagles defense soooo much better. Thank god he’s never missed a game cuz if and when he does there will be a noticeable difference

    Noah Robson

    Remember when he got burned by Kamara


    @Noah Robson lol every deep completion for a touchdown the safety is going to get burned. Hes the last line of defense it happens all the time.

    Alex T.

    @Noah Robson Yeah I do, but I also remember him raising the Lombardi…twice!

    Marcus Wade

    BIG BIG FACTS! I’m thankful as a fan to have have him play for the squad. Chip Kelly didn’t make all wrong decisions


    @Noah Robson some games happen like that brother

Kevin Moy

Never ever stop making these videos

    HP Football

    facts these are gold

Grim Sniperr

How is Malcolm Je kind not on the NFL top 100 he played 96% of our snaps

    Is Az

    @Tone how do you know? I heard he’s definitely not there smh


    @Is Az Yes that is my mistake I thought I saw him in the 30s. They still have not revealed the last 20 so still a chance

    Is Az

    @Tone I’m so angry bro. They should be ashamed because making this video shows the top 100 is a popularity contest. Did you see how many cowboys players made it? They made the playoffs. Imagine if they made the championship game we’d have 25 of their players in there


    @Is Az yeah especially when I see Eric Weddle in the 100 spot smh


Wait did he even make the top 100? Cause he 1000% deserves it after carrying that Eagles secondary

    Huey Freeman

    unless they put him in the top 20, which is highly unlikely, he is not in this year’s top 100

    Andre Neale

    Huey Freeman

    That’s pathetic and disrespectful of the players

    Twiisty Plays

    Andre Neale It’s not the players fault that the voting system is bad. Reporters shouldn’t be coming up to players asking for this stuff. They should have more prep imo and have it be an online submission or something

    John Burke

    Smh. Putting lousy obj over this man is a crime


So many nuances…pretty good sport you got over here. Let’s let these gladiators play chess


    Simon Where you from, Mr. Higher Power

    King J-dub

    Where you from?

F Mc

What cowboy fan disliked the video?

A Dawg713

This guy is super smart and really good


These segments really show how much mental preparation it takes just to hop on the field, let alone be the best. I’m glad it’s just the players no moderator you get that authentic feel and dialogue

    Phillip Quach

    Football is the most physical sport there is. And yet, it’s still more mental than physical. That’s the beauty of it

    Matt Centeno

    @Phillip Quach Most physical team sport. Let’s not discount the grueling physicality of combat sports (mma, boxing, wrestling, etc.)

LaMb sAuCE

This is what separates a top 15 DB and the rest. He’s smart. The man had great football IQ. You can HAVE the talent, but you NEED the brain.


This is arguably the best sports series on Youtube.

The Blue Gorilla

Jenkins a beast out there. Really smart player.
Please keep these kinda vids coming! 💯

Scott Chiware

I hope yall HS players are soaking up this free advice. this is awesome.

    King Crallie

    Scott Chiware that’s exactly what i’m doing, i’ve been waiting on a linebacker one to come out.

    sammodagoat 29

    King Crallie i needed this safety one so bad bruh. grind dont stop💯

    Christopher Jones

    Facts I wish I had this stuff when I was in HS.

YeahBuddy 101

Malcolm got robbed from the NFL Top 100

    Jamal Washington

    theyre showing #10-1 tonight so maybe he’ll be there

    YeahBuddy 101

    Jamal Washington I doubt it


    @Jamal Washington lmao he won’t ever be in the Top 10 lets be real here

    Melissa Milarsky

    MusicthatsStrange you never know that

    Jamal Washington

    Lol it was worth a shot


Never clicked on a video so fast in my life. GO BIRDS 🦅🦅🦅

Rio Mio

Don’t worry guys mike Daniels will make his own top 100 and will include Malcolm Jenkins that’s all that matters

jacob bottarini

They should do one with a linebacker. Luke Kuechly would be awesome.

J SneakersTV

Great reads and Malcolm not only shows great field IQ but he also brings the physical part on every down

David Welde

This was one of the best videos I’ve seen. Pay that man!! They let dawk leave too early and he made two more pro bowls!! That man is the glue!! Pay him!!!


damn malcolm really out here snitching on all his teammates bruh 😂 dudes a beast tho

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