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Hemp Rap

Best play in super bowl history

oldfatboy 2002

I miss Malcom butler😭😭

Jason Henderson - RE

Amazing play! Still remember that night!

    D Rose

    Jason Henderson – RE like if it was yesterday

    erc who

    Don’t we all

Rahal Fan boy

When he got that interception, I jumped up and down like Brady, went from crying to happy as all hell

    Isaiah Richardson

    Facts me too


    Rahal Fan boy i screamed so loud, jumped for joy then ran down the street because I was so happy lol


“MALCOLM GO” still gives me chills

    Boo Radley

    I love that the camera and audio caught that moment and the overhead shot of him running in. Almost like the coaches knew that play was coming based on what they were seeing across the field. There’s a video of a mic’d up Seattle player telling (warning?) his D-coordinator “They put #21 in”. Epic moment in NFL history.

    Dev Carter

    Messier90, Agree. It just doesn’t get any better than this.


Vs. Seattle: Malcolm go
Vs. Philly: Malcolm you better not

    L . O . R

    Vs. Rams: Gilmore, handle this

    erc who

    Malcolm go to Malcolm no

    Big White Duck

    L . O . R Harmon and mcourty were the reasons that play worked

    Drayfin Mania

    erc who 😂🤣🤣🤣 I’m dying as an eagles fan

State Raised

That play was the beginning on another Dynasty ……. They Won 3 out of 5 Superbowls and was in the Superbowl 4 of the last 5 year’s ……..
Patriots “we come to play”

Abner Urena

this moment cause the single biggest emotional swing I’ve ever experienced in my life. I swear I ran up the walls like Bo jackson when this happened

Super Bowl LIII Champs

Greatest night and moment of being a patriots fan, this man saved this organization from losing a super bowl and people still have the nerve to slander Butler, thank you Malcolm Butler, forever a patriot

    The Dynasty Continues

    Great play and all….. but the 28-3 comeback was by far the greatest and moment. Hell…. I’d even put Vinatieri’s game winner in SB 36 before this one.

Antonio Labaš

I miss him, he was one of my favourite Patriots players. Epic play!

Miguel Castillo

Patriots are always 8/10 in the Super Bowl. 10/10 Kings of the AFC. A dynasty. They’re not the average NFL team. *They’re different.*

Kalinbuggs !

Still upset he didn’t play in the super bowl smh

    Kalinbuggs !

    Travis facts

    Dev Carter

    What Butler did during this play demonstrated that he deserved more respect than what he received during Eagles SB.

    Kalinbuggs !

    Dev Carter facts

    Drayfin Mania

    #flyeaglesfly if u bring up rings plz stop idk why I’m doing this on patriots channel

james ian

Looking forward to this seasons unbelievable plays.

John Ta

No matter what… Malcolm Butler is a Patriots Legend and a Superbowl Hero. I highly recommend the Do Your Job documentaries on this and the Atlanta game.

    Chupatwo Chupatwo

    oh yeah big time. there is a story for the grand children!


The Patriots are dynasty killers. They killed what would of been a Rams dynasty in SB36. The Colts would of been one if not for them in the 2000’s. They only managed to get through the Pats once and that was one of the worst Pats teams of the Belichick era. And they killed a potential Seahawks dynasty here. This play destroyed that team. It turned the defense against Pete Carroll & Russell Wilson and led to one of the best defenses ever being dismantled.

Richard Estes

4 1/2 years and 2 more Super Bowl wins later, and I still cannot believe that play!

Tea T

I will never stop laughing at Brady screaming like a little girl😂 He was sooo happy😊

Jordan Bond

I still smile hard when I watch this play 🤘🏼🤘🏼🔥

The Dynasty Continues

Brandon Browner deserves a lot more credit for this play than he gets.

Candyce Chrys

I was having flashbacks to the Giants Super Bowl games, so when Butler pulled off that interception the whole block heard me! Lmao

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