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frozone frozone

bruh how come we just give up on run game

Kevin Cutter

John have you considered you are the problem for the team?

    J T

    He absolutely is.

    Kevin Cutter

    J T exactly


Bunch of bs

Quinton Wilson

Goat of QBs speaks

Nehemiah Howard

Bruuh with chubb out our season is just about over. Lets hope for a miracle

Bryan Vazquez

Peyton Manning as General Manager

    Darville Leonard


    John Tyler


    K L

    No experience

    Darville Leonard

    @K L how would you know unless he is given the task of GM

Ronald Krikorian

Elway has to go


Maintaining my job – Elway

Mile High Truth

2 or 3 plays from being 2-2. What a losers lament!!! No your 300 rushing yards away from beating Jacksonville and 5 holding calls on Garrett bolles from beating Chicago. Dont get it twisted! Blow it up elway!!! Fire sell time!! Dont waste any more time that you already have…

Clyde Triplett

My 60 th year sure stinks.
My Favorite reg season and one of my Favorite playoff wins is ? Tim Tebow wish we would have not blackballed him


Bad teams find a way to loose.

Clinton Reisig

Win the division and we are in the playoffs.

    David Gentry

    Clinton Reisig Not with #15 in Red and Gold!!! MVP 2019 again. Donkeys SUCK!

Carlos Alberto Diaz

The Broncos exist because #7, his only mistake (in case it was his call) was to hire VJ.

DJ Annoyed Gaming

Heal up bro

Genetic Freak

Nothing about this team is exciting. Chubb and Von and maybe the RB’s other than that they have 0 star power.

Alex music

Somebody need to stop Radio 104 D-Mac from spreading rumors and innuendo and personal attack toward Elway..


Stop with the personal assault on elway, he lost pat. You guys are a trip. I’m sure it’s so easy to manage pats team.


What a random time for that question at the end lol

Harley Trujillo

Von Miller makes to much money

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