Mahomes Air Mails It to Mecole Hardman for an 83-Yd TD! – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Shortest SB Champion QB

I thought this game was gonna be a shoot out?? 😂😂😂 People gave Lamar to much credit scoring on the Dolphins and Cards

    Fier The Great

    Shortest SB Champion QB not my team but by the way Jimmy G is playing right now I almost wish we had Lamar Jackson 😫😫🤣🤣🤣

    Davonta Action

    @Shortest SB Champion QB he is still a backup qb u clown excuses take hold yall L at least we was in the road when we took an L

    Shortest SB Champion QB

    @Davonta Action ??? You make no sense. QB doesn’t matter when ST and defense give 14 points lmao

    Davonta Action

    L son


This guy will be killing my team for the next 15+ years

    Sports Legend8

    Sway Dizzy True, but when rivers retires we don’t know who we’ll have cause rivers may play till next year or he’ll play till he’s 50

    Sports Legend8

    Bankruptjojo yeah, you a Chiefs, Broncos, or Chargers fan?

    shane taylor

    @Sports Legend8 no might lol

    shane taylor

    @Sway Dizzy rivers dont have too long left and chargers should have never won that game last year chiefs let up.

    Sway Dizzy

    shane taylor you can say that but when you look at the stats for that game our defense had everything locked up that’s what allowed us to win

Francisco Torres

Where Earl Thomas at???

    Lamont Gaston

    Easier said than done Earl lol.

    freeway rail

    In the dust

    RG3 #smokinthat3 #10hunnit #H3!5M4N #dawgpound

    lmao they ask where he was at cause jimmy smith and marlon humphery was gone

abeer talukder

His arm is special!

Ethan Donnelly7

Didn’t realise how realistic maddens graphics are…

Milan Kolesík

50 TDs? This kid can throw for 60!

    Sean Bailey ESF Undergrad, D&C PS4 Too!

    His football IQ is darn impressive.

    Fier The Great

    Sean Bailey ESF Undergrad, D&C PS4 Too! Crazy impressive 💯

    Breakglass Dawkins

    To haters: Did the other teams get that film on Mahomes yet?

    Must be lost in the mail…

    shane taylor

    @Breakglass Dawkins 🤣🤣


    @Breakglass Dawkins Is there a more tired narrative than “wait till they get film on him!”?

    The only thing film is doing is giving defensive coaches sleepless nights.

Milan Kolesík

Patrick Mahomes, Aaron Rodgers’ long lost son

    Don Mega

    @EveryDaffodil53 he is right now even tho Arron is more accomplished

    Don Mega

    @Exar Kun we will see when the Packers visit Chief’s kingdom on 10/27

    Pierre Toussaint

    Nah his daddy is a black man

    shane taylor

    @Don Mega not by alot

    shane taylor

    @Don Mega aaron career has not been much just one superbowl and mahomes will break all his records. He just tied manning for like two today.

Ashlee Russell

Assistir Baltimore Ravens vs Kansas City Chiefs En Vivo

mike miller

where’s all the ‘they got films on mahomes’ folks at? havent sen them in comment sections all regular season….

    Wtkiller 123

    mike miller yeah cause that was a tough throw definitely wasn’t wide open

    shane taylor

    @Wtkiller 123 but he made tough throws all game. You have a trash offense if all your throws have to be tough. Let me remind you that was off his back foot. but you never played sports so you dont know how hard that is with the blitz coming. Also mahomes number 1

    Wtkiller 123

    shane taylor naw he ain’t number 1

    mike miller

    @Wtkiller 123 last i checked, mahomes was leading the league in touchdowns and passing yards

    mike miller

    @shane taylor looks like the little kid just plays video games

Steve Middaugh

Ok sure Earl Thomas your going to stop the big plays.

    Steven Gibbs

    @Jaren Davis except the player covering Mecole left him, and started to double the outside receiver. Only the coach knows exactly who busted coverage, don’t just go off what the announcer said.

    Joaking Mendoza

    Hahaha hey Earl 🖕🏻😅😅.jk👍

    big lea

    @Lee Jizzle Whats the point ravens got 🔥 lol. Take your L and keep it moving

    Lee Jizzle

    @big lea I’m no Ravens fan. My team is still undefeated


When you defy the stupid fantasy projections and start Hardman & Robinson 🔥

    Fier The Great

    GrandeRed clutch call on that… had Watkins 😫😫😫

    Jay C

    And you also start Mark Ingram as your RB…

    Justin Credible

    GrandeRed I have Mecole Hardman, he helped me win 👌🏻


Mahomes is playing like it’s madden out there


    ShrekLiveActionMovie420 Bazooka

    Ciaran Barr

    WTFBRO10 x-factor activated, Mahomes always in the zone


For all the naysayers out there, i’d like to point out that this Chiefs team, with the super potent offense. Just used their defense to hold the Ravens to 6 points in a half.


Mahomes + Fast WR = TD!


Mahomes killed the entire Ravens defense.

    George Panagiotou

    Is that why they only won by 5? U tool


Mahomes is breaking the game. Good defence means nothing.

    Davonta Action

    Yes true but ravens do have humphrey,smith and young out there top 3 cornerback


So, where’s this sophomore slump everyone was talking about? Let me know when that starts

    Michael Paquette

    KCFANJJ1 it’s mahomes third year


    @Michael Paquette So, where’s this 2nd year as a starter slump everyone was talking about? Let me know when that starts

    David Shaw

    Mahomes sat under alex smith. Saved him from the slump


    @David Shaw So, where’s this “one full year of film for defenses to study to slow down Mahomes” everyone was talking about? Let me know when that happens

Lewis Cutbirth

But Earl Thomas said he’s eliminating big plays… lmao


Baltimore fan. Not even mad… Mahomes is so gooooooddd


Imagine Tyreek Hill and Mecole Hardman on the field together at the same… 😳😞😩

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