Madden ’20 Simulation: Jaguars vs. Broncos – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Go to war on Sunday boys

DrewTheDude 123

Hi Denver

Taylor Rhodes

So. We’ll lose this games? We seem to win every game in Madden. Are you sure you just do 1 Simulation? I did one and we lost 20-10


Love the Simulations. But let’s just get this win guys. A much needed one at that. Let’s get it 💪.

Drea D'lux

Madden really 💙🧡 my Broncos🏈

Flippant Booch

The game will be much different lol

Tarantulas In the Desert

Every time the simulation says we win we end up losing lmao. Does that mean we lose this Sunday??

    alejandro barrera

    Tarantulas In the Desert we loss all the season games

    Dizzel _YTx


    Gabe Blea

    Tarantulas In the Desert pretty much yeah

tim G

Did it simulate all the holding penalties?

    Xx_Unstoppable HD

    Lol right?

    Prospecting With Disabilities

    Garrett didn’t have a single holding penalty against the packers if he’s who you are referring to

    tim G

    Prospecting With Disabilities yes you are correct.

Xx_Unstoppable HD

I really hope this happens. #BroncosCountry needs a win

Dizzel _YTx

Let’s go Broncos

Robert Evans

Every game I’ve played so far this season I’ve won and we end up losing so I’m not playing this week’s game on Madden to see if I can break the losing. Wtf with our defensive Roster how do we not have 1 sack or 1 turnover if we lose I’m questioning this new coaching staff. Wade Phillips should have took over after Kubiak called it quits cause statistically Wade’s SB defense was best ever. And funny we a defensive coach the last 2 and Wade’s in LA

    Bryan Palenske

    Robert Evans Facts 💯💯💯


More realistic simulation on my channel.


Run the ball! Be aggressive on Offense! Stop with the mistakes and we cant lose to any team! GO BRONCOS!!!!!!



Lil Boat jr

You mean we lost

Jake Madrid

According to their Madden games, the broncos would be 4-0 right now 🤦

    Brian Fisher

    Right, reverse card in reality lol

Jude Wanki

If only these simulations were accurate

Darville Leonard

Denver will get there award for the most changing on QB’S and Coaching staffs

I'm Niklas

If these predictions were true we would win the super bowl every year

Josh G

Let’s go broncos lets show them how we do it

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