Madden ’20 Simulation: Broncos at Packers – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
racerxtreme Gaming show

Awesome video go broncos

Adam Berendt

These are my two favorite teams, but there is no way the broncos beat the Packers this week sorry.

    Cartman Power

    Same here.

    Chris Chances

    Oh yes broncos win baby

    Shawn Edmond

    i feel the same way 2 both if they are my favortive team finger is cross on this 1 can’t sleep on my packers broncos been slacking latley C’mon yall defence needs a pick

    Camden Dennett

    Cmon man y’all ready know the broncos ‘bout to beat the packers

    Shawn Edmond

    @Camden Dennett i hope so Bro

Tim H

Lot of pressure on us not to go 0-3 (I can’t ever remember that since I supported them in 1983)…this game will be close, certainly closer than a lot of Packs fans believe.

    Leonel Pelayo

    Tim H exactly what I said closer than most people think

Emilio Hernandez

Last Madden simulation had yous winning too #booshit

Josh G

I hope my broncos can week this week

    Snek Doodle TV

    Josh G yes.

    Myst1c L3g3nd


jerad Liberty4560

This is “fantasy football “

Haha ok


3rdeyeGuy 23

Were 3-0 not 0-2 😂😂😂



Eueg Eueg

“From” okay bye

Jerome Schulze

To bad it wont be like that more like 36-6 packers

    James Davis

    we will see jafag…

    Camden Dennett

    You mean the broncos 36-6 because that sounds about right

Brian De La Cruz

We gonna lose

explore 2580

denver is opening up the o this week…..but it wont be score…9-13 packers..


Broncos aren’t even exciting on Madden.

Mile High Truth

We have to madden simulate because we cant win the real thing.

    Jordan rivera

    Mile High Truth I’m a packers fan but fam the sentence hurt to read I feel bad for you tbh

    Mile High Truth

    @Jordan rivera it is what it is lol



LJM_ Munqia

Welp the Madden pridiction jinxed our game again

Jim Marquez-Medina

Victory is ours!


You haven’t been correct on these so far. 😢

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