Mack Wilson’s 40-Yd Pick 6 Off Dwayne Haskins🚨 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Mack Wilson’s 40-Yd Pick 6 Off Dwayne Haskins🚨

Mack Wilson intercepts Dwayne Haskins and takes it back 40 yards for the TD. The Washington Redskins take on the Cleveland Browns during Week 1 of the 2019 NFL preseason.

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Marshawn Lynch Reply

Daniel jones > Haskins
Edit: Im just saying the giants gm may have made the right choice…

    TAPKING13 Reply

    And somehow One game decides this

    Lapis Gamer Reply

    I’m a Cowboys fan But Like slow down

    #TEAM TRUMP Reply

    Sure they laughed at new England when they took Brady ..just laughed..the game is played between the ears ..enough said

    #TEAM TRUMP Reply

    @TAPKING13 sure it ..worst pick I’ve seen long time Jarvis throws the ball better ..ok you LL see

    Tucker the YouTuber Reply

    No one just takes a projected third rounder over josh allen unless they really see upside from him

Adam Herrington Reply

There’s his welcome to the NFL moment

    Michael Fraser Reply

    to a guy picked 150 picks after him

Flarguien 167 Reply

Football is back let’s go!!!

    Donald Trump Jr. X Reply

    Nah week 1 is football, not preseason

Christopher Andrews Reply

“AND HERE’S A GUY”. Knew it was coming

    Ghost Kid111 Reply

    Christopher Andrews it’s not the same without Chris Collingsworth saying it tho

    Christopher Andrews Reply

    @Ghost Kid111 True. The torch is being passed on

    #TEAM TRUMP Reply

    Yea and I knew that was coming I know high school QBs with better arms and accuracy college is a farce when it comes to qb ..just is the Tom Brady’s are skipped for not be athletic ???? Yea ok that brain of his runs a 3.0

    BughouseMASTER Reply

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david Husky Reply

Jay Gruden definitely drooling!!! 😭😭

    Alexis Gomez Reply

    david Husky 😂😂😂😂😂

    GiantsJets718 Reply


Sterling Williams Reply

Already in mid season form 💪🏻💪🏻

Adin Parris Reply

that’s how you feeling Mack damn so mad the cardinals didn’t get this man 🤦🏾‍♂️

    Was up Up Reply

    Frantz Lenin keesean Johnson is also gonna be great heard he’s getting starting reps or something but yeah Hakeem in practice has been catching a lot a deep catches hope they all turn out great like Fitz!

    Adin Parris Reply

    Was up Up Keesean Johnson is Definitely a problem he has a swagger to him I like it’s just something about him but we gon see

    Charles Jones Sr. Reply

    I’m not mad that the Cards didn’t get him. DAWG POUND FOR LIFE.

YoungCasanova Reply

Daniel Jones outperformed Haskins 💀

    Turhan Henderson Reply

    @Lil Wooo Tom Brady didn’t have to worry then because he’s had a coach who plotted on making him the best since he stepped foot on the field… Of course he didn’t have to worry and he didn’t exactly come up under Montana or Young or any of thise sorts. Just saying.

    Turhan Henderson Reply

    @Lil Wooo but then again after the bullshit Harbaugh pulled on me last year I wouldn’t put nothing past a coach.

    Turhan Henderson Reply

    @Sixth Street it would. People pick and defend one. People pick and defend the other. There are many people against both of them.

    Lil Wooo Reply

    2 Tough he not the GOAT?

Badeaux Reply

Daniel Jones has a touchdown first drive but Haskins throws a pick 6

    Manny S Reply

    Jones better than Wentz already

    YEAH IGHT Reply

    @Bka4real Ab Hmmmmm

    OnThe Gang Reply


    Lebron James Reply

    Patrick Star The thing was everybody was bashing the Daniel Jones pick & saying this & that about him so keep that same energy

GlaPlayz Reply

Browns are for real this year! I know it’s preseason….I can’t wait!

ThatoneboiDamir Reply

Ooooooooooooh yeaaaaaaa. it’s that time of the year again

Terrell Youtube Reply

Hopefully you have a wonderful career👍 with succes

Bryce Burnett Reply

Dwayne Haskins was not having any part of tackling Mack Wilson

    aSickSpartan Reply

    Bryce Burnett STIFF ARMed

    Adam Prueher Reply

    Dude really got stiffed to add insult to injury

Tay & Lala Reply

You know Case Keenum is happy about this

    John Bob Reply

    He deserves the job

    dragon dawng Reply

    And to think him and Minnesota where in the championship game 2 years back and now he’s fighting for a spot

    CoffeeAllDay Reply

    colt mccoy is his competitor

Caleb Loera Reply

Haskins will be fine it’s only preseason time will tell if he will be good or not depending on how the skins will handle him in which he is learning from the bench until he feels ready to start

    Aleksandro Gora Reply

    Caleb Loera he got destroyed in the pre season by 2nd and 3rd stringers. Don’t see how he’s gonna progress to the point of playing as a starter this year

    Caleb Loera Reply

    Aleksandro Gora we’ll see he might just sit a year and learn then he’ll start in his 2nd year unless injuries happen and he’ll have to start

Leon Weikel Reply

He couldn’t even tackle right Daniel Jones would’ve fumbled the cb grabbed the ball and 360 no scoped a wr with the ball pure end zone 🤫🤫

    J Foster Reply

    It’s not his job to tackle

    Leon Weikel Reply

    J Foster it’s not your job to comment on YouTube comments

    modetallah Reply

    @Leon Weikel You think Wilson is a corner. You’re embarassing yourself.

    Uso Penitentiary Reply

    Mack Wilson is a LB genius 😂

Sammy Evans Reply

Mack Wilson about to show the world why you shouldn’t have slept on him. #RollTide

    Jay Els Reply

    Sammy Evans dunno why he got passed up

Afiane Devana Reply

🔴 Live now here 👉 « »

Hershey B Reply

It’s awesome to see Greedy Williams and Mack Wilson celebrating together, SEC cousins

Top 10 Sports Reply

I knew Mack Wilson was hella underrated. Hope that he becomes a huge part of that Browns defense

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