Mack Hollins Discusses his Newfound Love for Reading & More | Eagles One-On-One – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Donald Brown Reply

Back pack “Mack” always strapped.

    Jason Strom Reply

    He’s white. He doesn’t understand what strapped means🤔

kitdacraze phillyphilly Reply

Wondering if he ride his bike alot

drealmerz7 z Reply

love Mack!

rich10054 Reply

You are cool man just please catch the ball 😂

Dwayne Aldridge #birdgang4life Reply


Bradley Slusser Reply

He should love to catch passes and running routes. Lol

Emmet Fanatic 2019 Reply


Mr Dugas Reply

We need you to be the deep threat with Desean being out FlyEaglesFly 🦅

WuKingdom1 Reply

3:52 Omg, I can’t f***ing breathe! lolol. Just think about how lowkey savage this question is:

Mike Quick, a former NFL WR who played 9 years in the league, and has called countless games for Philly sportsradio, has no idea how Mack Hollins got 2 OPIs called against him in a single game lolol.

brandon ruzon Reply

Hope he stays in philly

Jason Strom Reply

I didn’t know Mack Hollins was white🤔 Not that it matters much but ya don’t see dude’s face all that often so I’m a bit thrown off by it…lol!… Anyhow, I love his look into how important Special Teams is. Special Teams matters just as much as all other aspects, sometimes even more so depending on the game. This is a team player right here. We need more guys like Hollins✊🦅… And by the way, I like Hollins more than Whiteside. At least Hollins tries to be in it all the time regardless of which part of the team he’s playing for. I’m disappointed in JJ.

Yoshibro 456 Reply

Key’s the eagles winning

Hit Rodgers

Spoon Jones Reply


    Andrew Morris Reply

    Spoon Jones they’re talkin eagles.nobody cares about your cowboys comment

Andrew Morris Reply

he’s trash.looks lost out there

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