Mack Hollins Chronicles His Road Back to the Field | Eagles Insider – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Phuong Reply

So is JJ a bust? Many other WR are doing well that were drafted after him.

    Still Learnin 4332 Reply

    Wouldn’t be a suprise. Eagles draft terribly outside of the 1st round

    Bleeding Green Nation Reply

    I think the wr coach is hurting jj’s development.

    J Dubb Reply

    Timing is what affecting JJ.

    Bleeding Green Nation Reply

    @J Dubb they had training camp for that.

    briane596able Reply

    Very early.

Do King Reply

dont he kind of look like Jimmy Graham ? younger version of course

    Phuong Reply

    Yeah if he cut his hair like jimmy they would pass as brothers lol

44excalibur Reply

Jesus, how long did it take for Mack to recover from his groin injury? You’d think that a shark took a bite out of his crotch.

layzer80 Reply

come on Mack, more flossing in the end zone!!!!!!

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