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Not bad. But not good either

    Christopher Mirkovich

    @Randy Washington that an offensive line issue

    Gmoney Anthony

    @casper well it’s probably because the oline was bad


    @Gmoney Anthony Russel Wilson is able to throw. Aaron Rodgers. Can still do big thing with no o-line.

    Gmoney Anthony

    @casper bro this was his first NFL career game and you expect him to be like aaron Rodgers and Russell wilson 😂

    Derek Johnson

    They probably just wanted to build his confidence

Donald Kephart

Myles Garrett never gets roughing-the-passer calls

    Dark Demonik

    Why should he? He did his job

    Donald Kephart

    Yeah but he had some light hits in a while never got called for him either

    Non-Classical Liberal

    He got 2 that game lol

    Donald Kephart

    @Non-Classical Liberal yeah but he had probably like five late hits

Donald Kephart

But they going to mess with my man Adams about his little hit he give to Baker


I’d have a QB competition between Darnold and Faulk. He handled him self well and was great in that crappy, sorry, & piece of trash OLine!!

    Randy Yaws

    @ABearsNerdCave 100 bro! As long as Luke’s winning, he’s playing, and Gase better fucking understand that! 😂

    Randy Yaws

    @ABearsNerdCave 100! Dude!


    Randy Yaws As i keep watching this film Luke look hungry. He moves around our crappy pocket well, He keeps his on the field and moves from player to player and as soon as he sees a target the ball is gone.


    Randy Yaws Sam did have Mono on Week 1 i’m not going to knock him on that. All i will say is TB12 played against the Steelers in a AFC championship game and whooped them. He had the flu.

    Randy Yaws

    @ABearsNerdCave yup! I like how quickly he got the ball out as the pocket crumbles on top of him

Ryan Gelder

Good accuracy, but his lack of an arm is gonna kill us

    Jack White

    Ryan Gelder he will only play one game. Also we would of lost this Sunday with Sam as well.

C Sap12

If the O line would block maybe he would have a chance!

Talk - Action Equals

This dude makes Chad Pennington’s arm look like a cannon.

Gmoney Anthony

I hope the oline and Adam gase won’t ruin his career. He look like he can be a franchise qb.

Matias Morales

These are actually nice throws. He could potentially hold it down until Darnold returns. The O Line needs to step it up big time. Their play has been atrocious.

    Randy Yaws

    he looks better than Darnold, if hes playing lights out and we are consistently winning, Darnold can rest his darn spleen till we arent consistently winning anymore lol ijs.

Joe Shmo

So hard to be a fan of this team after the last few months


Completions must translate to points. Otherwise it means nothing.

Dark Demonik

This Week- 20 IN COMPLETIONS against the Patriots and lets not forget to add 2-3 INTS

Uncle Rico

Like Falk and Tom Brady both:
First start was week 3
Were 24 at first start
Are 6’4
Drafted 199th overall
Played against legendary QB’s in first start (Peyton Manning for Brady)

Jets dynasty starts Sunday, boys

    Randy Yaws

    Oh God dont do this to me! dont you dare give me good feelings Im a Jets fan im not to have those damn it!, oh wait! what are the odds? yeeaaaaaaa….. idk… LOL!

    Joe Kresl

    Could you imagine


    Uncle Rico you ain’t kidding. Bro Falk is going to surprise a lot of people on Sunday.

    Randy Yaws

    @Joe Kresl I’d like too, but deep down I gotta be like yea right.. Heard it before 😂

    Randy Yaws

    @dviera I sure hope so…

Cabby Man

FOR THE JETS: Go look at deestroying if u need a GOOD KICKER OR A RECEIVER


Darnold said he got pissed off when Siemian got hurt because he doesn’t like to see a teammate get injured. If you ask me he’s probably concerned knowing that Falk will finally get his shot. Darnold knows Falk is the real deal.

    lewis robinson

    dviera That’s a big stretch 😂😂😂

Chase Kincaid

Ironically both qbs that both Brady and falk backed up both were in the PAC-12 drew bledsoe WSU
Sam Darnold USC


Luke falk is a legend and no one even notices that

J.P. M

9/21/19 Jets found the future Luke Falk is about to be great you heard it here.

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