Luke Falk Press Conference (9/19) | New York Jets | NFL – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Bear 7453 Reply

Good luck! We ALL are gonna need it lol.

    Dark Demonik Reply

    Ira from Staten Island you realize how shitty the team is? Or you still brown nosing for the Jets PR team? Or should i call you Manish?

SaintNick71 Reply

Belichick is going to feast on Falk. Let’s hope he can play like he did in college.

SaintNick71 Reply

At least we don’t have to watch a retread like Semien.

    Dark Demonik Reply

    How in the world was it his fault? Dude could not blink before he was pounded into the ground by Garrett what game are you watching kid?

    Dentonator10 Reply

    @Dark Demonik hi bro wassup

Brendan M. Reply

I personally was a fan of falk coming out of the draft in the 6th round and when he got signed by the jets I was super happy and thought he actually played pretty well

SuiT&Ty27 Reply

Good luck Falk I believe in you and I actually wanted the jets to draft you in the later rounds πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ™ŒπŸ½

Uncle Rico Reply

18 years ago during Week 3, Tom Brady came in for the starting QB that was injured.

Now, week 3 vs Tom Brady, Falk comes in for injured Darnold and Trevor.

They were both drafted 199th overall.

The Jets dynasty begins Sunday, boys.

Edit: Both played their first game at 24, both are 6’4″ and both played against legendary QB’s for their Week 3 (Peyton Manning for Tom Brady)

    Genghis Khan Reply

    Love it

    clash man Reply

    I love Darnold, but if Falk plays anything like a Young Brady, then we got a piece in darnold to trade, in order to get our O-Line fixed this coming off-season!

    Pacghost Reply

    I will actually die if something like that happens.

    clash man Reply

    @Pacghost So would Joe Bengino on WFAN too! But first he has a superbowl to win & then Joe & Evan will go bar hopping while dancing to L-Bell’s rap album!πŸ˜‚

    Dark Demonik Reply


Dark Demonik Reply

Team is a joke… I feel bad for Falk this guy never asked for the beating he is going to take on Sunday and the Jets PR department and fanboys will attack me for being negative. GOOD bring on the attacks i’ll take them all if it results the Jets having a superbowl team on the field one day. This is not acceptable to have your 3rd string QB in this early into the year. All the money the teams spends on PIs to look after these players who was Sam Darnold kissing with? Give me a break this team is a dam joke i hope they lose out the year so even the fanboys will attack this ownership on social media and force them to sell this team this team is cancer. LUKE FALK starting and you have fake fans encouraging this CRAP like its Tom Brady coming in and is about to win give me a break…

    Jack White Reply

    Dark Demonik anyone can be beat. If this Kid can get some time to throw we will move the ball.

    Prahfeet Lemahn Reply

    Bad troll lol

John Q Reply

Can’t wait for a Falk-in win! πŸ˜‚

whitespruce26 Reply

Luke Falk has a swagger, this is his time. Get it!

dviera Reply

Luke Falk will shock the world

Mike Pelligrino Reply

He looks better than Darnold

    Chris Cobach Reply

    And he doesn’t lick buttholes and get mono

Alex W Reply

Don’t β€œfalk” it up!!

The Homie A.K. Croston Reply

The Patriots don’t lose at home especially to these Jets

Rob Roux Reply

by the end of this year.. LUKE FALK rating in Madden will be 88, but will be a 92 by next year.
Darnold who??

James Reed Reply

In luke falk we trust go JETS

Jon Jonson Reply

Gase cut this guy last year, now brings him to New York!!! LMAO!!!

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