Los Angeles Rams vs. San Francisco 49ers Post-Game Press Conferences LIVE – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Los Angeles Rams vs. San Francisco 49ers Post-Game Press Conferences LIVE

(0:00-2:39) – *ignore*
(2:40-10:38) – HC Sean McVay
(10:39-21:24) – WR Cooper Kupp
(21:25-25:49) – DL Aaron Donald
(25:50-30:55) – QB Jared Goff

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robert jacobs Reply

Awful lack of performance by Goff and the offense. I feel for the defense. Every week they have to try and save the offense. Today goff made too many mistakes for them to come back and win. Goff can’t even beat a back up quarterback. Another Division and conference lost instead of a division conference win. Two interceptions zero touchdowns, and a fumble usually equal a loss

    franklin gomez Reply

    @Eduardo Gama in this specific game he did play bad, but i agree in some games people only target and blame goff

    dadofducks Reply

    @Eduardo Gama Are you kidding me? Did you not watch the Bucs game. GOff practically gave Tampa Bay 10 points after his fumble and interception, killing our momentum. Why are you standing up for him?? He’s second in the league in turnovers, only beating out Kirk Cousins. Numbers don’t lie bro!! Your must be his father or something.

    Greg C. Reply

    No, the problem is that our QB is the sole contributor of the turnovers. This isn’t “one game” its a series of games that get overshadowed by victories that frankly our offensive weapons and especially our elite defensive has to fix. As a Goff stan, it pains me to admit it, it truly does but he’s constantly proven time and time again — he’s hit a ceiling and his reliability has slipped to solo game losing lows. He improves, we all improve.

    Y.T. Sobriquet Reply

    Eduardo Gama I’ve learned not to expect that much from Goff, so as long as he plays decently and manages the game while making enough plays to score and lets the defense contain the opposition, I’ve got nothing bad to say. But yesterday he was the SOLE reason for their loss. People are talking about his two picks and fumble but even with all that, if he doesn’t terribly overthrow the running back, who had beat his man and would’ve definitely scored a TD, The Rams still would have won. He played atrociously yesterday and cost them the game. Not beating up on him just stating an objective fact.

    franklin gomez Reply

    @Y.T. Sobriquet amen

Wildman Samurai Reply

Mcvay’s play calling and Goff being inconsistent are the Rams problems.

    Wildman Samurai Reply

    @Ollin Adventures They’re both the problem.

    Wildman Samurai Reply

    @Jackson Scott He was terrible.

    Andy R Reply

    How is it McVay’s problem? We’d be joining the Jets to tank for Trevor without McVay. Goff played terrible. It’s that simple

    Wildman Samurai Reply

    @Andy R His playcalling is very suspect. It has been for years. Not to mention it’s what lost us the Super Bowl. He admitted he was out coached. I rest my case.

    The Glorious Reply

    @Andy R worst game of Goff with The Rams. Worse than season one. Since he hooked up with that hot broad…not been the same… haha

Ivan Alejandro Zavala Vasquez Reply

I’m just disappointed…

Patrick Sutfin Reply

Goff’s decision making was poor. He threw to covered receivers when guys were running open. His line actually played pretty well not great but you can’t go untouched as a QB in the NFL every week.

    Ollin Adventures Reply

    its time to move on from goff. hes playing horrible

    Young Elevated Reply

    @Ollin Adventures #facts no way these games should be even as close as they are he throws these stupid bits every game & fumbles at least 1 every game, to make it much harder for us to win, his time has run its course hate to say his best years def look like they are behind him

    salvattion123 Reply

    @Ollin Adventures We need people like, Tyreek hill and Patrick Mahomes.

Daniel Preseley Reply

Goff is playing like trash this guy can’t stop turning the ball over.

    Jose Sanchez Reply

    If you thought he was bad, Mullens is worst. Niners turned over the ball 4 times and still won. That Niners defense looked different with part of their players returning.

    Max Smiley Reply

    @Jose Sanchez the Rams had 4 turnovers, the Niners 3, Mullens only had one, Goff had 3, this loss is on Goff

    Matthew Serna Reply

    @Max Smiley Mullins should’ve had at least 1 ball that should have been picked😂

    Christopher Mudd Reply

    @Max Smiley it take a team to win that like say if you kick 5 filed goals and you miss one for the win they can’t just blame you it takes every one

    Corey Mendoza Reply

    Goff needs to get his Mind together

Where is Zeke Reply

Looks like a re run video but Goff makes the same mistake two weeks in a row. Pathetic

El Pineapplez Reply

Our only problem is Goff. The only way we win a Super Bowl is if he plays consistent

    Ollin Adventures Reply

    qb and the protection are the problems to LA

    Ballski Reply

    Goff is holding this team back

    Thaddeus Godbolt Reply

    @soleMAN oh yeah, who is your team?

    Ron hobbz Reply

    Facts, we need to get aaron rogers greenbay act like they dont want him ill take him lol

    Ron hobbz Reply

    We can trade for top 5 pick get justin fields

tyrone clark Reply

Can someone explain why Ramsey never guarded Debo Samuel?

    Cole Ratcliff Reply

    Well a bunch of idiotic stupidity from the other commenters so far but, no, I can’t explain it. He should have been glued on him as he was DK Metcalf. I think that was an error in defensive strategy from the jump.

    Deric Robinson Reply

    I was saying that every snap. I don’t get it smh

    Young Noble Reply

    Can someone ask Aaron Donald if he’s heard of Deebo Samuel yet?😂

    Daniel Coronado Reply

    @Young Noble who??? That garbage reciever?

    Dnmh Reply

    @Daniel Coronado you mean the guy that ran over ur entire Defense

Chad Hossley Reply

It’s time for another qb

Geezy Films Reply

U know deebos name now ?😂

    Anthony Mercado Reply

    Who’s that

    Geezy Films Reply

    Anthony Mercado Aaron Donald’s daddy

    Krazy Kids Productions Reply

    The guy who’s never lost to the Rams

Geezy Films Reply

Should of asked about deebo

Chad Crew Reply

Is Deebo still “average”? You know who you are

    Andy R Reply

    Still not consistent against other teams

    The Journey Reply

    @Andy R stop the delusion

    Did Jen Reply

    @Andy R clown

    Ethan Perez Reply

    @Anthony Mercado the guy that smokes y’all every game

    49ers ALLDAY Reply


That Football Guy Reply

Y’all think Donald knows who Deebo is yet? He’s been going off against the Rams😂

    Trey Malveaux Reply

    @Nicholas Mason Music and you guys are winning the division? 😂😂 you guys lost to us at 20% health lol …49ers are to the rams what Kansas City is to Denver

    Rohan Reply

    @Nicholas Mason Music yet qb your qb is a niners fanboy

    Matthew Serna Reply

    @Nicholas Mason Music y’all won’t make it past the first round with your terrible qb, y’all wasting Donald’s prime and career ong

    Matthew Serna Reply

    @Trey Malveaux and don’t talk about injuries cause our whole team has been hurt all year. Your just mad you lost to nick Mullins. You have no injury excuse💀

    Daniel Coronado Reply

    1 game your plain remedial bruh

Isaiah Nava Reply

Goff giving away the ball like candy on Halloween

Ty M Reply

Dude Sean Mcvay is tired of his quarterback lol straight up.

Giovanni Flores Reply

This loss falls squarely on Jared Goff and the play calling.

Raymond Palomino Reply

And over throws the receivers! It’s getting really old already and frustrating and can’t even for a couple yards oh man 😡

Ballski Reply

Just think-
with Nick Mullins , we would have been able to drive down the field and seal a victory.

Adam Loughran Reply

We can’t win a championship with Goff playing like this.


The 9ers cooked some L.A Lambchops medium rare😭

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