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Jeffery Robertson

Los Angeles Rams beat Cleveland Browns 34 – 10 Los Angeles Rams was member NFC West Division from 1970 through 1993 and Cleveland Browns was member AFC Central Division from 1970 through 1993 era

    American Sports Fan


    Tre Davis

    What does that have to do with 2019 man?

    Jeffery Robertson

    American Sports Fan you genius

Luis Guerra

GO RAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Luis Guerra rams are trash

Hunter Davis

Rams 34 browns 7

Tastyquicksand - #DailyNFLVideos

This is the Browns chance to show they are the real deal!


    But they will never be bandwagons

    Eugene Rollins

    Well they will have to wait

Above All

AD is going to eat that oline ALIVE!!! Rams win 34-17

    Joel Bonilla

    Jon Zajac you need to triple team Aaron Donald Lmao

    Fred Cooper

    Joel Bonilla Well I mean he doesn’t have a sack this year yet I believe.

    Above All

    @Fred Cooper oh he’s coming believe that!💯

    Fred Cooper

    Above All I’m sure he is, but until I see him go off I’ll take the browns stacked pass rush. Browns got their work cut out for them though with Donald. Hopefully a double team while he’s been cold will stop him. We will see

    JaeHeThe1 - Instrumentals & Beats

    You cannot forget Dante Fowler which is been playing outstanding

Mike Jay

LAR wins this game 35-20


    You’re crazy if you think the Browns are scoring 20, unless there’s a special teams TD, it ain’t happening

    Stan ezen

    LAR 35
    CLE 17

Charlie G

Rams are gonna win.

Doc Brown

Rams 27
Browns 16

    S C

    I think this will be a bit closer than people expect. That said, Rams still come up 27-21 either in overtime or a last-second touchdown. Browns o-line will struggle, but Baker and the WR/TE core will burn the questionable Rams secondary. Plus I’m expecting the Browns d-line to sack Goff at least 3-4 times.

    More experienced team wins, and thats the Rams. If the Browns do win though, then it’ll be the greatest night in Cleveland since the cavs won the finals.

    Ken Kaneki

    @S C Rams secondary isn’t “questionable” You’re still stuck in last year you Idiot.

Michael Daniels II

33-0 rams and I’m a Seahawks fan. The Browns are nowhere near ready to play any real teams.


    CoolBreezy#9 rams offense not that good this year ? It’s the second game dude lmao we not even half way through the season , Rams bout to expose these guys


    @Keith against the Panthers and a depleted Saints team and they still had struggles in both. I’m just saying saying that with the Browns above average defense that is healthy they won’t get 30 but they’ll still win by at least 2 possessions

    Ken Kaneki

    @314BoyShaq and our starters didn’t even play in the pre season. Browns are going to get smoked!

    Chris Nguyen

    @The Equalizer I don’t think working hard in sport is anywhere as hard as working hard in school. Sport is fun, school is not. And no blacks are lazy. If it wasn’t fun, they wouldn’t bother with it. That why they steal instead of working. Perhaps they don’t work hard because they know they have low intelligent hence why they did Affirmative Action to get into good university?

Sean Bozeman

Rams 31
Browns 17

Burrell Stouffer

Rams house Rams all the way ain’t counting on my eggs before the game is over but GO LA Rams

    Ye Yooo

    Burrell Stouffer horns up 🤘🤘

Nick Moorman

The Browns arent ready for this game. AD will feed on that horrible Oline


Rams 42 Browns 14
We all getting free burgers from Jack

drsamw pepper


Steve Abitante

Rams Should Win this Road Matchup But Week by Week is Tough to Judge LAR 28-17

Meteor Smash

Rams 27
Browns 16

Joelando Butterfield

The Browns are not going to win the game,the Rams defense is much improved.Also Rams the last three seasons are a very good road team.Rams win 34-17.

TreyJames 19

Finally the Browns play a real team.
Browns gonna lose to the rams i believe 33-24

First Last

Browns are going to pull an upset.

    Charles Pinkett

    Just like they did against the titans

    First Last

    @Charles Pinkett HELL YEAH!!…..wait a second…

Stan ezen

This is my game of the week!!! The final score might surprise many!! This is the nfl folks!!! My take?:


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