Los Angeles Chargers vs. Miami Dolphins Week 4 NFL Game Preview – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Last time I checked Lighting kills anything in water. ⚡️>💧

    Dead Viking



If the rest of the chargers don’t show up we will lose again

We Got Next

MJD prediction I think is the most accurate at this point. Phins up 🐬

    Rocky Lee

    will be a close one

Kimberly Mason

Keenan Allen Vs Xavien Howard.. I feel An Upset Is Goin’ To Happen On Sunday! #PhinsUp🐬 #WeAlwaysPlayTheChargersTough🐬💯 # UpsetWaitingToHappen🐬 💯#MiamiDefeatsLA🐬💯

    Padres fan

    Bolt up lets beat theses fins ⚡

    Balenciaga Fetish

    Lmao Allen bouta work Howard stop it 😂😂😂😂👌


    @Balenciaga Fetish this comment not gonna age will. dolphins might not win, but do not underestimate howard

    Christian Mowry

    35-7 chargers win


    Howard’s stout but then look for Williams, Green, Eckeler and Benjamin to be open all day

ThatOneGuy 123

I’m starting to hate this team but I’m picking them again only because they face the Dolphins. 23-10 Chargers win

Fernando Altamirano

Go Dolphins!!! 🐬

#Trivia Number1

Ik it’s irrelevant and has nothing to do with the vid, but who remembers the 2014 season(one of the best in a LONG time) Miami shut out the Chargers 37-0. Obviously, it doesn’t impact the game at all, but I find it interesting lol. I remember a lot of random games in that season.

Kirk Moore

The New England Cheaters had to “rent” Antonio Brown for a week to beat the stinking fish.
Stinking fish 7 LA Chokers 0

    Mark Symbala

    miamie2 chargers 1

    David Johnston

    Go listen to the beqch boys you kook

    Kirk Moore

    David Johnston
    The Beach Boys isn’t spelled with a “Q” you sad sad little (pick one) Charger, Dolphin or Patriot

    David Johnston

    @Kirk Moore you are now known as “kirk the kook”

Cameron Briglin

Chargers win 40-0



    Christian Mowry

    ClickClan100 because the Dolphins are trash

MICOLE WHYTE#Oneplus6T, A20, LG G6

Chargers should win but who knows with them.

Curtis 23

Dolphins 🔟
Chargers 20

David Gonzalez

Chargers 34, Dolphins 13.

Doc Brown

Chargers 23
Dolphins 13

Tyler Miller

If the Dolphins win, then the Chargers are going 9-7 or 10-6

Ezequiel Acosta

Miami wins this game by 4 points, low scoring game, go for under the line.

nigga i aint gay

Lol chargers gone try there hardest to give dolphins this game

Teresa Slone

Bolts don’t win in Miami.1981 was last time.
Dolphins 23
Bolts. 20. Finzup!


Chargers have problems with the dolphins consistently but not this time…

Dylan Houston

Miami wants to lose – and they will lose 🙂 TANK 4 TUA



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