Los Angeles Chargers vs. Detroit Lions Week 2 NFL Game Preview – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Are these people really picking the Lions 🤦‍♂️

    Lorin Keehn

    Well let the game talk. Could be anyone’s game

    Tavon Burns

    @Dallas Cowboys Number One Fan when The La Chargers come to Detroit they getting stomped when Dallas come to Detroit they getting stomped


    Let’s gooo Lions 🦁!!!!!!!

    Jake Miller

    Yup just two many injuries S Derwin james IR,#2 cb williams IR, #3 CB davis injuried,Lt Okung injuried,#2 wr mike williams injuried, hunter henry IR, gordon holding out. another wr davis injuried had to sign a wr and a cb off the street.

    clipsfansince july052019

    Yeah, I am too.


Amazed that 2 of the people chose the lions as a lions fan lmao. I think if the lions d holds up this will be another nail biter

    Bashar Al-Assad

    TACOBOMBtm as a chargers fan I think it comes down to run defense for both teams

Hanging Around

Unfortunately i am a Lions fan, no doubt in my mind, they gonna lose! 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    Meteor Smash

    @rocko p Have you watched the Lions last week? They choked a 17 point lead to the Cardinals. You expect them to do better against the Chargers?

    Dallas Cowboys Number One Fan

    Hanging Around As a fan u just have to hope for the best and not to doubt them.

    Dallas Cowboys Number One Fan

    Meteor Smash 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


    As a lions fan I see where you’re coming from, however don’t give up just yet. I have a feeling this game will not go as expected

Leo Dancor

1:02 missed holding on #22

    Jake Miller

    Ha dude straight up tackled him

Tastyquicksand - #DailyNFLVideos

T.J. Hockenson looking like a future super star.

Tastyquicksand - #DailyNFLVideos

Justin Jackson is going to win player of the game, averaged 9.5 yards a carrier last game. Also he went to my friends high school.


The chargers don’t have a reason to lose this game. 38-20

    Ernesto Gastelum

    well we already having injured players all over the place already. the injury bug is hitting us again this year

Jayshaun Jones

Damn bro why people keep picking the Chargers to loss. Am I missing something? I know we have injuries but is it that bad?

    beleh toma

    Jayshaun Jones it’s good bro, they keep doubting us perfect

    Ernesto Gastelum

    Hunter Henry will be out for a month and who knows how long Mike Williams will miss

    Christopher Walker

    Let em hate. That loss they about to get will all the response they need.


wouldn’t surprise me if a tie happens again. chargers always play down to their opponents level.


    That’s the Steelers lol

    Don Bur

    Play down???? Lol the lions play becuz they are def more talented then LA


This game will be a close one, dont underestimate the lions, im pretty sure they are pissed off about that tie and will be hungry for a win


lions get their first win here fight me

    Anti Sjw

    My prediction lions will be up 17 to 3 at halftime and then lose 27 17


    Anti Sjw that’s pretty good honestly

    Doug Ritzema

    @Anti Sjw That sounds about right

    Anti Sjw

    @SKY KBBQ somewhat biased I’m a chargers fan lol

    Anti Sjw

    @Doug Ritzema chargers are better on the road than at home

Para Dice

Lions 27-24

Andrew Miller

Lions 34-31

Jairo Pena

Bruh wtf. Hunter Henry made of glass.

J moore

Chargers 35 Lions 21

Boomer Bagwell

Lions win…kerryon goes off


Lions will win this game if the defense does their job

Stan ezen

Lmao it’s Detroit


Jake Miller

Smh wow this video is trash completely bias and one sided.Praise the running backs and hate on the lions run defense for one game where most of the big rushing gains came in garbage time/prevent defense with snack on the sideline. Praise rivers then say lions suck on 3rd down?!?! Talk about a back handed compliment. Oh hockenson had a great game ahh more like the record for most wr yards in a debut then he is like but!!!! lions suck on third down really didn’t you say that already. Lets not talk about the chargers giving the most rushing yards to a rb with 174 let talk about lions rush defense but say nothing about the chargers giving up 6 yards per carry. Lions dominated the cardinals with 58 total yards in the first half and guess what 17 yards on the ground 17. Only points where on a muffed punt inside the redzone. Those yards per carry is skewed with most of the big gains coming in prevent Only big run i remember before the 4th was on a triple option Idont think rivers is gonna run that. The other two big runs where both in prevent the end around and qb run on 3rd and one with only two d linemen.When the lions acquired snacks last year they only gave up 79 yards a game and 3.4 ypc. Those rbs looked good but lets not talk about the atrocious tackling.Colts had the most missed tackles last week. Lions actually where 3rd with the least missed tackles last year. Say nothing about chargers trash line right now(Lions having some issues to with decker playing bad and injuried but damn) Chargers oline gave up the most pressures last year okung is out.The back up trent scott playing really bad gave up two sacks has a grade of 37 ouch. Feeney was the worst guard last year giving up the most pressure and gave up a sack last week. The other tackle tevi isnt good. Lions de/lb kennard had 3 sacks last week (one of them was more of a clean up sack). Chargers secondary in in shambles. Pro bowl safety derwin james on ir,cb williams ir,cb davis injuried. On offense it isnt much better with te hunter henry out and mike Williams injuried.

ceo los

Detroit 43 chargers 17 ..look at what I say

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