Lorenzo Alexander | “Set That Bar Higher” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Timothy Sherry

Let’s go buffalo 💯💪💪💪💪💪

heck cee

Lorenzo “CLASS” Alexander


    Team leader!

Ike James

I remember his nfl bills debut against the Lions in preseson he was a monster! Had like 4 sacks. I knew he would be who he is for us today. Lets go Zo! Put Eli in a retirenment home and jones in a boy band this Sunday…

Nick Lepsch

Zo is so well spoken…the confidence this man has just radiates off of him…glad to have him as our leader!…He will have no problem getting a coaching job or football commentator…Go Bills !!!

earl rainey

I wanna workout with Julian Stanford to

    Tom Cauley

    At training camp, you could see how jacked that dude was from 70 yards away

matthew moore

This is a trap game, THE GIANTS ARE A DAMN GOOD TEAM!!!

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